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Welcome to Year 3W

Do you want to learn lots of interesting things?  Are you ready to challenge yourself?  Do you like having fun?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you have found the perfect class!

We do amazing things during our time at school.  Don't believe us?  Then scroll down the page to check out what we have been up to.

End of Year Awards

Well done to Noor and Ellie-Mae who both won the Outstanding Achievers Award this year.  Both children have made amazing progress this year and it has been lovely to have seen them develop in confidence this year.

Georgia received her medal for having a 100% attendance for the year.


All the children have been amazing this year.  They have been a lovely class to teach and it has been a real honour to have helped them in their learning journey.  We wish all children and their parents / guardians a relaxing and safe summer holiday.


Miss Wasiejko and Mrs Stewart

Week Beginning 18th July 2022

Our final week of school has finally arrived!  This week the children have been taking part in STEAM week.  We discussed what STEAM stands for and how we would need STEAM subjects in out future careers.  We investigated static electric by completing various investigations.  We learnt that static electricity is a non-contact force. We had loads of fun finding out what it can do.

Pupil of the Week - Friday 15th July 2022

Grace was amazing during Sports Day.  She made sure that she completed each event giving 100%.  Layton was also nominated as he was able to show great sportmanship when playing cricket in PE.

Week Beginning 11th July 2022

Sports Day was the main focus of this week.  In the morning, the children took part in a carousel of  activities while in the afternoon they took part in a variety of traditional races.  During the rest of the week, the children have been weaving as part of art.  They started by weaving paper to create a picture and then they weaved lots of different materials to make a small mat. At the end of the week, the children ordered the story of The Hungry Caterpillar in Spanish.  It was a bit tricky but we all gave it a good go.

Pupil of the Week - Friday 8th July

Niamh displayed a great attitude when she went with the class to play cricket.  She was able to organise the team when fielding and also when batting.  Emily wrote a great explanatory text about her robot.  She included lots of vocabulary and some great sentence starters.

Well done to both girls!

Week Beginning 4th July 2022

This week the children have attended lots of different events.  On Tuesday, the children watched a presentation by the Eco Team which told them all how to reduce, reuse and recycle.  There then watched the Year 5s put on a fashion show, showing off their T-shirts they had upcycled.  On Wednesday, Mr Parkin came in with his band and the class all danced and sang along with all the songs.  Some children were selected to play instruments with the band.  On Thursday, the children went to a cricket tournament at Gateshead Fell.  The children had such a lovely day playing a selection of teams from different schools. 

Pupil of the Week - Thursday 30th June 2022

Jasmine and Grace were amazing this week when we were planning our Extended Writing.  They had their hands up at every point, suggesting great vocabulary and suitable sentence starters.  I can't wait to read their final piece of writing.

Week Beginning 27th June 2022

This week the children have been creating a mood board.  They searched magazines and the internet to find photos that were relevant to their own lives.  They then stuck them in their sketch books.  Next week the class are taking part in a cricket tournament so they have been practising their throwing, catching and batting skills.  

Pupil of the Week - Friday 24th June 2022

Owen has had an outstanding attitude to his learning since half term.  He is always keen to share his great ideas with the class.

Skye has made a great improvement in her focus and concentration.  Well done to both children for their improvement over the last few weeks.

Week Beginning 24th June 2022

In Science, the children made their own water cycle using a plastic bag.  They were then able to explain how the process of evaporation and condensation is involved.  In English, the children started writing an explanatory text by labelling their own robot with all its amazing features.  In Maths, the children continued to read scales and convert measurements, before moving on to sorting using a Venn Diagram. On Friday, the children went out into the Forest School area to go on a bug hunt.  They were able to capture bees, spiders, woodlice and beetles and examine them closely using a magnifying glass.  

Week Beginning 13th June 2022

This week the children started writing their diary entries based on the short film 'Girl and Robot'.  They used loads of emotive language in their entries.  In Maths, we have been applying our knowledge of 2D shapes to help us find the perimeter of shapes.  On Thursday, parents and friends were invited into school to watch Year 3 perform on the boomwhackers. You can watch the video below.

Watch the performance below!

Still image for this video

Pupil of the Week - Friday 17th June 2022

Maylee wrote an amazing diary entry based on the short film 'Girl and Robot'.  Gul has been sharing her great ideas during class discussion and was amazing at calculating time intervals.

