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MFL -French 2019-2020

Why do we teach MFL at Brighton Avenue Primary School?

At Brighton Avenue Primary School we believe that teaching the children a modern foreign language helps to develop their language and creativity. A high quality language education should engage and inspire pupils to develop a love of the different and diverse cultures we have in the world today. As part of the new Primary National Curriculum, taking effect from September 2014, learning a modern foreign language has become a requirement for children within KS2. At Brighton Avenue we have decided to teach French throughout our curriculum. We are incorporating this through lessons, clubs, displays around the school and whole school language days.


What are our aims in teaching French at Brighton Avenue Primary School?

At Brighton Avenue we aim to develop our children's experience of language and encourage curiosity about other languages spoken in school. Through teaching in school we want to develop our children's understanding of what they hear, read and ensure they have the ability to express themselves through verbal and written sessions. We always strive to ensure our children extend their knowledge by understanding how the language works and exploring the differences between French and English.