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Winter Gardens

We traveled by coach to Sunderland Winter Gardens to find out more about rainforests. When we got there we gathered as a class to talk about the different layers of the rainforest and which animals might live there. We were all experts at this as we've been doing this in Geography and Art!

Next, we split in to three groups and went on a rainforest trail. We each had a little booklet with problems to solve and questions to answer. We followed the clues on the map to guide us to each destination. We also had binoculars and magnifying glasses to help us with our exploration.

After that, we all came together as a class and discussed the answers to the questions.

We then had a think about persuasive writing. We thought about how lots of rainforests are being cut down and considered the impact this is having on the plants and animals that live there. We used our best persuasive language to come up with ideas that could be put into a letter and sent to the Prime Minister, in the hope that he would stop deforestation. 

There's always time for a group shot when we're on a trip!