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Year 6T

Welcome to Year 6T

A bucketful of determination, a scattering of mistakes, a shed load of happiness, heaps of teamwork, a scoop of enthusiasm and a pinch of nerves, mixed in with a lot of friendship and laughter, is what you will find in the Year 6T classroom as we enjoy our final year at Brighton Avenue Primary School.


We will work extremely hard and be faced with a range of challenges yet we will also party hard and enjoy the rewards! Throughout this year, we show our brilliant behaviour and amazing attitudes to ensure that we reach all of our goals and fulfil our potential.


From studying the historical discovery of the tombs during the Ancient Egyptian times to exploring the natural geographical features our world, we will be developing our questioning, reasoning and critical thinking skills which will help us on our journey into Year 7!


Please keep regularly visiting this page to keep up-to-date with the fun taking place in 6T!


w/c 17th June- Muddy Monsters


This week, Year 6T had their final Muddy Monsters session with Phil! We had so much fun building shelters and enjoying the Muddy Monsters site for one last time!

w/c 3rd June and 10th March- Leavers' Preparation and Computing!


Over the past two weeks, we have been getting prepared for the leavers' assembly! From graduation gowns to Soundrooms singing, we have had a great week. Here's a sneak peak at some of the fun we've been getting up to!


We have also been looking at our Computing unit where we have been looking at using MicroBit and the different controls and variables! 

w/c 20th May- Muddy Monsters


Year 6 had a great time during their Muddy Monsters sessions, making dens, making swings, exploring the forest school area and exploring in the mud kitchen! Take a look at the great fun we got up into the forest school...

w/c 13th May- Washington Wetlands


What a great end to SATs week Year 6 had on their trip to Washington Wetlands to find out more about the features of rivers and the habitats used around rivers! 

w/c 6th May- Maths & History & Pupil of the Week


This week in Year 6, we have been busy creating Powerpoints to demonstrate our knowledge linked with The British Empire. In Maths, we have been developing our reasoning and problem solving skills, where we have focused on shape, angles and ratio and proportion.


A huge well done to Bobby and Ethan- our pupils of the week for your amazing attitudes to school life, in particular your resilience, manner and impeccable behaviour!! Keep it up boys!!

w/c 29th April 2024- Art


As part of our Summer 1 art unit, we've been look at Chiaroscuro (an Italian term which translates as light-dark, and refers to the balance and pattern of light and shade in a painting or drawing). We had a practise of using chalk pastels to create our own chiaroscuro using masking tape to create our initials. We are going to use our Summer 1 art skills to creating our own art using chiaroscuro, patterns and messages to make our voice heard!

w/c 22nd April- Henry's Freedom Box and Pupil of the Week


Over the past two weeks, Year 6T have been looking at the historical narrative Henry's Freedom Box. We then used this narrative to write our own extract based on the story. The children have demonstrated such a strong understanding of dialogue to show characterisation, linking within and across paragraphs, figurative language and complex punctuation.


Have a look at some of their extracts below....


Also, a huge well done to Zuza for growing in confidence with your Maths revision. A huge well done to David for having some amazing suggestions linked with our writing based on Henry's Freedom Box. Keep up the hard work!!!!!


w/c 16th April- Art- Diego Rivera & Mayan art and Pupil of the Week


This week in Art, we have been looking at the Mayan artist Diego Rivera. He is one of the most famous Mayan artists, often painting murals and frescoes. Take a look at our art linked with Diego Rivera. 


A huge well done to Tochi (for your amazing writing including dialogue to retell part of Henry's Freedom Box and being so determined to complete your work to the highest standard) and also to Alana (for seeing you grow in confidence with everything that you are taking part in, from your Maths work to PE!) A massive well done to you both of you. We're so proud of you!!! Keep it up!!!!

w/c 25th March 2024- Gateshead Library


This week, we visited Gateshead Library where we had the opportunity to carry out some book hunts, finding the books using the clues! We had lots of fun and we had the opportunity to find a new book that we wanted to read back at school!

w/c 18th March 2024- DT- Automata Toys


This week, Year 6 have been developing their DT skills and have a made an automata toy (with the design brief to make a shop window display to engage the audience). The children developed their accuracy skills when measuring and cutting the wood. They also gained an understanding of CAMS and how the different shape will impact the movement. They also used their resilience and trial and error to adapt the base followers which were initially not effective at holding up the object when it was positioned on the CAM. 



w/c 4th March and 11th March 2024- World Book Day 2024, Maths (Statistics) and Geography (Rivers)


This week, Year 6 have been using line graphs to solve a range of challenging questions, including understanding that line graphs show a change over time and a horizontal line represents no change. We have also been using the line graphs to predict what the line could be representing and justifying our reasons.


