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Year 1J


How to make the best class

•     12 fabulous, fun girls 
•    9  magnificent, marvellous  boys
•    A handful of hard work
•    A sprinkle of challenge 
•    A spoonful of endeavour 
•    A heap of laughter and fun 
•    A cupful of love 
•    A pinch of teamwork 

1.    Mix together 12 fabulous fun girls and 9 magnificent, marvellous boys 
2.    Carefully scatter in a handful of hard work followed by a sprinkle of challenge 
3.    Then add a spoonful of endeavour  
4.    Don’t forget a heap of laughter and fun 
5.    Next you must carefully pour in a cupful of love 
6.    Finally don’t forget a pinch of team work 
7.    Shake it all up and you will get……………………Year 1J

This is our class page that will show over the year just how super we are and all of our achievements at school. Please keep visiting to find out what we’re up to!

Hello everyone!

Well this is the final goodbye to Year 1J form Mrs Jones, Mrs Jackson and Miss Allan. We can't believe that this is the end of the year and we are soooo sad we didn't get to finish year one with you. We have missed you all soooo much, you have all made Year 1J a truly amazing class and we wish you every success when you go into Year 2 in September.

We loved seeing all your lovely smiling faces this week, you are all getting so big. We really want to say a big well done for all the amazing work you have done during lockdown, and would also like to say a huge thank you to all your amazing parents for helping you with home learning and all of your activities. 

We hope you have a fabulous summer holiday and we will look forward to seeing you all in September. We will be there waving you on in Year 2. Miss you all and see you soon xxx

More super work from Layla!

Super work from Bua! I love your mythical creature.

Amazing science Layla. Well done!

Fantastic phonics, science and maths, Bua.

Some really exciting information has been passed onto us!! Please take a look.....


Exciting Music Scholarship Opportunity


We are really excited to inform you all that Side By Side Arts have managed to secure funding from the Big Local to allow them to provide 8 weeks of music scholarship to children in the Big Local Area. This will be for either piano, guitar or vocal tuition.

Side By Side Arts would like to offer up to 25 of these places to our pupils on a first come first serve basis.


Please find the Scholarship Agreement below – if you would be interested in securing a place for your child after reading this then please contact Stuart at


This is a fantastic opportunity to learn something new and a valuable way to fill in time during these weeks away from school and is an opportunity not to be missed so get in quick!


Scholarship Agreement


Scholarships available

·      Piano

·      Guitar

·      Vocal


About the scholarship

·      This scholarship will last for the duration of 8 x 30 minute group lessons which are scheduled on a weekly basis with the same teacher

·      Lessons will be held online via Zoom

·      For piano or guitar an instrument will be required at your home to enable you to practise and also to take part in the lesson. This does not have to be a full sized piano or of really good quality, a keyboard will be more than adequate

·      Vocal tuition will not require any instrument, just your voice

·      Before the scholarship commences and after the 8 week term you will be required to complete a short questionnaire



·      It is expected that each student will practise for a minimum of 10 minutes every day between lessons

·      Each student must be prompt to their lesson as lateness will not be made up at the end of the time slot.

·      If you can not make the lesson time please email to inform us. If you give more than 12 hours notice the lesson will be rescheduled to a different time. Less than this the lesson will be forfeited no alternate time will be offered.

·      Failure to attend two consecutive lessons without a valid reason will result in your scholarship being terminated

Hi everyone- another week of home learning ahead! Only two weeks left so keep it up for those last two weeks! Hopefully Mrs Jones and I will see you on Friday when we bring your report and books!


Have a lovely week. Missing you all 

Layla your are amazing and your picture is brilliant!!!

Brilliant Bua is at it again.....

Yu-Xin- you are working so hard! I love your natural materials picture....

Amazing maths and SPaG work Bua! What a clever girl!

Super science work Layla!

Hi all, 

What a lovely week of sunshine we have had! I love the summer! I hope you've enjoyed getting outside. I have planned a few outdoor activities this week so let's hope it's not too rainy. Keep up all your fantastic work. I must give a special shout out to Bua and Layla who have been sending so many photographs. Amazing work girls! And everyone else who has been working as hard as they can. 

Week 12 Day 1 Home Learning

Bua, I love your growing crystals. They look amazing. Super fraction work too!

Super work from Bua. Brilliant tree rubbings!

Wow Layla I love your growing crystals experiment. Super maths too!

Fantastic English from one of our children. Super writing, comprehension and spelling.

More super work from Layla.

More amazing work from one of our wonderful children. Super maths, science and writing. Keep up the good work!

Super work again Layla! Keep up the good work.

Super work from Bua! What a star.

I hope your salt crystals grow Bua!

Great fraction work from Layla today! Fantastic!

More super Science, Maths and English from Bua. You are amazing!!

Look at all this amazing work from a child in our class! I am so impressed, it looks like you're having so much fun and learning lots too!! Keep up the amazing work.

Week 11 of home learning- not long now until the summer holidays! I really wish we were altogether at school enjoying the last few weeks before the summer break! You're all working so hard so keep it up. I think the weather is going to be nice this weeks so try and spend some time outside- I've planned some outdoor activities for you all but remember to stay safe especially if the weather is hot- got your sun cream on!! Miss you all lots! 

