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Welcome to Year 3W

Do you want to learn lots of interesting things?  Are you ready to challenge yourself?  Do you like having fun?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you have found the perfect class!

We do amazing things during our time at school.  Don't believe us?  Then scroll down the page to check out what we have been up to.

W/B 18th October 2021

The final week of term has been a busy one!  The children started the week with a Music day.  We used the glockenspiels to play along with a variety of songs.  On Tuesday, Kate from the Great North Museum, brought some fossils for the children to investigate.  It was amazing finding out what living things they were millions of years ago!  As part of our Harvest Festival, the children went to St George's Church to sing a song about donating to the local food bank.  

Our first term together has been fantastic and the children have settled well into their new Key Stage and class.  They are looking forward to next term to continue their learning. 

Pupil of the Week w/b 11th October

Jessica was Pupil of the Week as she never gives up and always tries her best, even when the task is challenging.  Emma maintained her concentration in Maths and was able to find fractions of amounts.  Great work!

W/b 11th October

This week the children have been learning about fractions.  They are able to identify equivalent fractions, as well as find fractions of amounts.

They loved PE, as they were able to play basketball in small teams.  In Science, they looked at different types of soil and found out how soil is formed.

Fun times playing basketball.

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Pupil of the Week w/b 4th October

This week both girls, Niamh and Bua, have been amazing at sharing their ideas in small groups and with the rest of the class. They have used their previous knowledge of the Stone Age to make predictions of what the artefacts could have been used for.  Well done!

W/B 4th October

This week in English, the children have been looking at how to write sentences which add tension to their stories.  The week ended with them writing their own version of Chapter 3 from our class novel, How To Skin A Bear.  In History, the children became archeologist and excavated Stone Age artefacts!  They then used their knowledge to guess what the artefacts were used for.  On Friday, the children celebrated World Mental Health Day by discussing how to have good mental health as well as thinking of their happy place.  The session ended with some mindfulness meditation.

W/B 27th September

This week the children were lucky with the weather, as they spent a whole day outside as part of their outdoor learning.  The day started with the children making their shelters out of sticks and materials.  They then learned how to use a knife to whittle a stick which was used to toast marshmallows on the campfire.  The children had a great time.

On Friday, the children were visited by North East Bikers Against Bullying.  They had an assembly before they got the opportunity to go and look at the biker's motorcycles.


Pupil of the Week W/B 20th September

Callum amazed us all with his fabulous use of vocabulary in his extended writing about a storm.

Murat has had a great attitude towards his work and has been excellent in never giving up on his challenges.

Well done to both boys!

W/B 20th September 2021

This week the children carried out on investigation on the properties of rocks.  They tested how hard a rock was and also if it was porous.  During fine motor skills, the children did origami and made dogs out of paper.  In History, the children looked at the footprints that were found in Happisburgh and discussed why prehistoric people were on the beach. 

Pupil of the Week W/B 13th September 2021

Noor was Pupil of the Week as he was able to apply his knowledge of rounding two-digit numbers to round three digit numbers.  

Alexia had a great attitude towards her learning and never gives up, even when the task is challenging. 

W/B 13th September 2021

This week, the children started their study of rocks. They were able to look closely at them using magnifying lenses and identify some of their names and properties.  They then used this information to group the rocks.  In History, the children looked at the anachronisms that people think about the Stone Age.  They were then able to think of some of their own.  The children also continued to read their Stone Age story 'How to Skin a Bear' and used this as inspiration to for their writing.

W/B 6th September 2021

There was a few nervous faces when the children returned to school this week however, by the end of the day and week there was happy faces all round! The first week saw the children completing an art project that is to be displayed in the school hall.  Based on their theme of the Stone Age, the children created charcoal drawings, made their own paint, created a stone wall and then made prehistoric hand prints! It was a great start to the year and it was lovely to see the children chatting, having fun and getting to know each other. 

Pupil of the Week - W/B 6th September

Jennifer amazed staff with her mathematical skills by writing and reading numbers independently. 

Ava was able to use charcoal to draw an animal in out prehistoric art project.