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Welcome to Year 2B class page.


We have the recipe for success!


Take a group of enthusiastic children and add together caring and supportive teachers (don’t

forget to add teaching assistants!). Pour in lots of challenging and fun activities and sprinkle with excellent manners and behaviour. Stir until learning and progress is outstanding! Voila…a fantastic Year 2!


Join us on our fabulous learning journey as we use our skills to learn about our world in the past, present and future so that we can become valuable citizens of modern Britain.

What a FANTASTIC performance. We are so proud of all of the KS1 children who put on an incredible show for all of the grown ups this afternoon. Well done all of you! We are also very excited to perform our 'Hats off production' again tomorrow morning for you all. 

The children have loved performing their song as part of the music recital today. They performed "Wellerman" and loved practicing keeping the rhythm of the song with the drums. Please enjoy the video below!


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We have had a great morning creating felt using fibres. The children worked really well in their groups to make a map of where they live using fibres and soap which were rolled together to create the felt. Have a look at some of their amazing creations! 

We were so lucky to take part in an amazing music workshop this morning. We listened to different songs around the world and had a go at identifying where these countries were on a globe. Some of us were lucky enough to take part by playing an instrument and dancing! Enjoy the videos below. 


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We have enjoyed a very wet and muddy Muddy Monsters session this morning. The children were set the task of completing five different challenges which included painting portraits, identifying trees, creating the longest stick using ropes and the knotting skill, creating the best muddy banquet, and making the best game out of tyres and rope. The children worked amazingly in their teams to complete these challenges and also enjoyed some free-time on the hammock and swing. We are so proud of their teamwork and perseverance! 

Pupil of the Week (16/06/23)

We are super proud of Tabitha and Shanaya this week! Tabitha has written an excellent persuasive letter using all of the Y2 targets and Shanaya has produced some outstanding drawings in art using facial expressions. Keep up the amazing work!

We have had a fabulous day out at Arbeia the Roman fort, we were able to experience life on the edge of the Roman Empire. We took part in a workshop and got to see the ruins and reconstructed buildings. We learnt a lot about the Roman Empire. Luckily, the sun was shining so we were able to enjoy the nice weather!

Pupil of the Week (9/06/23)

A huge well done to our two pupils of the week! Israel has shown a great understanding of life cycles in science and Yousuf always tries really hard and gives 100% effort in everything he does. He is a great role model! Keep up the great work!

Diversity Day 2 (9/06/23)

We have had another fantastic Diversity Day! It was amazing to have Ester's mum in to tell us all about Portuguese culture as well as Silas' dad who played some instruments for us and told us all about Nigeria. Please view the videos below!


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PE Circuits (9/06/23)

Following our visit from the Olympian, the children completed various PE circuits. We have had so much fun having a go at different exercises. 

Paralympian visit (wb: 05/06/23)

Today, we were lucky enough to be visited by a paralympic athlete! Stephen shared his story with us and whipped us into shape during a circuits session. He showed us 6 of his medals and we all came away feeling very inspired! 

We have had such an amazing day learning all about different cultures for Diversity Week. We were so excited to hear the children tell us all about the languages that they speak, the clothes that they wear, and the food that they eat. Many of the children were able to say greetings and count in different languages such as Hindu, Albanian, Kurdish, Spanish, Portuguese, Urdu, and Nigerian. So impressive!!  We have been lucky enough to have some amazing guests who have allowed us to try some food and tell us lots of exciting information about the country that they are from. 

Harry counting in Japanese

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Keira reading in Spanish

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Emily's dad singing in Portuguese

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RISE Workshop (8/06/23)

Today, we had a visit from the Rise team and we started the session with a fun game so they could get to know us. Then, we moved on to learning about problems and how to solve them. We had to get the beanbags into the bucket but we had different instructions of what parts of our body we couldn't use. At first, we just had to get the beanbag into the bucket so we thought of solutions of how we could get it in there. We decided the easiest way was to walk and put it in but then we moved onto a more complex problem where we couldn't use our hands or feet. As we are great at solving problems, we then had to think carefully about how we would get the beanbag into the bucket without using our hands and feet. We decided that we could ask our friends and we succeeded! After, we then listened to a story about problem solving it was about a monster and we really enjoyed it. It was such a fun session and the children learnt so much!

Gateshead Library (5/06/23)

We had a great visit to Gateshead Library this week and we listened to some stories and then we had the opportunity to look at some of the books. We had a great time and we are sad it is our last visit this academic year.

