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Science Is My Superpower


As part of our STEAM provision, this project aims to raise the aspirations of our Year 5 girls in STEAM subjects.  It also aims to inspire our children to aim high for Higher Education. Each year, six Year 5 girls are nominated to take part in the project.  They attend the sessions twice a term and each session focuses on a particular area of Science.


Our school has been part of the project since 2019 and 2023-4 year will see Cohort 4 attend the sessions.


The girls love the sessions.  Here is what some of them have said about being part of the project.


" I love the DNA workshop.  It was great being in a lab and extracting DNA.  I want to do that as a job." Anya (Cohort 2)


"I loved the opportunity of going to a high school and working in a real lab." Sara (Cohort 2)


"It inspired me to think about a career in chemistry." Iris (Cohort 2)


"I never knew that you could be a mechanical engineer. " Darcy (Cohort 2)


"It was great fun making the racing cars and testing them on the track. I didn't think we could win!" Anaya (Cohort 3)



Cohort Four

Day  1 - The children worked in teams, with children from other schools, to research major female scientists. 


"I didn't realise that so many woman are outstanding in their field of Science. It made me think that I could be one of them!" Gul

Day 2 - the children were put in Formula 1 teams with children from other schools.  They were faced with three challenges - make the car go the furthest, make the car stop at a certain point and also to make the car look aesthetically pleasing.  The girls had a great time and enjoyed the morning working in a lab and on the test track.


"I loved the challenge of designing the car. Even the smallest of change in the design could make it go so much further." Mya.

Day 3 - Computing.  The girls learnt all about algorithms and how they give computers step by step instructions so that they can accomplish a task.  They then applied this by writing an algorithm for others to complete a dance.


"We had so much fun dancing and writing the algorithms. I wish we could have stayed all day." Eva.

Day 4 - The girls were back in the lab to find out about DNA. They started the session by extracting DNA from bananas. They then made a DNA necklace before being challenged to construct the longest DNA from spaghetti and foam cubes.


”It was amazing to see DNA and know what it’s role is in our bodies” Niamh



Day 5

This session investigated how scientist could make our local community more environmentally friendly.  The girls started by designing their own house with solar panels, insulations and a vegetable plot.  They then move into a bigger group, where they came together to make a community.  They discussed the inclusion of beehives, transport links and open spaces for the community to come toegther.

"I never knew that your own house could help towards combatting climate change." Stephanie






Cohort Three

Cohort Two