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DAB Art Workshops

Whole Class Project

Following on from all of our sessions with Chris, the children are using their new skills to create a masterpiece which we can display within our school. This week the children have began by coming up with some design ideas individually and as a group. They have came up with some brilliant ideas! Keep checking back for regular updates of our developments!


This week the children have had a woodwork workshop with Chris. They have began constructing a bird house. Before any work began the children discussed all the safety aspects and the safety wear they needed to have on while they worked. They also discussed how to use each tool. The children used saws, hammers, wood and screws. We will be placing them within our out door areas when they are completed!

Tie Dye

This week the children have created their own tie dye bag. They began by experimenting with different materials that would allow them to create different patterns on their bags. The children then dipped their fabric in their chosen colour. Whilst there fabric was soaking, the children then collected some leaves in order to create another piece of tie dye fabric with different patterns. They all had lots of fun experimenting and we cant wait to see how their fabric turns out when it has dried!


This week Chris came back into school to help us design and create a mosaic tile. The children has a fabulous morning experimenting with different cutting tools, whilst taking all safety measures to protect themselves by wearing gloves and glasses. The children produced some amazing designs!

For the next few weeks Y3/4B are lucky enough to have Chris from DAB Art come into school and work with us. This week the children began by using their fine motor skills alongside their art skills to create some amazing clay designs. The children used various tools to create their masterpieces. Chris is going to take them away to dry them and fire them so that we can decorate them in a couple of weeks. We have had a brilliant morning!