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Year 2T

When I was seven

adapted from When I was six, ByA.A.Milne


When I was one,
I had just begun.
When I was two,
I was nearly new.
When I was three,
I was hardly me.
When I was four,
I was not much more.
When I was five,
I was just alive.

When I was six,

I played lots of tricks.
But now I am seven,
I'm as clever as ever.
So I think I'll be seven
now and forever.


Come and discover the wonderful activities and lessons the children have been taking part in.

You've made it to half term! What a surreal time it has been but we have loved looking at all of your home learning photos over the last few weeks! It really does put smiles on our faces. As it's half term, we will not be setting any home learning tasks. We want you to rest, spend time with your family and make more memories during lockdown! In addition to this, we will not be speaking to parents next week and will continue making calls home week commencing 1st June. As you all know, we love making these phone calls to check to see how you and your family are so we'll look forward to speaking to you all again soon! We hope you have a fabulous half term! Keep safe and continue smiling!

Exciting Music Scholarship Opportunity


We are really excited to inform you all that Side By Side Arts have managed to secure funding from the Big Local to allow them to provide 8 weeks of music scholarship to children in the Big Local Area. This will be for either piano, guitar or vocal tuition.

Side By Side Arts would like to offer up to 25 of these places to our pupils on a first come first serve basis.


Please find the Scholarship Agreement below – if you would be interested in securing a place for your child after reading this then please contact Stuart at


This is a fantastic opportunity to learn something new and a valuable way to fill in time during these weeks away from school and is an opportunity not to be missed so get in quick!


Scholarship Agreement


Scholarships available - Children must have their own instrument at home

·      Piano

·      Guitar

·      Vocal


About the scholarship

·      This scholarship will last for the duration of 8 x 30 minute group lessons which are scheduled on a weekly basis with the same teacher

·      Lessons will be held online via Zoom

·      For piano or guitar an instrument will be required at your home to enable you to practise and also to take part in the lesson. This does not have to be a full sized piano or of really good quality, a keyboard will be more than adequate

·      Vocal tuition will not require any instrument, just your voice

·      Before the scholarship commences and after the 8 week term you will be required to complete a short questionnaire



·      It is expected that each student will practise for a minimum of 10 minutes every day between lessons

·      Each student must be prompt to their lesson as lateness will not be made up at the end of the time slot.

·      If you can not make the lesson time please email to inform us. If you give more than 12 hours notice the lesson will be rescheduled to a different time. Less than this the lesson will be forfeited no alternate time will be offered.

·      Failure to attend two consecutive lessons without a valid reason will result in your scholarship being terminated

Final Goodbye!!!

Hi everyone!!


After what has been the most unusual school year ever, the last week of Year 2 is finally here!!   We can't believe we didn't get to spend the full year with your gorgeous faces and we certainly missed seeing you everyday!  You were an absolutely fantastic class who made us laugh all the time, constantly brought smiles to our faces and tried so hard with all of your learning which made teaching you all a pleasure.  I know how much you have all missed your friends, and of course us, but we are so proud of how amazing you have all been through this challenging time.  All the photos you have sent us and speaking to you on the phone has helped to brighten up our weeks.  It won't be long now before you can see your friends again and I'm sure you will be closer than ever!!


Thanks also to all of you incredible parents who have helped with home learning, supported our school and managed to survive this crazy time! The support we've had from you has been really incredible and means so much to us - we know what a challenge it has been to juggle everything.  You have all done an amazing job, keeping everything up and deserve a medal after all of this.  Thank you also for the weekly chats, they've become part of our new routines that we will definitely miss.  


I'd love to be saying that I will get to see you all in September but that won't be the case for me (Mrs Tully)!  I will be sure to pop in with baby after a few months though and can't wait to see all of your lovely, lovely faces then!  Mrs Cummings will be round though, I'm sure you won't be able to get away from her.  Try and make the most of the summer holidays safely, as difficult as that might be.  I'm sure you'll all be desperate to get back in September and ready to meet your new teachers properly!


