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Modes of transport

This term we've been looking at modes of transport.

First we looked at images of different transport and discussed their features. We looked at colour, size, shape and style. We researched these different modes of transport so we could make a suitable decision for our own design.

Next we started to design our own modes of transport. We created 4 different designs and then asked our peers which was their favourite, using tally marks. This then determined the most popular design for us to move forward and create. 

After that we used the tally data to sketch our most popular final design. We thought about the materials we'd use and the colour, size and shape of our vehicle. 

Finally we made our models. We created the basic structure using cardboard and then went on to make the general shape and add windows, doors and wheels.

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Picture 16 Amie
Picture 17 Chantelle-Mary
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