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Year 4J/M

Welcome to Year 4JM!


A huge welcome to our new children in Year 4, we are all so excited to start a new school year! Mrs. Miller will be teaching you on a Monday and Mrs. Jones will teach you for the rest of the week. As well as this, Mr. Gallagher will be in at the start of the week and Mrs. Herbert will also be working with you at the end in the week.


Throughout the year, we have so many amazing things planned for you. I know you will all work extremely hard to reach your full potential and achieve all of your goals. There will be lots of challenges but I know you will have lots of fun and enjoy all the wonderful rewards. 



Keep coming back to our class page for our weekly news updates and photographs of our work and activities.

Week Beginning 19.6.23


What a fantastic start to the week. Richard The History Bloke paid us a visit and taught us all about the vicious Vikings. He showed us Viking artefacts and costumes, told Viking sagas and even showed us how to play Viking games. We all learnt so much and had so much fun in the process- what a great experience!

Week beginning 12.06.23


This week, we have been working with the artist Mani Kambo from GEMARTS. Mani is a South Asian artist who is inspired by patterns. The children were so inspired by her. Working alongside the rest of LKS2 the children produced a banner which will be displayed at the Masala Festival, on Sunday 23rd July at Bensham Grove Community Centre. This spectacular Mini Mela is free for all the family. Children can take part in colourful and vibrant arts, crafts, music and lively performances. Please come along from the times of 11:00 - 3:00pm and join in the fun.

Week beginning 9.6.23


Wow! What an amazing week we've had. We've had so many visitors in school. On Thursday the RISE team did a workshop with us on mental health, we thought about ways to be resilient and strategies to help us keep calm. On Friday Paralympian Steven Miller came in to inspire us in sports, he certainly did that! Then on Thursday and Friday we celebrated Diversity Days.  We participated in a variety of activities, including: - showcasing cultural ornaments/ethnic jewellery - reading stories in dual languages - discussions about ethnicity and sharing experiences Our amazing parents come into class to share their culture and experiences with us. Parents and children came to school in cultural attire that reflected their cultural background. It was two days of fun and enjoyment!

Pupil Of The Week

This week our pupils of the week are Mya and Lewis. Mya has produced some amazing writing, inspired by The Magic Paintbrush. Lewis has had a fantastic attitude towards his lessons and our classroom rules, he has been trying so hard to be a model student! Amazing! 

Week beginning 22.05.23

Wow! Another half term has flown by. This week, we have been looking at the artist Sakari Douglas Camp and producing shadow sculptures inspired by her work. Thursday was Golden Day! We had lots of rewards for our super behaviour,  including tuck shop, in it to win it and fun sports in the hall. 

Week beginning 14.05.23

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, we have been looking at what mental health is and strategies we can use to help our mental health. We thought carefully about self-kindness and produced posters on how we can be kind to ourselves, looking at positive talk, nature walks, doing things we love, exercise, eating heathy, meditation and breathing techniques. 

Our visit to Shipley Art Gallery was great fun! We continued or Art 3D Sculpture topic and worked with clay to make pinch pots. We also looked around the gallery looking at a range of sculpture, we thought one sculpture looked like one of Barbara Hepworth's sculptures.

Pupils of the week!

This week's pupils of the week are Eva and Gul. In everything Eva does she gives 100%, this includes her artwork, writing, maths, singing solo in the end of year performance, being a valued part of the eco-club, in fact all of her subject areas! She is amazing! Gul was such an amazing role model on our trip to Shipley Art Gallery. She showed great expertise producing a pinch pot made of clay. I think one day she should become a sculptor. Wow!

Week Beginning 07.05.23

We have had a very busy but fun week this week. In art, we have been looking at sculptures and creating 3D drawings where we looked at 3D sculptures by Barbara Hepworth, our artist in focus. To complete some of our artwork, we went outside and drew images of ceramic and glass pots. When outside, we focused on making large movements to create curved lines and we used lighter and darker tints and shades to create 3D effects.

Week Beginning 01.05.23

We've had a short but fun week!  On Friday, we all celebrated the King's Coronation. We made a collage which included memorabilia from London and the Royal family. At lunch time we ate a special coronation picnic. We hope everyone has a fabulous time celebrating this weekend.  God save the King!

Wow! Our amazing pupils of the week are Beloved and Owen. Beloved has made insightful, carefully thought out responses when comparing Christianity to Islam. Owen was superb during DT, he continually evaluated his torch, problem solved and came up with solutions. Fantastic!

