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The following quotes have been taken directly from the parent survey comments.

"Always there to help and supportive."          

"Child’s wellbeing is always a priority."         

"Making the children happy to attend the school."

"The wonderful mix of pupils from many different backgrounds all learning and playing together as one whole school."

"The team of highly experienced teachers, well-equipped recreation spaces, cleanliness and order within the facilities..."

"Keeping parents up to date, great safety measures for COVID."

"The teaching staff and SMT, the feeling of community within the school. The fact the whole school feels child centred and not results driven."

"Small class sizes, Visibility of Mrs Allan every day, good communication from reception staff, nice environment, good hot food provision, ambitious ethos, celebrating diversity."

"Very interactive with the children."

"Look after student well good."

"Teaching highly quality."

"Help and safety systems "

"My statement at school is positive. I like this school for my daughter."

"My daughter has attended the school since nursery and she has grown into a lovely a lovely girl who is achieving well

Making sure the pupils do really well in school."

"I believe that the school has very strong leadership with Mrs Allan in charge and she is always on top of her game credit where credit is due!!"

"Recognising and praising the good work and effort of the children."

"Teachers always do their best to get children where they should be and give them support."

"The education is fantastic!"

"I get a very strong feeling, from what I can see, that all staff members believe in our children and have high expectations for them. They all matter and care and nurture our children!"