Week Beginning 6th June 2022

We started our week by reading diary entries before watching a short film called 'Girl and Robot'.  Next week we will start writing our own diary entries based on this short film.  In Maths, we have been finding out the properties of 2D shapes and also the names of some new quadrilaterals.  On Thursday, we went to the library at Durham University to research the time periods in prehistory.  We used our investigation skills to look at artefacts and decide who the mystery skeleton may have belonged to.  On Friday, we were visited by dentists from Newcastle University and we used their tools to remove the decay from a tooth before repairing it with a filling.  

Pupil of the Week - Thursday 26th May 2022

Ada was able to design and make a great pneumatic toy independently.  Ava has made great progress in her knowledge of sounds.  Well done to both pupils.

Week Beginning 23rd May 2022

This week has been a busy week doing lots of craft activities.  The week started with the children designing and making their own pneumatic toy for a younger child.  There was some great designs.  As part of our Jubilee Celebrations, the parents were invited into school to help the children with their art work.  It was great to see the parents back in the school.  The children also enjoyed a special Jubilee picnic but unfortunately the weather was too windy to eat it outside!  The week ended with some challenging Team Building activities and a day of fun!

Pupil of the Week - Friday 20th May 2022

Jake has made amazing progress in his handwriting and his presentation of his work.  Noor has been showing us all his rapid recall of the x4 table.  Fantastic attitude from both boys.  Well done!

Week beginning 16th May 2022

This week the children have been working hard on multiplication and division strategies.  We all understand why it is important to learn our tables, as this was a great help when calculating.  In PE, the children have been learning various throwing activities.  This week we focused on the javelin.  At the end of the week, the children started their DT unit and discovered how we can use air to make things move.

Pupil of the Week - Friday 13th May 2022

This week Alexia and Maya have been amazing.  Alexia was able to write and illustrate a book in our Spanish lesson.  Meanwhile, Maya used her organisational skills to direct her group in the filming of the book trailer.  Well done girls!

Week Beginning 9th May 2022

This week has been Mental Health Awareness Week.  We talked about who we could talk to when we are feeling lonely, and also some activities we can do to prevent it from happening.  The majority of our week has been focused on computing and the children have planned, filmed and edited clips for a trailer for their favourite books.   Watch this space for their trailers coming soon!  On Friday, the children were treated to a football training session from Mo the coach.  Everyone had so much fun! Another great week in Year 3W!

Pupil of the Week - Friday 6th May 2022

Emily was amazing during our Muddy Monster session.  She worked well as a team member and was apply to apply tactics in a game.

Ahmad was great at solving two step problems this week.  He managed to calculate them all independently.

Week Beginning 2nd May 2022

Even though it was a short week, the children have packed so much in!  On Tuesday, we were invited onto an allotment in the local area.  The children prepared the soil by pulling out weeds and then used riddles to remove the stones and big clumps of soil.  Some children repotted plants while others planted beans, onions and garlic.  We can't wait to see the plants grow and produce vegetables. 

On Wednesday, the children were taught how to do long multiplication which we all found a bit tricky.  We also continue to watch and write the story of Toki.  

Pupil of the Week - 29.04.22

We have two superstar writers this week in Y3W.  Alyan was able to work independently to construct sentences that contained the correct punctuation.  Maylee was able to include powerful vocabulary in her writing - not once but twice!  Well done to both pupils!

W/B 25th April 2022

The children have had a great first week of the new term.  In English, they learnt how to find words in a dictionary and to check their meaning.  They also watch a video clip about a boy called Toki and use sentence openers to write sentences for their story opening.  In PE, the children had to work as a team to use mats to cross a 'shark infested ocean'.  Luckily all the children survived and managed to make it to safety.  There team building skills were also used in Forest School to make dens.  The structures were amazing and they even decorated a flag using only natural materials. 

Pupil of the Week - Friday 8th April 2022

These two girls have really impressed this week.  Georgia was able to make a connection between her Science and Geography work and knew what type of rocks are made in volcanoes.  Bua was amazing during the making of our seasonal tarts and was a valuable team member in her group.


W/B 4th April 2022

What a way to end the term with a spot of cooking!  The children researched where our food comes from, before finding out what foods were in season in the UK.  They then designed a seasonal tart, ensuring that they included different vegetables so that it was healthy.  Wednesday was cooking day and the children worked in teams to make a tart.  The end result was delicious and the children all commented that they would like to make it again but use different vegetables.  Jamie Oliver better watch out!

Pupil of the Week - Friday 1st April

This week Gul has shown that she is able to apply her maths knowledge to solve reasoning problems.  Evelyn has been showing us that she is a resilient and independent learner.  Well done to both of you.