To celebrate the King's Coronation a few weeks ago, we have been busy planting trees around the school. The children really enjoyed this however the soil was very hard! We can't wait to see the apple trees grow!

We have really enjoyed our music lesson this morning! We have been using glockenspiel's to create our own tunes and follow the rhythm and beats within songs. 

We have really enjoyed our Muddy Monsters session this afternoon. The children have really enjoyed working as a team to create their own shelters. They were able to problem-solve to ensure their shelters were waterproof and decorated inside. We have also enjoyed swinging on the hammock, playing in the mud kitchen and painting!

Mental Health and Wellbeing Week (15/05/23)

This week the children have completed lots of activities for Mental Health and Wellbeing week. We have been meditating to relaxing music and playing 'Let's Connect Bingo' to find out more about each other. The children also created their own character to look just like them, we then created an appreciation circle where we thought about lots of positive qualities about ourselves and others. 

Pupil of the Week (19/05/23)

We are so proud of the amazing pouches that Hadia and Zher have created in Design Technology this week. They have shown amazing perseverance and determination when sewing a running stitch, keep up the good work!!

We’ve had a very busy week making our very own DT pouches. The children used a template and carefully cut around this before learning how to do a running stitch. The children were brilliant at this and some were even able to help others to complete their pouch. Once the children had sewed it together, they attached a button to ensure it fastened up. Take a look at our amazing work!

Week commencing 15.05.23- Geography

This week, we have started our Geography unit, 'Where is Kampong Ayer and what is life like there?'. The children have learnt that Kampong Ayer is a ‘water village’ built in the middle of a wide river. In fact it is the largest water village in the world. Approximately 30 000 people live there in about 4000 dwellings. Because Kampong Ayer is near the sea the river in which it has been built is affected by tides. At high tide the river can be three metres higher than at low tide when a lot of mud is uncovered. Strong winds can quite often cause large waves on the river. Very heavy rain storms are another problem that Kampong Ayer has to cope with. Take a look at their amazing work! 

We've had an amazing day celebrating the King's Coronation! We all came to school in red, white and blue and the outside of the school had been decorated ready for our celebrations. The children made a teacup and then we had afternoon tea with biscuits, fruit and juice. We have had such an amazing day ... take a look at our photos. 

Science (wb 24/04/23)

This half term we have began a new topic in science; Animals - including humans. During this lesson, the children enjoyed learning about the different food groups that make up a balanced diet as well as their function. The children were also able to identify examples of different foods that fit within each food group. 

Pupil of the Week (28/04/23)

We are so proud of Scarlett and Leo this week! Leo has shown a great attitude towards his learning and has blown us away with his knowledge of fractions in our maths lessons. Scarlett has also really impressed us by showing great resilience with her handwriting. Well done!

Pupil of the Week (21/04/23)

A huge well done to Edward and Goodness this week! Edward has written an amazing non-chronological report all about plants. Goodness was an incredible role model on our trip to Washington Wetlands, we are so proud! 

We have really enjoyed our visit to Washington Wetlands today. The children loved listening to ‘Ava’s Story’ and completed various nature activities to become Guardians of the Wild. It was also amazing to watch the otters and flamingos being fed, we learnt so many different facts about so much of the wildlife there! We have had a lovely day and really enjoyed learning more about nature.

This half term we have been learning about different mechanisms. We have been learning about the importance of levers and linkages on different toys we play with. We learnt that a lever turns on a pivot and a linkage is a system of levers. Next, we then got to experiment making different linkages and then we designed a moving monster for children aged 5-7. We used all our prior knowledge to make the monster and we had so much fun!

Pupil of the Week (24/03/23)

Emily and Damian have been fantastic in our maths lessons this week! Emily was amazing at working collaboratively and Damian really impressed us with his ability to use coins to make the same amount. Keep up the great work!

English - Time Conjunctions

The children really enjoyed ordering the events of our visit to Peepy Farm in chronological order. They then used the photos to play a game of snakes and ladders where if they landed on a time conjunction, they had to create a sentence about our trip and tell it to the partner. We were really impressed with all of the sentences that the children came up with!! 

This week we have been learning about money and the different denominations. We started the week with a practical lesson looking at the value of different coins and notes.

Pupil of the Week (10/3/23

Congratulations to these two super stars! This week Keira has been amazing at telling the time in maths and Sohaib was excellent at using the flint and steel to create a small fire in Muddy Monsters. We are so proud, keep up the good work!  

