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Reception D

                                   Welcome to Reception D!


R is for Reception, welcome to our class.

E is for everyone in our inclusive school.

C is for cultural capital, preparing our children for their future success.

E is for expectations, being the best that we can be!

P is for play, learning in an active way.

T is for teaching, learning in Maths and English. 

I is for our inspiring visits and visitors.

O is for our OUTSTANDING Early Years provision.

N is for the never ending fun we have, each and every day!



Some information on how to help your children at home.

It's the final week of school and what a year it has been for us all. 


The rooms were all empty,

The toys put away,

This isn't how we wanted your graduation day! 


A virus broke out,

We had to stay at home,

But we all knew we weren't alone.


In our short time,

We laughed, learned and played, 

We had the best time, and wish you could stay.


But you're growing up,

You're getting so strong,

For you to keep learning - you must move on! 


You're going to Year One!

And though we must part, 

You will always have a big piece of our hearts!


What a pleasure it has been teaching you in Reception. You brightened up everyday - it was such a shame our time together was cut short. Please continue making special memories at home and we will look forward to seeing you all in September. 


With love,

Miss Dinning, Miss Chelmowska and Mrs Kneeling



Week 16- Home Learning

Week 15 - Home Learning Activities

Well you have all been keeping so busy. Lewis has been for a few walks wearing his sunglasses. Aiden has ventured to the park where he has fed the ducks, played football and frisby. Keeping active is a good idea Aiden. Belle has spent some time planting seeds which she is nurturing daily. I can't wait to see how big they grow! Emily and Jessica have been very busy tackling number problems and creating objects using an arrangement of shapes. Can you guess what they have built together?

Week 14- Home School Learning

Week 13 - Home school learning activities

Hi everyone, it has been lovely to speak to you all this week. We've heard so many different stories about what you are all getting up to. Lewis has a big smile on his face here after finishing all of his Sunday lunch. I've told him that's my favourite meal too! Aiden has also been busy baking lots of yummy treats this week. Hes made pizza, cakes and omelettes! We think he might be a chef when he grows up! Keep sending us your photographs, it always makes us smile.

Week 12 - Home School Learning

Week 11 - Home School Learning

Welcome back after half term everyone! I hope you have all been enjoying the lovely weather. Aiden has made cards for all of his friends and teachers. He has written Happy Eid in Albanian, super clever! Emily has been exploring in the words and doing some math when cooking. She confidently shared the chocolate into two equal amounts. Keep sending your photos in to show us what you're up to!

Week 10 - Home School Learning Activities

Week 10 - You've made it to half term! What a surreal time it has been but we have loved looking at all of your home learning photos over the last few weeks! It really does put smiles on our faces. As it's half term, we will not be setting any home learning tasks. We want you to rest, spend time with your family and make more memories during lockdown! In addition to this, we will not be speaking to parents next week and will continue making calls home week commencing 1st June. As you all know, we love making these phone calls to check to see how you and your family are so we'll look forward to speaking to you all again soon! We hope you have a fabulous half term! Keep safe and continue smiling! All our love, The Reception Team x

Week 9 - Home School Learning - Monday 18th May

Once again you have been so busy this week! Kimberly has been practising writing her name, dancing and ordering her numbers 0-20. Elli has been teaching her sister some of the things we do in PE, she even decided to wear her school PE kit to do it. She has also lost her first tooth! Aiden has been completing lots of number work and writing. We've had to set him some challenges as he is getting so good. Keep sending us your photographs, it's been lovely to speak to everybody on the telephone. Take Care x

Lewis celebrating his 5th birthday. Just look at those moves!

Still image for this video

Wednesday 6th May - First of all we need to wish Lewis a big Happy Birthday. I can't believe you're now 5! I bet your bike was a lovely birthday surprise for you. Emily has been practising writing words using the sounds 'ow' blow the snow and 'ow' brown cow. Aiden has been practising his reading, writing and number skills again. Well done everybody!

Week 7 - Home School Learning (4th May)

Thursday 30th April - Aiden and Elli have been very busy this week. Aiden has been completing lots of number challenges. He has been adding amounts together. Elli has been learning some vital life skills. She can now ride her bike without stabilisers and she could be contemplating a career as a baker? I hope you save some cakes for us Elli.

Monday 27th April - It looks like everyone is keeping themselves very busy. Emily has been making some repeating patterns and she's even planted a broad bean experiment. Can anyone predict what might happen? Grace has completed lots of Easter crafts. I hope you can make those biscuits again when we get back to school. I know Miss Chelmowska and I would love one! Rosie has been doing some super writing and exploring with bubbles. Lewis went for a long walk. Can you see what animal he found? Please keep uploading your photographs to Tapestry or send them to

Wednesday 22nd April - It looks like you have all been very busy and it's only the beginning of the week. Alex has been out riding his bike with his sister Lydia. I'm pleased you have both got your helmets on to keep you both safe. Lewis, I wish I could have one of your crispie cakes. They look delicious! Leo has been writing a story and getting very creative. Can you see the old Police car he found on his walk? Please keep sending us your photographs - we love to see what you are all doing! Take care x

Week 5 - Monday 20th April - Hi Everyone, we hope you all had a lovely Easter break. We have been very lucky to have some nice sunny days - I'm sure the sun will help your sunflowers to grow big and tall. We're enjoying speaking to you every week and hearing what you've all been up to. Keep sending your photographs in to share! Reggie has a special message for you..."After every storm comes a rainbow" I know our Brighton Avenue rainbow will shine the brightest xx

Week 5 - Home School Learning Activities

Easter holiday fun - Vihaan has been very busy in the Easter holidays practising writing his numbers and blowing bubbles. Lewis has been doing a spot of gardening. Look at those muscles!

Week 3 & 4 - Easter Holiday Home School Learning Activities - over the Easter Holiday's we want you to have as much fun as possible. Here are some ideas for you. Please don't forget to keep sharing these with us, sending in your photographs and adding them to Tapestry - we love seeing what you're getting up to. We miss you more and more everyday! Stay safe everyone x

Wednesday 1st April - Here come the boys!! Lots of reading and writing skills from Lewis, Leo and his brother Alex. It is great to see you all practising at home. I've been doing some reading at home too!

Monday 30th March - Wow! Wow! Wow! Look at all the fantastic activities you have been getting up to. Miss Rosie I bet you have still been taking the register on a daily basis. It's great to see you practising your Read, Write, Inc skills - what a star you are! Lyla, Rosie is missing you lots! Look at your cooking skills Lewis - do we have a chef in the making? Well done Jack for practising your fine motor skills. Great writing Aminah, I bet you and your Mum are having fun playing teachers. I have to say, Miss Chelmowska and I are very proud of you all. Keep your photographs coming, they brighten up our days!

Friday 27th March - Would it be Lewis if he wasn't playing outside? You're becoming a whizz at hopscotch now. Eggcellent Easter egg Lewis! I can't wait to see what you will be getting up to next week.

Thursday 26th March - Some fantastic home learning from Belle. The queen of creativity is creating again! There is even some number work from your home learning pack. Super Belle!

Monday 16th March - Learning about the importance of washing our hands. We carried out an experiment, when our hands were dirty the pepper (germs) stuck to our fingers. After we washed them with soap, the germs ran away...

Week 9th March-our circuit for Sports relief.

Tuesday 10th March - Visiting the Centre for Life

Friday 6th March - World Book Day!

Thursday 5th March - Visiting Gateshead library...

Wednesday 4th March - Testing out our skills in PE