W/B 28th March 2022

This week we took our Maths outside and use natural objects to show different representations of fractions.  We continued our work on fractions in the classroom and use our new knowledge to solve word problems.  In English, we spent the week researching our favourite rainforest animal.  We found lots of interesting facts about sloths, emerald tree boas, scarlet macaws and jaguars.  In PE, we have trying to apply tactics in our tag rugby games.


Pupil of the Week - Friday 25th March 2022

Emma has been excellent in her fraction work this week.  She can recognise equivalent fractions, as well as add and subtract fractions.

Mya produced an amazing piece of writing at the end of our rainforest unit.  She brought the rainforest to life by using adventurous words and great sentence openers.  Well done to both girls!

W/B 21st March 2022

We have had a great start to our week.  On Monday, Rich Grant and his team from the Alive Church came into school to discus why Christians call Good Friday Good Friday.  Did you know that originally the word 'Good' meant special? Neither did we! So, Good Friday tells us that it was a special day because Jesus died. As a special treat, we were all given a colouring book and an Easter egg. 

On Thursday, we learnt how to use a knife to chop up a pear.  We had to make sure that our fingers weren't in the way.  In Science, we used mirrors to examined our teeth so we could make a model.

Pupil of the Week - Friday 18th March

This week are two outstanding pupils are Ada and Maylee.  

Ada was great in English and was able to write a sentence which included expanded noun phrases.  Maylee was able to use lots of expression when dancing in our PE lessons.

W/B 14th March 2022

Another amazing week in Year 3W!  On Tuesday ,the children spent the morning in Forest School.  They were given the opportunity to do a variety of activities, which included whittling, building dens and lighting a fire.  In their Science lesson, they learnt about food chains and food webs.  It was Red Nose Day on Friday, so the children came to school dressed in red and during the afternoon complete lots of fun activities.

Pupil of the Week - Friday 11th March

Noor has been great this week as he has been learning and applying his sounds in his writing.  Emily was amazing during our Digital Day, where she was able to program a Micro:bit and design and make a pouch for it. Well done to both children!

W/B 7th March 2022

The children have been reading Kensuke's Kingdom, as part of their English work.  They are learning how writers 'show and don't tell' how the characters are feeling.  Using role play, the children mimed the feelings of the characters across to their audience by using body language. 

In Maths, the children went outside to investigate number patterns using sticks. Also this week, the children complete a Digital Day.  They looked at how digital technology has exploded over the past few decades and how people can use it to keep safe.  They were given a scenario where they had to design something that would keep children safe when they crossed the road in the dark.  They programmed a Micro:bit to flash and then designed and made a pouch for it. 

Pupil of the Week - Friday 4th March 2022

Emma has shown great improvement in her reading by recognise some common words.  Alexia has grown in confidence over the year and was able to volunteer for a workshop on our trip.

W/B 29th February 2022

The children have had a busy first week back after half term.  On Wednesday, we went to the Centre of Life and had a fun packed day visiting all the exhibitions and shows.  The highlight of the day was doing the workshop all about the digestive system.  There was some very funny faces. as the children followed the food from the beginning to the end! 

Thursday was World Book Day.  They enjoyed playing the Masked Reader (see special events page to play it yourself), swapping books, guessing the book characters and a special picture reveal.

Also this week, we have two visitors in school.  Bethany and Rachel came in and talked to us about friendships and how to ensure they are kind.  Rock Steady also came into school and the children had the opportunity to play in a rock band.

Pupil of the Week 18th February 2022

Lily is Pupil of the Week because she is such a caring and polite member of our class.  She always makes sure that everyone in the class is ok.  Noor is Pupil of the Week as he has demonstrated great skill and is a valuable team player when playing handball.

W/B 14th February 2022

This week has been Art Week! The children started the week by drawing teddy bears from observation.  They looked at the shapes that made up the toys and tried to copy them into their sketch books to draw them.  We then made puppet out of socks and other materials.  We then used the puppets to put on a play.  Friday was Fun Day and the children had great fun playing, dancing, climbing, drawing and other exciting fun things.

Pupil of the Week - Friday 11th February 2022

Owen has had an amazing attitude towards his learning this week.  He has listened and applied what he has heard into his work.  Grace has grown in confidence over the last term and was able to present her news report to the class.

W/B 7th February 2022

This week was Children's Mental Health Week and the children discussed ways to maintain their mental well being.  They did some mindful colouring in, did some yoga, paid compliments to each other and meditated.  On Friday, the children were able to take part in a karate session.  There was lots of punching and high kicks.  In Science, the children made a moving muscle model of their hand.

