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Guided Reading

We've been looking at AF3 which is all about inference. It's about what information we can infer from a text. It's really important to be able to gather information from a text by looking for clues because sometimes the answers aren't always there!

You can help us with our inference skills at home by asking us questions like, "Why did that happen?",  "How do you think they felt?" or "What evidence can you find to suggest that...?"

We have been looking at AF4 which is all about the text layout and organisation. We've been labeling the different parts of the text, such as title, subheadings, caption and glossary. We then constructed a table and wrote about some of the features of an information text.

We have been looking at AF6 which is all about identifying and commenting on the writers purposes and viewpoints. We looked at a text all about rainforests and answered questions.