We have had an amazing time in our Muddy Monsters session this morning. We really enjoyed using the flint and steel to create sparks, the perseverance shown from all of the children was fantastic! We also had so much fun playing on the tyre swing, swinging on the hammock, and painting some gorgeous pictures. The best part for many of us was watching popcorn being made on the fire and getting to try some. It was delicious!!

The children have had a very active morning where they have taken part in a circuits session. They took part in a range of different activities to raise their heart rate whilst have lots of fun!

Pupil of the Week (03.03.23)

A HUGE well done to our two gorgeous boys this week. They both behaved impeccably whilst on our school trip to Peepy Farm and Bywell Estate and asked some thoughtful questions. Well done to you both!

We’ve had a wonderful day dressed in pyjamas during ‘World Book Day’. The children have taken part in a wide variety of activities including; reading café, book scavenger hunt, ‘The Masked Reader’, quiz, making books, second hand book swaps and a whole lot more. What a great day we’ve had!

We have had a lovely trip to Peepy Farm and Bywell Estate this week. Firstly, we arrived at Peepy Farm and we had the opportunity to make butter. We had to shake the full fat cream for a long time before it turned it to butter but it was worth it for how delicious it tasted. Next, learnt about the horse power of the tractor and how many horses were used in the olden days to pull things around the farm. Afterwards, we had a tour of the farm where we learnt about the cows and how they are milked every day. The children loved the calves they were so cute! In the afternoon, we went to Bywell Estate and we got to taste the cheese and milk which was produced at Peepy Farm and then we had an egg hunt. We had a very busy day but it was so much fun!

Gateshead Library (16.02.23)

On Thursday, we had a visit to Gateshead Library where the children listened to a book, talked about their favourite places to read and chose a new book to bring back to school. The children had a lovely time and can't wait to visit again! 

Art- Painting and mixed media (13.02.23)

This week, we have been looking at the artist Romare Bearden who used patterned paper to create collages of different landscapes. The children started the week by learning how to mix primary and secondary colours. We created some fantastic pieces of art from mixing the paint together. We then moved on to looking at different textures and created some patterns using our secondary colours we made in the previous lesson. Finally, we moved on to creating our overall collage in groups by overlapping the different textures to make 'The Angel of the North'. The children have had so much fun and get very messy!

Pupil of the Week 10.02.23

A HUGE well done to Annie-Sue and Damian this week. Annie-Sue has been trying really hard in maths and is becoming more independent recognising the place value of a number. Damian has been working his socks off in his writing and his handwriting is beautiful! Well done to you both, you are super stars!

Online Safety (08.02.23)

On Tuesday, we discussed the importance of staying safe on line. The children took part in a range of activities to ensure that they always remain safe and what they would do if they thought they were in danger.

Metal Health Week (08.02.23)

This week, has been Children's Mental Health Week. The children have participated in a range of activities to think carefully about their well-being. These activities have included, yoga, meditation and colouring in sheets. The children have had a great week improving their mental health.

History -Florence Nightingale (08.02.22)

In History, this week, the children have participated in a speaking and listening lesson. The OLQ was, ‘What did people think of Florence?’ so the children explored different artefacts to work this out. The children came to the conclusion that the following people had these opinions of her.

Nurses – bossed about a lot by Florence and told what to do

Soldiers – made better and cared for by Florence at all hours

Doctors – not used to being told what to do by a nurse and were given instructions by Florence

Parents – didn’t want Florence to become a Nurse

People in England – She returned a heroine and changed many things in the world of medicine

Parthenon – didn’t understand Florence and was very different to her. She was supportive of her work.

Pupil of the Week (03.02.23)

A HUGE well done to Kyrin and Ester this week. Kyrin is making AMAZING progress in his writing and I am so proud of him. He is confidently and independently now applying Year 2 targets into his writing. Ester is continuing to try really hard with her reading and is coming on leaps and bounds! You are both amazing!

Today, we have had another gymnastics lesson and we have been practicing linking our moves to together. The children began with a balance, before moving on to forward rolls and a bunny hop. I was really impressed with their skills and the progress they have made within the last few weeks. We will have some Olympic gymnasts before we know it! 

Pupil of the Week (27.01.23)

Congratulations to Shayne and Goodness! Shayne has retained so much knowledge about Florence Nightingale in our history lessons this week and Goodness had been such a positive role model to the rest of the class by always giving 100% effort into everything she does. We are so proud of these two superstars!