Pupil of the Week - Friday 4th January 2022

Layla was a great news reporter this week.  She was able to report what happened when presenting her news report.

Ada has been able to focus this week on his tasks and he has been a great help to everyone.

Well done!

W/B 31st January 2022

Two visitors from the charity RISE, came into the class to discuss friendships.  The children will able to discuss the key ingredients needed to make a good friend and wrote these on gingerbread cut outs.  Friday was NSPCC Number Day.  The children completed various maths activities during their lesson and had so much fun trying to make animals out of shapes.  In their English lessons, the children have been news reporters and were able to perform and write two news reports.  

Pupil of the Week - Friday 28th January 2022

Emily and Gul both got Pupil of the Week for their great reading this week.  Emily has been amazing looking for clues in the text to answer AF3 questions.  Gul has been putting great expression in her reading and bringing the story to life.

W/B 24th January 2022

We started this week with our Muddy Monsters session.  The sun shone and we learnt how to tie knots and whittle sticks with a sharp knife. In our Science lesson, we also went back outside to find invertebrates and watch how they move.  Some of us were scared when we saw the minibeasts under the microscope, but then we discovered that they were tiny!  In English, we have started to learn about the format of newspaper reports and had great fun making headlines for traditional tales.  

Pupil of the Week - Friday 21st January 2022

Georgia and Ava have both been amazing this week.  Georgia has been sharing great ideas in all of her lessons.  Ava has made amazing progress in her writing. Well done girls!

W/B 17th January 2022

This week the children had an assembly which told them how to look after their mental health.  In the following weeks, they will be  taking part in workshops which will address this issue in more detail.  In Art, the children painted a picture of a dolphin, by mixing white and black to get different shades and tints. It was very messy.  They also got to write their story based on the book After The Fall.  

Pupil of the Week - Friday 14th January 2022

Jennifer was pupil of the week as she was able to measure the length of a side and then calculate the perimeter of the shape.  Ellie-Mae used amazing vocabulary to really engage the reader in her writing.

W/B 10th January 2022

This week has been a very exciting week as we went on our first ever trip as a class!  We were all super excited as we boarded the bus to visit the Great North Museum.  While we were there, we looked at artefacts from the Stone and Bronze Age and had to decide what they were used for.  The children were all exhausted at the end of the day.

The excitement continued in Maths, as the children learnt how to read scales to measure the weight, length and capacity of things.  During Science, the children looked at x-rays to find out about skeletons.

Pupil of the Week - Friday 7th January

Ada has been amazing this week.  He has been focused on his work and has impressed us all with his writing.  Michalina has also impressed us with her amazing vocabulary in her writing.

W/B 3rd January 2022

Happy New Year!  

The children started the new year reading the book After the Fall.  This book focuses on what happen to Humpty Dumpty after he had his great fall.  They have been using different types of sentences to express how Humpty was feeling.  In computing, the children have continue to program sprites by making them move, have sound and also talk to another sprite.  In PE, the children had been practising their throwing and catching skills so that they can play handball.

W/B 6th December 2021

This week the children have been doing lots of practical activities.  At the start of the week, the children make their own switches and then applied their knowledge to predict if circuits would work.  They also started sewing their book covers, which proved to be very tricky, even for the adults!  With the Christmas Fair at the end of the week, the children made Christmas pudding biscuits.  It was very hard not to eat them or lick the spoons when making them.  The week ended with the Christmas Fair and the children were happy spending their money on sweets, crafts and seeing Santa.  

Next week is another busy week with a Carol Concert, Christmas Party and a surprise at on Friday.  Check the reading records to see what it is! 

Christmas Fair - Friday 10th December 2021

It’s nearly time for our Christmas fair! We know that it can’t be the same family occasion but we are hoping to have some festive fun with the children in school in their bubbles.   Nursery, Reception, year one and two will have their time in the fair on Thursday and years three, four, five and six on Friday.  The children will be able to play some games run by school council for 10p a turn, including name the teddy bear and pin the nose on Rudolph! Name your price for toys on the bric a brac stall.  Play tombola games at £1 for 5 tickets, we have a mixed tombola and a super stocked toy tombola! You can buy cakes or sweets from our tuck shop to enjoy. We still have raffle tickets too for £1 a strip- top prizes are a Nintendo Switch and a TV!   Each class will also have crafts to sell for 50p or £1.  Please remember to put your child’s money in a purse or envelope and give it to their class teacher.  Thanks you  Mrs Franklin 

Pupil of the Week W/B 29th November 2021

Mya was Pupil of the Week as she has been doing some fantastic reading at home.  As a free reader, she has completed her first novel - Captain Underpants. Grace was also awarded Pupil of the Week as she has grown in confidence in sharing her ideas and having a try at doing things that she has found challenging.  Well done to both girls!