We have also been further developing our Geography skills, where we have been looking at estuaries and why these are so important for wildlife.


A huge well done to Danya and Shreya for their OUTSTANDING  revision that they have been doing at home in preparation for their SATS! We're so proud of you!

w/c 26th February- Muddy Monsters


This week, we had our Muddy Monsters session with Phil! We loved the challenge of trying to make a fire in the wet weather conditions! We further developed our skills of using a bill jook to cut the wood. We also loved further developing our shelter building skills and exploring the outdoor learning area! It was a very soggy morning: fingers crossed next time, we have some sunshine!

w/c 12.2.24- Book Vending Machine!


A huge well done to the Year 6T children who have wowed us with their reading this half term (through their progress in class, their hard work helping in the library, dedication to completing reading assignments and book reviews!)

w/c 5th February 2024- Art Sculptures continued!


Year 6 have loved making their memory museum sculptures! We had so many interesting ideas, from Robinwood themed sculptures to memories of visiting the Eiffel Tower in France! Their sculptures included so many details and it was great to see so many abstract designs using assemblage techniques that we have looked at in previous lessons. It was great to see the children apply their knowledge of the sculptures Louise Nevelson and Joseph Cornell. Take a look at some of their amazing creations below.... 


Also, a huge well done to Jenson for your amazing tennis skills! The accuracy you showed was amazing, particularly when serving the ball and carrying out rallys with your partner. Also, a huge well done to Giana for your amazingly detailed sculpture as part of our Spring 1 art unit!

w/c 29th January 2024- Art (sculptures) and NSPCC Number Day!


Over the past few weeks, we have been looking at a range of sculptures, discussing what we like and dislike about the sculptures. We have been looking at the sculptors Louise Nevelson and Joseph Cornell and using their work as a basis for our work. Throughout the unit, we have created a range of sculptures and have been gathering ideas to design our own memory box sculptures in the style of Joseph Cornell. Come back to this page in a few weeks to see our final memory box sculptures!

w/c 22nd January 2024- That History Bloke visit! 


This week, we had a great session with That History Bloke! We spent the morning learning about the influence that the Ancient Greek times have had upon our lives today! We learnt about the Spartans and Athenians and the different weapons and protection they would wear in battle! 

w/c 15th January- Writing based on Theseus and the Minotaur and Pupil of the Week


Over the past 2 weeks, we have been developing our fiction writing skills. We have been focusing on the Greek myth Theseus and the Minotaur. Year 6T have been developing their skills adding in a range of more complex punctuation, including colons, semi-colons and interrupted speech. These targets are challenging- so a huge well done!


A huge well done to our two pupils of the week: Anaya and Gregor! Gregor, your concentration has been spot on! I've loved reading your writing; it's had me hooked! Also, a huge well done to Anaya for your creativity when creating a relief sculpture in art and also for your writing based on the Greek myth.


Another huge well done to Matthew and Bill who represented 6T as part of the able writers day at Kelvin Grove! You had a great day working with Terry Caffrey.


Keep up the hard work 6T!





W/c 8th January 2024- Muddy Monsters and Pupil of the week


This week, Year 6T have had a great time working with Phil in their Muddy Monsters session. This week, they looked at using a a bill hook to split the wood before using a knife to carve the wood into a point. The purpose of the task was to make a tent peg that can be used to hold down a structure. We also had the opportunity to investigate in forest school, through making tents, making objects using wood and playing with the hammock!


A huge well done to Elizabeth for your work in Maths reading coordinates- I know you found of this tricky! Also, a huge well done to George for your enthusiasm and knowledge with learning about the Greek myths.

w/c 18th December 2023- Festive activities including Brighton's Got Talent


Wow what a festive week we have had here in Year 6T! From the carol service to Brighton's Got Talent to the UKS2 Party, we are now in the festive mood! Merry Christmas and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year! 



w/c 11th December 2023- Muddy Monsters


This week, Year 6T had Muddy Monsters! We had so much fun exploring the Muddy Monsters area, building a range of shelters and creating some games to play conkers!



w/c 11th November 2023- DT Buzzer Games and Pupil of the Week


This week, Year 6T have been busy making our Buzzer Games! We have had some amazing ideas and themes. It has been great to see the children develop their problem solving skills when creating the eletric circuits within the games!


w/c 27th November 2023- Science and Pupil of the Week


Year 6 have been having fun investigating circuits, including testing which materials are conductors and which materials are insulators. We have also been recapping the electrical symbols used for different electrical components. 


