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Alnwick Gardens

We had a lovely time at Alnwick Gardens, despite the weather. 

First we split in to 2 teams and we worked together to build a den, in the woods, using the resources provided. We only had string and 3 large plastic sheets! We tied our sheets to the trees using the string provided. It was tricky but both teams managed to make a den, using two different approaches. 

Next we had a look around the gardens and explored the different water features. Some of us got rather wet!

After that we had lunch and the ducks joined us too! They helped to tidy away the left overs!

In the afternoon we walked around the gardens and took part in a bug hunt. We had to tick off the bugs when we found them. We managed to see bees, flies and spiders. If the sun joined us we might've seen butterflies and ladybirds too!

On our way back to the bus we had a leisurely stroll down the winding path and we even stopped off for a rest on the swings! The cold and rain didn't stop us having fun!