We’ve had a lovely morning enjoying ‘Muddy Monsters’ and the children enjoyed getting very muddy! The children have been learning how to use a saw to make small cookie discs and the children worked well together. Whilst children were sawing, the rest of the children enjoyed exploring the forest school area. Children enjoyed making dens, swinging from the trees, painting and using the mud kitchen. What a great morning we had!

Pupil of the Week 20.01.23

A huge well done to Lisseth and Harry his week. Harry has worked really hard to improve his handwriting and what a huge difference it has made. I am so proud. Lisseth continues to make great progress in her writing ensuring she uses the Year 2 targets. Well done to you both!

Today, we have had a visit from ‘That History Bloke’ and Florence Nightingale to learn all about ‘The lady with the lamp’. The children got to learn about how Florence Nightingale helped to improve the hospitals and different artefacts she used. The children all had a great time!

Pupil of the Week 13.01.23

A HUGE well done to our two gorgeous children this week. Leon has smashed it this week! He has been trying really hard to concentrate and his work ethic has been fantastic. Keep it up! Shanaya is always such a positive role model within our class and she always works to the best of her ability. Well done to you both!

Nature Trial (13.01.23)

Today, we were fortunate enough to have someone come in to carry out a nature trial around our school. The children were looking at sustainability and finding out ways they could help. The children went on a nature trial around the school and then they got to paint these items using water colours. The children had a great afternoon!

Today in PE, we have been fortunate to work with Gymnastics coach, Hannah. She taught us about different positions to put our body in; straddle, pike and tuck. We then tried putting our body in these positions while jumping - it was tricker than it looks! After all that jumping,  we learnt how to do front support, back support, dish and arch shape. Finally, we did different types of rolls.

Music Workshop (22/12/22)

Still image for this video

Mr Parkin and his band have put on a fantastic music workshop for us this morning! Here’s just a taste of the fun we had!!!

Christmas Party (20/12/22)

Lots of smiley faces as we waited for the party to begin. The children looked so lovely in their party clothes and had a lot of fun dancing, playing games, and eating some delicious party food!

Wow! What a fab afternoon we’ve had!! We’ve danced our hearts out, eaten the most delicious party food, played games and had a very special visitor!! Happy Christmas everyone!

Church carol service (wb: 19/12/22)

We have had a very festive morning at the church this morning. Each class sang a song and we put them together to tell the Christmas story. Only 5 sleeps to go!

Art workshop (14.12.22)

This morning, we have had an eco friendly Christmas craft workshop. We learnt about where our rubbish and recycling goes and then we used recycled materials to make our own Christmas decoration. What fun we had!

Pupil of the Week (09.12.22)

We are so proud of these two superstars! They have both been amazing in our DT lessons this week, showing incredible teamwork, problem solving, and determination to build a chair for baby bear. Their structures were brilliant, well done to the two of you!!

DT -Building a chair for baby bear (05.12.22)

This week we in DT we have been learning about different structures. We tested which structure would be the most stable and then created a stable chair for baby bear. Don't our chairs look great?!

Pupil of the Week (02.12.22)

Well done to our two superstars this week. Kyrin has impressed me with his reading skills this week and he is becoming a lot more confident and able to answer some tricky AF3 questions. Kiera has worked really hard this week with her writing and has started to use more targets in her work. Well done to you both, you are both superstars!

On Friday 2nd December, we were fortunate enough to welcome Elizabeth Green, an author, into our school to share her new book with the children. Her new book is called ‘The Adventures of Detective Dopeyworth’ and looks to be a brilliant read! During the session, she shared how she came up with her ideas to write the book and how the pictures were illustrated. The children also had the opportunity to buy a signed book. It was so exciting to have an author into school and we had lots of fun!

We had our first visit to Gateshead Library this afternoon and the children became book detectives. They had to find different pictures or words in each book. They learnt how to find non-fiction books using a book catalogue finder and I was really impressed at how good they were. We then all got to choose one book to take back to school to read for pleasure. We had a great time and we can't wait to visit again! 


We have had a fantastic time on our visit to the Quayside. We visited lots of key places associated with the Great Fire of Gateshead such as St Mary's Church where the children were able to recall lots of information that they learnt about the events after the fire. The children also enjoyed spotting the bridges that they could see, including the Millennium and Swing bridge. We had lots of fun during our Baltic workshop where we created and drew our own bridges. Please see the photos below to have a look at all of the fun we had!


We have had a fantastic morning in Year 2! That History Bloke came to visit us and teach us all about the Great Fire of Gateshead and Newcastle. After looking at a range of different artefacts from the Victorian times, we learnt about how the fire started, spread and was stopped. We learnt lots and had fun!

