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Outdoor learning

Forest School fun! As part of our work in science on reversible and irreversible changes, we cooked up a storm on our campfire. We decided that all of the changes we made were irreversible (chemical) changes.

On a crisp, frosty January morning, Y5M went outside for Forest School. We decided to map out the outside of our school. We didn't know that there were so many things around our school! Some of us found it tricky, putting things in the right places; however, when we got back inside, we had the opportunity to put things right and draw our map to scale.

On a cold rainy Thursday in November, we were visited by Jill, from the RSPB, who took us outside to look for nature in our school environment. As you can see by our maps, we found lots!

We spent a lovely morning in our forest school area in October. We made some fantastic pieces of artwork, using natural materials and learnt about fire safety, whilst toasting bread and marshmallows.

Check back soon for exciting news about our learning journey!