Take care, love,


Mrs Tully and Mrs Cummings

The Duchess of Cambridge will lead an online assembly for the Oak National Academy during which she will speak about the importance of mental wellbeing among children. The theme of the Duchess’ assembly is ‘spread a little kindness’ and is based on a lesson plan which is available on the Mentally Healthy Schools platform. This platform was developed in collaboration with children’s mental health charity Place2Be and encourages children to explore ways in which they can show kindness and recognise the benefits of kindness to others.

Music at Home

The children love learning music at school and now they can at home too!  Use your own login details from the folder and follow this link to Charanga Yumu to get started - have fun!

Mrs Cummings and I have loved hearing all about what you've been doing at home! We're glad everyone is staying safe and finding exciting things to do in the house and garden!  We want to see what you're up to as well so don't forget to send your photos in to!

I just love Bill's gratitude tree from this week's home learning!! You have so many things to be grateful for Bill.  Do you make one for your home learning?

I think we have a budding author on our hands!! Bill was fortunate enough to get a typewriter for his birthday and he hasn't been off it since! He's also had a trip to McDonalds and learnt about India on one of his many Food Adventures!

Ethan has his favourite day yet at the beach with his sister.  Those fish and chips look delicious!!!

Oliver has been having a great time learning about plants and explored his garden to see how many different leaves he could find.

Gregor and his brother have certainly been enjoying the sunshine!  It's lovely to see you all enjoying this time with family.

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to David

Happy Birthday to you!!!!

David and his brother Justin both celebrated their birthdays this month which meant they got extra cake!! Yummy.  I hope you both had a fantastic day boys!

Wow! How incredible does this look?!  Bill has learnt how to ride his bike and has even had a Beaver Camp at home! He camped outside, made smores and played games.  Looks like you had a fantastic time Bill!

Check out Gregor!!  He is missing all of his friends and but mainly me and Mrs Cummings!!  He has spent lots of time outside becoming a professional tree climber and has even learnt to ride his bike! HOORAY!! Congratulations Gregor!! We missed his birthday but Gregor turned 7 in the Easter holidays so - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Sorry you're so old now!

I hope everyone is still smiling as much as David is!  He's been working very hard so it's wonderful to see him enjoying the outdoors as well.

Ethan has been learning about germination by planting some grass seeds!  Hopefully he'll end up with some very long hair on him!

Bill has been incredibly busy getting his work done.  This week he wrote his re-telling of Adrift dressed as Dracula!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Another 2T birthday celebrated in lockdown but what a great day Oliver had!

So pleased to see Oskar looking so happy. And what a beautiful piece of art work he has created.  Andy Goldsworth would be proud!

Wow it looks like Alfie and his brother are having a great time.  They've been keeping busy doing school work, helping in the garden and baking cakes.  Yummy!!

David has been working so hard recently that he can barely keep his eyes open!!

Danya has been enjoying keeping busy with her family and me and Mrs Tully cannot wait to hear all about what you have been getting up to! 

We are missing this big smile from David!! We were so pleased to see that he's working hard, enjoying time with his family and managing to enjoy some of the lovely weather.  Keep working hard David.

Ethan has had yet another busy week this week!  He had a sleepover in the living room, made bubbles with his sister, created a McDonald's drive-thru and practised his bike skills.  

Wow!  Bill has certainly been busy at home! He's had a tea party for Sweep's birthday, tried learning the Banjo, had P.E. with Joe Wicks, chatted to George, had a teddy party and most importantly ate lots delicious food!  

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ETHAN! We hope you've had a wonderful day celebrating.  Mrs Cummings and I are so glad you're getting out and having fun.  It looks like you've really enjoyed the sunshine.

Oliver's been having a fantastic time at home.  He made some delicious chocolate cake and this fantastic looking Worm World! Well done Oliver and thanks for your photos!

Easter at Home

Next week will be the Easter holidays and so instead of setting work tasks for this week we have 100 different activities for you to do at home!  We hope you are enjoying yourselves and finding plenty of different things to do.  Remember to take some pictures of yourself doing some of the different activities and send them in so we can put them on our page.  Your friends will love to see what you are all getting up to.  You can send them to

Have lots of fun doing them and stay safe!

Tuesday 10th March 2020

Today we were visited by Maddi and Katie from St George's Church.  They came into our RE lesson to discuss our OLQ 'How do Christians show their belief in Jesus during Easter?'