28.04.23 Pupil Of The Week

Week Beginning 24.04.23

What a fun week we have had this week! We have worked so hard writing persuasive adverts in English, ask us about the Stroodle (an edible pasta straw which is environmentally friendly!) . In maths, we have become experts using division and even using the inverse to check our answers. Our sports coach, Jill, worked with us on developing orienteering skills. We used maps and raced against each other to place the objects in the correct areas. We loved it! 

21.04.23 Pupil of the Week

This week's Pupils Of The Week are Silay and Oscar, these two children are such amazing role models for the rest of the class. Silay has been wearing a heart monitor this week and she has been so mature and sensible. Silay shows such resilience all of the time, there is nothing that she can not or will not do! Oscar always give 100%, he was amazing in maths using RUCSAC, even checking his answers using the inverse operation.

The children were amazing in forest school this week! They learnt lots of new skills including sheer lashing to make a tripod. The children then made multiple tripods and used these for the structure of their tents. What fun! At the end of the week we celebrated Eid. The children have been counting down to Eid with our sweety advent calendar. Eid Mubarak!

Week beginning 27.03.23


We have had such a fun packed week! Best of all was our school trip to Jarrow Hall where we learnt even more facts about the Anglo Saxons. We looked at lots of fantastic Anglo Saxon artefacts and even role played an Anglo Saxon battle!

31.04.23 Pupil of the week

Well done to this week's Pupils of the Week, Viahbav and Ada. Ada has been trying so hard in maths, he has applied the strategy he learnt when working on addition and subtraction. Viahbav wowed all of the teacher's with his version of 'The Amazing Book Eating Boy'. He used developed characterisation with exciting vocabulary. Fantastic!!

Week Beginning 20.03.23

This week we have started our DT project. We had to invent a torch for children to take to use which was lightweight and easy to carry. We looked at the electrical systems which we would need to incorporate in our product and made our own circuits, we then analysed a range of existing products o the market.

Week Beginning 20.03.23

Week Beginning - 13th March 2023

This week we visited Gateshead library. The children had the opportunity to complete a scavenger hunt, developing their understanding of how we find books in the library before choosing their own books to bring back to school. 

Comic Relief - Friday 17th March 2023

On Friday, the children took part in Comic Relief activities including circuits, frisbee golf and a range of classroom based tasks. We certainly worked the children hard and we couldn't be prouder of how well they stuck at some tricky challenges. Well done everyone!

Pupil of the week - 10.03.23

This week our Pupils of the week are Noah and Alexia. Noah has impressed everyone with his knowledge of time, using 12 and 24 hour clocks. Alexia has used a wide range of fronted adverbials in her writing, even remembering to use commas correctly. Well done!

Week Beginning 06.03.23

This week we have been learning about statistics in maths. We began by collecting data, drawing and plotting bar graphs and then interpreting bar graphs and pictograms. We even wrote our own questions, thinking carefully about comparison and finding the sum of. 

Week Beginning 27.02.2023


We started off this half term with a Muddy Monsters session. Our focus was on lighting fires and we worked hard to learn this skill and how to be safe when doing so. The children used flint and steel to make sparks to burn some cotton wool. Phil then helped us to build a bigger fire so we could cook popcorn and delicious marshmallow sandwiches...mmm! The children then got to explore all of the areas of our forest school using the skills they have acquired. What a fab day!

This week we also celebrated World Book Day by taking part in a wide range of reading activities. We brought in our favourite books and reviewed them, took part in a book scavenger hunt and a book swap with our friends. What a fun day!

Pupil of the Week 03.03.23

This week's pupils of the week are Emma and Owen, a huge well done to both of you. Owen was absolutely amazing in forest school using a flint to light a fire. He showed such determination and resilience and kept going until he was successful. Emma has been amazing in writing, she has such a creative flair and uses exciting vocabulary. Well done!

Week Beginning 13.02.23

It's been another fantastic week in Year 4JM. We have been inspired by the artists and designers William Morris and Ruth Daniels and created our own repeating patterns. We chose a rainforest theme to create the patterns and transferred them onto fabric using the batik technique. 

