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Robinwood 2018

Robinwood 31st October - 2nd November

From the 31st October until the 2nd November, Year 6 will be away on their residential. Throughout the visit, we will be updating this page with photos and exciting news so make sure you keep checking what we have been getting up to!

Day 1

Wow, what an amazing, fun filled first day we have had! After a journey of eating sweets, singing and playing games, we thought that we had arrived at Robinwood. However, we were very, very wrong... we had to complete the 45 minute walk up and across the hills to the centre.


During out first day, we've faced challenges of having to make our own beds, face fears of the zip wire and the dark caves (which even had a halloween skeleton hidden amongst the rocks). 


For our team challenge, we loved dressing up our team members as mummies (even Mrs Allan was mummified). There were even some halloween creatures appearing at the Robinwood disco.


We'll keep you updated on tomorrow's activities- fingers crossed everyone survives the piranha pool!



Day 2

After an exciting night parading our new pjs and sneakily eating sweets, we woke up ready for day 2. We've faced many challenges of conquring our fears of heights, tiny spaces and being blind folded! You'll be happy to hear that everyone has survived the piranha pool (yes there were some piranha bites!). We hope that you're looking forward to seeing us tomorrow with our bags of dirty washing!