From this visit, the children have gained the knowledge of the three main events. 

1)  Lent to get ready for Easter 

2) To welcome Jesus

3) Celebrate Easter Sunday

The children carried out a range of activities to help with their understanding.  Take a look!

How do Christians show their beilef in Jesus during Easter?

Friday 6th March 2020

To celebrate World Book Day this year, we all came into school wearing our pyjamas. We got to bring in and share our favourite stories and books with our friends and we were visited by Jonah from Seven Stories. After he had spoken to us about our favourite authors and books, he read us some stories. As one of our activities, we designed our own tiger masks to represent the character of the tiger from Tiger Child. 

Friday 28th February

Fine Motor

We had lots of fun doing fine motor today and got the lego out.  We worked in groups to all create different structures.  Can you guess what we made?

Tuesday 11th February 2020

Creating an ideal community!


Within our PSHE+C lesson this week, the children have worked in groups to answer questions, plan and design their own ideal community.  The children had to take into account if they wanted their communities to be Urban, Suburban or Rural.  This is what they came up with! 

Tuesday 4th February 2020

That History Bloke and Florence Nightingale


That History Bloke, Richard, visited us this morning to tell us all about Miss Florence Nightingale. He showed us some interesting artefacts that would have been used by Florence when she was a nurse in Scutari Hospital. Richard left us to go back in time and he managed to find Florence Nightingale and bring her back to school for us to talk to! We were SO excited because we had lots of questions to ask her. She told us about some of the jobs the nurses had to do back then and we got to try some of them out. We helped fold washing and experienced what it would be like to bandage a soldier!

Shipley Art Gallery

Thursday 30th January

This week we visited Shipley Art Gallery to make friends with a different school.  We had great fun doing the different activities and met lots of different people.

Friday 24th January 2020



This week we have been practicing our art skills and learning about different techniques. We used paint and stamps to produce repeating patterns and made rubbings using wax crayons and textured surfaces. We even got to go outside and find different surfaces to use for rubbing. 

Friday 17th January

Celebration Day


We had a fantastic time celebrating being number one school in Gateshead. We were very excited to end our day with a disco!!

Friday 10th January 2020


We have started Reading for Pleasure during Guided Reading time.  We like to get a reading buddy out so we can share our stories with them.  We've had great fun and can't wait to start writing some book reviews.

12th December 2019

Within our RE lessons we have been learning about the Hindu religion and what it teaches its followers.  We learnt about the Diwali celebration, trying on some traditional clothing and sample foods eaten within the celebration! 

This half term we have started thinking about what structures are and how we can make them strong and table.  We did some experiments to test different shapes to help us to come up with our design criteria.  Can you guess what we came up with?

This week we had visitors from NSPCC.  They talked to us about being safe and who we can go to with a problem, whether it be big or small.  We all got to meet Buddy and gave him a high five before he left!

We learnt about why we celebrate Remembrance Day and made poppies to help us remember.

We have been looking at Traditional Tales.  For our, fine motor we looked at lots of different activities related to our characters and story.

We got outside for PE this week and learn about changing directions whilst moving in different ways.  We were pretty good at it so got to play a game of rabbits at the end.

We have been learning about the importance of a balanced diet in Science and so we tested out some different fruits to see which ones were our favourites.  We got to try passion fruit, mango, lemon and dates.  We thought they all looked strange but we all tried them.

This week we had a special visitor in school - David Smith.  He told us all about how he competes in the high jump and showed us some videos of how high he can jump.  He gets to travel all around the world competing and we can't wait for him to get to the Olympics!

We have been trying out lots of different Art skills this half term and this week we were blowing paint.  We had great fun and made a great mess but our plates look great.

Today we raised money for Macmillan by bringing in a £1 donation.  We don't mind eating cake if it helps other people!

Wow! We had such a great time with That History Bloke and learnt loads about The Great Fire of Gateshead.  We even got to go to the Baltic to look at all the bridges along the River Tyne.

In PE we are lucky enough to have a coach to teach us gymnastics!  This week we started to learn how to do rolls, cartwheels and even handstands.

We've had a great first week settling into Year 2 and loved doing our first session of fine motor outside!  We can't wait for next week.