Week Beginning 13.02.2023


Over the last half term during our computing lessons we have been learning how to create our own websites. Each is made up of multiple webpages and include text and images from our chosen topics. See if you can spot where hyperlinks have been used to direct people to another website and where the children have embedded videos from other pages into their own websites. Super work produced and certainly some budding future website designers in Y4- Well done!! Take a look at our published websites below:


10.02.23 - Pupil Of The Week

A huge well done to Kamy and Stephanie who are both this week's pupils of the week. Even though, she has only been at our school a short time Kamy is already making amazing progress, she always listens carefully and produces her best work. Stephanie only started our school last week and she has settled in perfectly! She is always involved in class discussions, in fact she is one of the first to put up her hand and share her ideas. Amazing!

Week Commencing 06.02.2023

This week was Safer Internet Day, so we considered various risks and dangers of the internet and we ranked them in the order we thought was the most risky with our partners. We also discussed how our bodies might feel if we use screens a lot and if we come into contact with any of the negative things we had talked about. Our class had super ideas about staying safe online and using age appropriate content.

Julie Ross from Natural History Society of Northumbria, came to do a project with us called Plan A for North East Nature, (This is funded Community Foundation and Awards for all). The project is set up as a result of COP26, inspiring a wider range of young people to connect with nature and write their Plan A. At the end of the project 1500 pledges will be archived in The Great North Museum: Hancock. So look out for our pledges if you visit the library at the Great North Museum!

Week Commencing 30.1.2023


We have been learning about sound waves in this terms Science unit. Last week we investigated how to make high and low sounds by altering the pitch. This week we changed volume and looked at how louder sounds made bigger vibrations. We composed our own performance of 'The Storm' ensuring we had elements of loud and quiet volume.



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Pupils of the week

Well done to Viabhav and Thomas, who are this weeks' Pupils of the Week! They have both produced super work in Extended Writing. Thomas has been using all of his success criteria and produced quality writing. Viabhav has produced an outstanding piece of creative writing, using detailed characterisation and amazing vocabulary.

Week commencing 23.01.23

Another fun packed week in Year 4JM. We loved PE this week, where we worked on symmetry in gymnastics, we performed symmetrical movements and created shapes, balances and travelling positions with our partners and even in small groups. Another favourite this week was when we made  a dreidel in RE, this is a four-sided spinning top, played during the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah

27.01.23 Pupils of the week

A huge well done to this week's pupils of the week, Beloved and Gul. Beloved has worked so well being a good to both our new girls, Kami and Daniella. Amazing! A massive well done to Gul too who was fantastic in maths, she was able to find all the properties of the 3D shapes including the dodecahedron!  

Week commencing 16.01.22

What a fun packed week we've had! Best of all we went to the Discovery Museum, where we explored Newcastle in the past and took part in a science workshop. In the workshop we learnt all about sound waves and how sound travels.

20.01.23 Pupil of week

This week's pupil of the week are Skye and Lewis. Skye has been absolutely amazing!!! She has a real buzz about her and has been so enthusiastic about her learning, she really is thriving! Lewis has worked so hard in English and produced some fantastic work. One of his targets has been to use his success criteria and he really has been working hard on that. Well done!

Week commencing 09.01.23

Welcome back to school everyone. We have so many exciting things planned for the Spring term! This week, Phil came to work with us as we had Muddy Monsters! It definitely was super muddy and wet but we loved it! The children were taught how to use whittling knives safely to strip the bark from a piece of willow. all the children were able to do this and created fantastic marshmallow sticks, which they used to roast with!

This week's pupil of the week are Michalina and Jake, they have both been absolutely amazing in class! Michalina was fab in reading and comprehension and Jake has been trying so hard in maths and really enjoying it. Well done!


What a wonderful fun packed week we've had! Our Christmas Carol service, Christmas party, Christmas activities, Christmas cards and calendars. It must be Christmas!! We would like to wish all our parents and children a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Season's Greetings to you all xx

15.12.22 NISSAN Lesson in a box.


The Nissan Skills Foundation Team visited LKS2 for the celebration event. The children shared all the amazing work they did and received wonderful prizes for their work! Amazing.

09.12.22 Pupils of the week 

A huge well done to this week's pupils of the week, Daniella and Jasmine. Daniella started school in Autumn 2 and has settled into our class wonderfully, she always gives 100% and is already making amazing progress in all subjects. We are so proud of you Daniella! Jasmine has made fantastic progress in reading, she is becoming a real fluent reader and is developing her understanding of the texts she reads. What a star!