W/B 29th November 2021

After the storm at the weekend, the children wrote poems about the wild wind.  They used great vocabulary to really bring the poems to life.  On Tuesday, Phil came into school to do Forest School.  The children spent the morning making shelters for the animals that they found.  The really worked well as a team and had some great ideas.

Pupil of the Week W/B 22nd November

Jake was amazing in Science and was able to construct circuits and draw them in his book using the symbols.  Evelyn was great in Maths this week as she was able to use her known tables to help her find unknown multiplication and division facts. Great work by both children!

W/B 22nd November

This week the children have been building circuits using wires, batteries and lights.  They have continued their gymnastics and were able to move on to backward rolls and jumps.  On Friday, we had a special visit from St George's Church and each child received an advert calendar to take home.  We also spent part of the afternoon decorating the classroom with lots of Christmas decorations.

KS2 Parliament Week Activities. Monday 15th November 2021

Today, our LKS2 children were visited by Gillian Bell to discuss our British law system.  Gillian was able to inform the children how an idea can be changed into a Bill then Law.  The children also found out that the Queen is only allowed to attend the House of Lords once a year and she is not permitted to attend the House of Commons at all!

Pupil of the Week - 12.11.21

Well done Georgia for having an outstanding attitude in class all week and working hard. Alyan has been trying really hard in PE and never giving up despite learning some very tricky gymnastic techniques!

Pupil of the Week W/B 01.11.21

Skye was awarded Pupil of the Week as she was amazing at applying her addition and subtraction strategies to solve word problems.  Alyan was Pupil of the Week as he has been really helpful to everyone in the class.  Well done!

W/B 1st November 2021

The children started the new half term by having their first lesson in road safety.  They learnt the rules of the Green Cross Code and will use this to cross the road next week.  They have also been learning column addition and subtraction and were able to apply the method to solve word problems.  In Geography, they used a world map to locate the Magic Kingdom in the USA and discuss the direction they would travel from the UK. A visitor came to school and talked to the children about the importance of recycling.

W/B 18th October 2021

The final week of term has been a busy one!  The children started the week with a Music day.  We used the glockenspiels to play along with a variety of songs.  On Tuesday, Kate from the Great North Museum, brought some fossils for the children to investigate.  It was amazing finding out what living things they were millions of years ago!  As part of our Harvest Festival, the children went to St George's Church to sing a song about donating to the local food bank.  

Our first term together has been fantastic and the children have settled well into their new Key Stage and class.  They are looking forward to next term to continue their learning. 

Pupil of the Week w/b 11th October

Jessica was Pupil of the Week as she never gives up and always tries her best, even when the task is challenging.  Emma maintained her concentration in Maths and was able to find fractions of amounts.  Great work!

W/b 11th October

This week the children have been learning about fractions.  They are able to identify equivalent fractions, as well as find fractions of amounts.

They loved PE, as they were able to play basketball in small teams.  In Science, they looked at different types of soil and found out how soil is formed.

Fun times playing basketball.

Still image for this video

Pupil of the Week w/b 4th October

This week both girls, Niamh and Bua, have been amazing at sharing their ideas in small groups and with the rest of the class. They have used their previous knowledge of the Stone Age to make predictions of what the artefacts could have been used for.  Well done!

W/B 4th October

This week in English, the children have been looking at how to write sentences which add tension to their stories.  The week ended with them writing their own version of Chapter 3 from our class novel, How To Skin A Bear.  In History, the children became archeologist and excavated Stone Age artefacts!  They then used their knowledge to guess what the artefacts were used for.  On Friday, the children celebrated World Mental Health Day by discussing how to have good mental health as well as thinking of their happy place.  The session ended with some mindfulness meditation.

W/B 27th September

This week the children were lucky with the weather, as they spent a whole day outside as part of their outdoor learning.  The day started with the children making their shelters out of sticks and materials.  They then learned how to use a knife to whittle a stick which was used to toast marshmallows on the campfire.  The children had a great time.

On Friday, the children were visited by North East Bikers Against Bullying.  They had an assembly before they got the opportunity to go and look at the biker's motorcycles.


Pupil of the Week W/B 20th September

Callum amazed us all with his fabulous use of vocabulary in his extended writing about a storm.

Murat has had a great attitude towards his work and has been excellent in never giving up on his challenges.

Well done to both boys!

W/B 20th September 2021