A huge well done to Matthew for Pupil of the Week for wowing me with your use of multi-clause sentences in your Pompeii writing and to Beatrice for making so much progress across everything that you do! Well done to both of you!

w/c 20th November- Bike4Health and Pupil of the Week


Today, all of the Y6 children took part in a cycling course with Stephen from Bike4health. The purpose of this activity was to help the children to use their bikes correctly when out in the community. Take a look at what they got up to!


A huge well done to Jenson for your amazing work ethic- keep it up!!! Also, a huge well done to Nathan for your amazing knowledge and vocab when solving fraction problems.

w/c 13th November- Safetyworks visit and Pupil of the Week


This week, Year 6 visited Safetyworks to find out about keeping safe with fires, water and when using Metros. We also found out about peer pressure about the consequences that peer pressure can have, for example stealing can lead to getting arrested, causing a fire can cause injuries and deaths.

A huge well done to all of Year 6T for your resilience, team work and determination whilst on your Year 6 residential to Robinwood!

w/c 6/11/23- Gateshead Library


This week, we visited Gateshead Library! We carried out a book hunt to find a range of different books, for example a book that is part of a series and a book that is a 'How to book! We revisited how to use the Dewey Decimal System to find a range of different non-fiction books. We also had the opportunity to take a range of books out from the library to read back at school. 

w/c 16.10.23- PE (Gymnastics) and Pupil of the Week!


Over the past half term, we have been working with Hannah the gymnastics coach on developing a range of partner balances, as well a range of rolls and gymnastic positions! Take a look at some of our skills below!

w/c 9th October 2023- Extended Write and Pupil of the Week


Over the past 2 weeks, we have been looking at writing informal letters (including writing developed paragraphs, including links across paragraphs, adding drawings and captions in to the letter) from the point of view of an Ancient Egyptian worker to a family member or friend. We made sure that our writing was informal (and suited the audience and purposed throughout). Have a look at some of our final Extended Writing pieces of work! 


A huge well done to our Pupils of the Week. Ethan- you worked so hard in Science! It was great to see you working with your group to test how your heart rate increases as you carried out different exercises! A huge well done to Isabelle for being such an amazing help!!!! You are the Queen of the library!!!!

w/c 2nd October 2023- Science and Pupil of the Week


Over the past few weeks in Science, we have been looking at the circulatory system, including how nutrients and oxygen is transported around the body in our blood! We have been making our own representations of blood using everyday objects: cheerios (red blood cells), food colouring (plasma), rice (platelets), marshmallows (white blood cells) and red card (sickle cells)! The children chose to make a model of blood to show different people e.g. people that become sick easily, people with Sickle Cell disease and elderly people! The children were able to explain what happens when we injury ourselves and the platelets springing into action to clot the blood. The children wowed us with their understanding of the different components of blood!

A huge well done to Bill for your OUTSTANDING knowledge about the Ancient Egyptians! You have wowed all of Year 6 with your knowledge and enthusiasm in our lessons. A huge well done to Cole too for being such a caring, kind and hardworking member of Year 6. I know Year 6 is going to be your year!

w/c 25th September 2023- English and Pupil of the Week

Over the last two weeks, we have been looking at The Eye of the Storm! We have looked at writing storm scenes using a range of effective techniques like short sentences, repetition and figurative language. We have also written character descriptions and setting descriptions using a range of similes, metaphors and personification to build up description. We have also developed our show not tell techniques to make the reader want to find out more. Take a look at some of our amazing Extended Write pieces of writing. We were so impressed! I can’t wait to see your writing develop over the year!


A huge well done to Shreya- you are such a gorgeous, hard-working Year 6! Bobby- you have wowed me with your resilience and Maths skills! Keep it up and Shreya and Bobby!

w/c 18.09.23- PE & Pupil of the Week


This week, we have enjoyed developing our skills in PE where we have been learning different gymnastic balances! We also had a karate demonstration where we had a taster at trialling out the sport! 


Also, a huge well done to Bobby and Shreya- 2 amazing Year 6 role models for the rest of the school! Bobby, you have shown so much resilience with your Maths work and Shreya you are a gorgeous, hard-working and caring member of the class. Well done to both of you!

w/c 11.09.23- Muddy Monsters and Pupil of the Week


We had our Muddy Monsters session this week and has so much fun exploring the outdoor area and taking part in a range of team building activities! A huge well done to our first pupils of the week, Hassan and Hussein, for an amazing first 2 weeks at Brighton Avenue! We're so glad you joined our school!

w/c 4.9.23- First week in Year 6!


Wow! What a great first week back we have had in Year 6! The Year 6's have had an art focused week where we have busy creating art in the style of Lubaina Himid. they have developed their skills using a range of different mediums, including pastels, watercolour pencils, fine liners, tissue paper and colouring pencils. Here are some of their finished pieces of art! Take a look in the school hall to see their art work on display!