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Great Fire Memorial

The children have been learning about the Great Fire of Gateshead and Newcastle.  They decided that they needed to remember the 53 people who died and designed and made their own memorial.  
The children used their plans to make a modern day lamp for Florence Nightingale.  They had to make sure that the lamp was big enough to take a circuit, as well as be practical to use.  Making it was a bit tricky but the children helped each other to ensure everyone had a lovely lamp.
As part of their History unit, the children have been finding out about Florence Nightingale. In DT, their design brief is to design a modern day lamp for Ms Nightingale.  They have been looking at various lamps to gather ideas for their own design.

The children have been busy creating their own moving picture.  After looking at a variety of different trains, they had to design their own,

adding any features to  make their train amazing.  From here they had to draw the background which they could recreate in full colour.  It's been a long process but they're getting there.