Pupil of the Week (18.11.22)

A huge well done to Harry and Lisseth this week! Harry has blown me away with his jumping skills during PE ... I think we have an Olympian in the making. Lisseth has tried really hard to improve handwriting and is making great progress. Well done to you both, I am so impressed! 

History (16.11.22)

We have had great fun today acting out the events in 'The Great Fire of Gateshead'. The children used different actions and props to remember what happened during the event and we had so much fun!

What a very wet day we had for our 'Muddy Monsters' session! However, we still had an amazing time! We built a house for a monster and we thought carefully about what the monster needed to live. We used a variety of different materials in the outdoor learning environment and some children even tried to make a swimming pool for Oscar because he loves to look at little things and go for a dip in the water! We had plenty of rain water to make our swimming pool! Take a look at our photos to see the fun we had! 

Pupil of the Week (11.11.22)

Well done to our two super stars this week. Lawi has tried really hard with his multiplication skills this week when using arrays and he also completed some very tricky reasoning problems. Tabitha has only just joined our school however you wouldn't realise! She has settled in beautifully and is a great addition to Brighton Avenue. Well done to you both, I am so proud of you! 

Science, Remembrance Day and My Money Week (11.11.22)

This week, we have had another action packed week! We have been busy learning about the importance of money during 'My Money Week', discussing Remembrance Day and making our own window display to thank the soldiers that helped our country during the war and took part in another science experiment. During the science experiment, the children had to investigate which material would be best to use to make a new window. We discussed the meaning of transparent, translucent and opaque. Take a look at our photos to see the fun  we have had this week! 

Pupil of the Week (04.11.22)

Well done to our two superstars this week. Yousuf has worked really hard all week and has improved with his writing and Hadia always gives 100% effort in everything she does! Well done to both you! 

In Science, we have started to look at 'Materials'. We explored whether different materials were waterproof or absorbent.

We have had such a great well-being day at school! We have played with lego, ipads, visited the ‘In it, to win it’ shop, bought sweets, coloured in and had so much more fun! We can’t wait for the next well-being day!

We’ve had such a fun morning at the year 2 reading cafe! It was so lovely to have the opportunity to sit with our friends and share biscuits, juice and fruit while sharing a book. There was so many books from comics to novels to non fiction to picture books. We’ve been inspired to read more!

Pupil of the Week 14/10/22

Well done to our two gorgeous children who are Pupil of the Week this week. Our amazing boy has been trying really hard to include the Y2 targets in his writing this week and our gorgeous girl has has tried hard to ensure that her sentences make sense. I am very impressed, keep up the great work both of you. 

Virtual author (Wb 10/10/22)

Today, we had a virtual lesson online with Liz Pichon, author-illustrator of the much loved ‘Tom Gates’. We took part in a doodle along and were lucky enough to have her read part of her brand new story: Tom Gates happy to help. We came away feeling very inspired. Take a look at some of our fantastic doodles we did under Liz’s instruction.

Pupil of the Week (07.10.22)

A HUGE well done to our two gorgeous children who were awarded with Pupil of the Week. We definitely have a new amazing boy mathematician in Year 2! I was soo impressed with how well he could answer questions involving the 2,5 and 10 times tables and use his reasoning skills to justify his answers. His recall of the times tables was super speedy! Our gorgeous girl, has been working really hard in English to construct sentences using adjectives including appropriate punctuation.  An author in the making, I think! Well done to both of you, I am very proud! 

This week, in science, we have continued to learn about habitats and how animals are adapted to their environment. The children have been learning about the different animals and plants that live in each habitat and they created their own habitats in small groups. Take a look at our amazing habitats! 

Pupil of the Week (30.09.22)

Well done to our two superstars this week! James has been amazing all week and has blown our socks off during maths. Annie-Sue has been trying really hard writing her sentences with adjectives. Well done to both of you, I am so proud of you!

What a fantastic afternoon we’ve had with Phil during our Muddy Monsters session! We worked so well together exploring the forest school area taking part in lots of different activities to develop our outdoor learning skills. The best part was definitely making s’mores over the fire. So tasty!

Pupil of the Week (23.09.22)

A HUGE well done to Scarlett and Israel this week. Israel has blown me away in PE with his brilliant team work skills and he was able to dribble a ball beautifully. Scarlett has been trying really hard with her fine motor skills and is also using finger spaces more consisently. You are both AMAZING! Well done!

Big Allotment Visit (Wb: 19.09.22)