Week Beginning 05.12.22

LKS2 completed a range of STEAM activities provided to us by the Nissan Skills Foundation Team, the resources helped us to gain knowledge of Nissan and Japan. The children were able to gain lots of knowledge of a global company on their doorstep.

Week beginning 28.11.22


This week we have been practising Christmas Carols and auditioning for Brighton's Got Talent amongst many other things. While practising Christmas songs we also played the ukuleles, led by Mr. Parkin our amazing music teacher.


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Pupil of the week - 02.12.22

This week's Pupil of The Week are Grace and Layla. Layla has shown great determination in maths, working through her word problems and even self-correcting her errors, what a super star. Grace has had a wonderful week, as always, she has given one hundred percent in everything she has done and worked her socks off in English. What a star!

Week Beginning 21.11.22

It was DT day and we made the cupcakes which we had researched and adapted a recipe for. It was such fun! We were even able to use a grater to add in flavourings, such as lemon zest and chocolate shavings. After we baked our cupcakes we decorated them and made a cupcake box, following our designs. Once we had completed this we entered the cakes into the Great Brighton Bake Off, Mrs Kevin and Mrs Miller even came to judge. What a fun day!

In RE we thought carefully about the meaning of faith and what it felt like to have faith in something. We learnt about the story of Abraham and how he had faith in God. We presented our thoughts and beliefs to the class.

18.11.22 Pupil of the week

A huge well done to Tommy and Maylee, this week's pupils of the week! Tommy has been working so hard on his handwriting and making improvements, well done Tommy. Maylee has been a super mathematician, she has solved multiplication problems and used the methods practised to check her answers, fantastic!

Week Beginning 14.11.22

This week the children have enjoyed an exciting DT day, where the children began their project 'Adapting a recipe'. The children began by researching cupcakes on the market, they analysed packaging and the best bit...tasted a range of cakes! Yum! After this, we designed our own recipe, within a budget. Then designed our packaging, thinking carefully about target audience.

In PSCHE +C this week, the children went for a walk around school to identify things that keep us safe. They found many things and thought carefully about why it is important to have these in place. Friday was Children In Need Day and the children came into school in their pyjamas to raise money.

Pupil of the week 11.11.22

Fantastic work to Reuben and Mya who are this week's pupils of the week. Mya has worked so well in maths, using written methods to solve addition and subtraction problems and using the inverse operation. Reuben has been a little star, showing resilience and determination in all his subjects and being super role model to the rest of the class.


This week saw the return of our visits to Gateshead Library, the children were able to choose their own books and looked for their favourite authors. In English, we continued reading the Diary of a Roman slave, the children are using this as inspiration for their diary writing, this along with the knowledge we are developing from our Roman History work is providing some exciting writing. We have loved role play around the Romans, especially using drama techniques such as conscience alley to help us understand feelings of a Roman slave watching gladiators fighting at an ampitheater. 

Week Beginning 31.10.22


What a great way to start the new half term. In our Muddy Monsters sessions we practiced square lashings to tie two sticks in a cross shape. We then used this technique to build a stretcher to carry a team mate on. We were amazing and every group succeeded! We finished with a little pumpkin was Halloween after all!

Lindisfarne Gospels

We also had some visitors in school to tell us all about the Lindisfarne Gospels and how they can be viewed until December in The Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle. We got to see the calf skin used for the pages and how the different coloured inks were made. The children also enjoyed designing their own lettering using emotion line drawings.

Pupil of the week

A massive well done to Jake and Michalina who are 4JM's pupils of the week. Michalina has made super progress in reading, her fluency and expression is developing and in guided reading she answered some tricky inference questions. Amazing! Jake has had a fantastic week, really developing in confidence and enthusiasm in all subjects. Keep up the good work!

Week Beginning 17.10.22

What a fun packed week we've had this week! In art, we completed our still life painting project, using a range of painting techniques such as pointillism and dabbing. We created a 3D effect by adding tints and shades to show light and shadow, the finished paintings looked amazing.

We had such a great well-being day at school! We played fun games in the hall, played with Lego and Ipads and best of all visited the 'In it to win it' where we spent points we'd achieved for super attendance. What fun!

This week sees the end of Black History Month, the children have been learning about Kathryn Johnson, they found out that she was a great mathematician and was one of the people responsible for getting astronauts into space.

