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In Autumn 2, we have had the pleasure of having Mr Parkin work with our class to compose a song. As a class, we wrote the lyrics to our song based on our theme, Robots. The children listened carefully to different backing pieces of music and chose which one they thought would be best. At the end of the term, Mr Parkin brought in his microphones and our classroom was turned into a recording studio. The children loved performing the song and even had some funky dance moves to go along with the song. Below is a copy of our song lyrics.



We always work and we never get tired

We don’t complain doing what’s required

Like poetry in motion completing the task

We have wires and screws behind our mask


Pshhht chhh whizzz shhhh x 4


Electricity computers and touch screens

Chips wires rivets

A silver dream machine

Charge up our batteries and off we go

Our magic eyes begin to glow


Pshhht chhh whizzz shhhh x 4


Teach us x 4