The children had a visit from Nissan skills foundation team, to launch the 'Lesson In A Box' project. The team talked about raising aspirations of local children, showing us that social issues, economic background and gender are not barriers to a potential career in advanced engineering and manufacturing. The activities and resources link to both Nissan and Japan, through the 'Lesson In A Box' the children will gain knowledge of a global company, that is on their doorstep!

Pupil of the week 14.10.22

A huge well done to Bua and Noah, these two children are real stars, they both give 100% all of the time and approach all lessons with such enthusiasm. In English, Noah has produced amazing work writing a newspaper report, he always uses all of his success criteria and worked particularly well using quotes from eye witnesses. Bua has showed real resilience and worked so hard in maths finding equivalent fractions. Fabulous!

Week Beginning 10.10.22

What a fantastic week, the children produced some fabulous mathematics work looking at fractions and finding equivalent fractions. we also worked on finding tenths and hundredths and converting them to decimals. Amazing maths everyone!

In English, the children have been writing newspaper reports, based around an unknown species found washed up on a beach. The children worked well to include all of the language and layout features of a newspaper report. They included some amazing examples of reported speech from eye-witnesses and from an expert. Well done

Pupil Of The Week - 07.10.22

A huge well done to our pupils of the week, Oscar and Silay. Oscar is a mathematical whizz kid and has converted tenths and hundredths to decimals. Amazing! Silay has wowed us with her beautiful voice. She was super brave and sang a duet in front of the class and volunteered to sing a duet in front of the whole school during our harvest festival. Fantastic!

In Dance the children have been inspired by the 'Jellicle Cat Ball'  from Cats The Musical. They have been learning to apply a canon into their movements when performing as two contracting characters. The children incorporated leaps and spins into their dances. Amazing!

Pupil of the Week - 30.09.22

A huge well done to Ada and Amelia! You are both amazing! Amelia is super organised in the classroom, she has so many classroom jobs which she can be trusted to carryout efficiently, as well as this she is always polite and tries her very best. Ada has been superb in netball, attacking and defending as well as being a super team member. Well done to both of you!

Week Beginning - 26.09.22



On Monday 26th September we were very lucky to be visited by Civil Engineer Jessica Clark. Jessica showed us some amazing projects she is involved in and what her job consists of. She then presented the importance of sustainability and looking after our environment. We  worked in teams to design a sustainable product and present it to the rest of the class. The children had fantastic ideas and I'm sure some will definitely consider a career path in Civil Engineering!



Pupil of the week - 23.09.22

A massive well done to Yongen and Alexia who are this week's pupils of the week. Yongen has been outstanding in maths! A real maths whizz kid, he has worked so well solving place value problems and giving fantastic explanations in reasoning. Alexia wrote a superb dialogue where she included an accurate use of inverted commas. Well done!

Week Beginning - 19.09.22


In Science, the children have been looking at forces. The children investigated friction and looked at how a car travelled on different surfaces.

Pupil of the week - 16.09.22

This week our Pupil's of the week are Grace and Vaibhav. In class, Grace has been a fantastic role model, super behaviour and work ethic at all times. Mr Parkin noticed that in a music lesson she was such a good support to a friend, well done! Vaibhav has produced some amazing descriptive writing in English. His sentences began with fronted adverbials and included rich vocabulary. What super stars!

Week Beginning - 12.09.22

Muddy Monsters came to visit this week and our focus was orienteering in forest school. During our orienteering session, we learnt about why maps are so useful and how to make sure our map was held in the correct position. We also learnt what the different symbols and colours represented on an orienteering map. We participated in both Star Orienteering (where you meet back at the start after each control point) and Course Orienteering (where you follow a route, collecting information from different control points). Phil said we were amazing! Well done.

Pupil of the week - 09.09.22

A huge cheer for Eva and Owen who are our first pupil's of the week. Eva has worked on her art with such precision and care and used a range of techniques in her art work including stippling, pointillism and dabbing, as well as remembering to create different shades and tints. Owen has settled straight into Year 4 with such confidence and joy. He has been a real pleasure! Well done to both of you!

Week Beginning 05.09.22

What a super week we have all had. The children started off the school year with Art Week! The focus of their work was Painting and Mixed Media and the topic was Light and dark. The children began by learning about how to use light and dark to create a 3D object. They learnt that adding black to a colour creates a shade and adding light creates a tint. Inspired by the still life paintings by Paul Cezaane, they created their own composition and painted! This artwork has been displayed in the hall. During the week E-safety has also been taught, here the children learnt about the reliability of websites and ways to balance time on technology with other activities.