Friday's maths session on White Rose isn't available so please spend this time practising the following: 

-counting in 2s, 5s and 10s

-number bonds to 10 and 20

-doubles and halves 


Play quizzes or hit the button to see how fast you can be at answering the questions! 


Bua we are so proud of all your work! Look likes you've spent some time outside too- fantastic!!

Layla always gives 100% effort! We are so proud of you!

Bua what a super snack!! Some fabulous place value work too! Keep it up!

Layla some amazing work again. It looks like you've had a fantastic visit to the coast too!

Super work Bua- a fabulous letter to your new teacher! Who could it be? Whoever it is will be so amazed at your fantastic writing.

Layla is working so hard as always. Look at the fabulous picture of her and her Daddy on Fathers Day!

Hi everyone, I hope you've had a lovely weekend. I'm loving seeing all of the fabulous work you do. Please remember how important exercise is too. It's around this time of year that schools would be having sports events. I have been going for runs with my daughters, it would be lovely to see some pictures of you exercising! 

Week 10 Home learning

Super maths, writing and DT research from Layla! Well done. You're working so hard.

More amazing work from Bua, fantastic maths, DT research and writing!

Beloved, it is fantastic to see your super maths. Keep it up!

More fantastic facts about Dinosaurs. Well done Layla!

Bua, I love your dinosaur facts inspired by the book A Dinosar Called Tiny.

Wow Layla! Super science! I love that you've written about the functions of parts of a plant.

More amazing work from Bua! I love your labelled flower and what an informative poster!

Just realised I've put at the top of the daily sheets that this week is about measure- obviously it is about counting in repeated groups. Silly Mrs Jackson- all of the resources are right so just make sure you use the videos about counting in repeated groups from White Rose. 


Missing you all lots xx

Hi Everyone- Can you believe this is week 9 of home learning!? Let's hope we get some more sunshine next week as this weekend has been a little but wet and windy! Great to see all of your amazing learning- well done parents too I know how tricky home learning can be so thank you so much for sticking with it! Take care and miss you all x

I love 'inside out Emma' and that banana bread looks yummy! Save some for me please Emma!

Look at this fabulous retelling of a poem by Bua- what a super star!

Still image for this video

Bua works so hard!

Wow Layla- you are amazing!

This little girl has learned to ride her bike during this time- what an amazing effort!

Wow Beloved- a super effort all round! Aamzing Science and Geography work!

Bua always works hard! I love how detailed your answers are about the books you've read.

Some super maths work from Layla!

Bua you are blowing us away- you put 100% effort in everyday. We are so proud of you!

Fabulous work from a fabulous little lady who is working so hard at home!

Super work Nour practising some tricky words!

Hello everyone! I hope you've all had a lovely half term. What lovely weather we've had! I hope you've enjoyed the sunshine, I know I have! I'm looking forward to seeing all your lovely work again. 

Here is a link for some lovely ideas you might like to get involved in....

Wow layla! You are working so hard. Keep up the super work. We are so proud of you!

Bua, you are working so hard, we are very proud of you. Keep up the super work!

More super work from Layla.

More super work from Bua.

Layla I love your amazing fairy garden and all your fantastic work!

Bua I love all your super work.

Look at Emma's super fairy garden.

More super work from Bua. I love your fairy garden and description of Uni the unicorn.

Look at Emma making her fairy potion after being inspired by writing her spell!

Look at Bua's super work. What a star!

Layla has been working so hard at home. Well done!

You've made it to half term! What a surreal time it has been but we have loved looking at all of your home learning photos over the last few weeks! It really does put smiles on our faces. As it's half term, we will not be setting any home learning tasks. We want you to rest, spend time with your family and make more memories during lockdown! In addition to this, we will not be speaking to parents next week and will continue making calls home week commencing 1st June. As you all know, we love making these phone calls to check to see how you and your family are so we'll look forward to speaking to you all again soon! We hope you have a fabulous half term! Keep safe and continue smiling!

Dear Year 1J,

I have loved looking at all the lovely things and super work you’ve been doing at home.  You all look like you’re having so much fun! Your Mummies and Daddies are doing a super job at being your new teachers!!


Thank you so much for all your lovely letters I have received. I’ve read them all and they made me smile lots! You are all so kind! I am missing you all so so so much but I can’t wait to see you when you go back to school. I will definitely be popping back to Brighton Avenue to say hello and see all your lovely faces!

Stay safe and take care! 

Lots of love 

Miss Allan 🌈🌈🌈

Week 7 here we come! Hope you're all ok- we miss you all so much. This week we are hopefully going to get some nice, sunny weather so try to get out and active but stay safe! If you are getting out and active we'd love to see this as well as all of brilliant pictures of your work! We hope you are all behaving- if you have any pictures of you helping around the house please let us see those as well. 


Take care and keep smiling 

Hi everyone- I've put some ideas for things to get you active outside on the Outdoor Learning page. If you go to the menu, then click on curriculum and the select outdoor learning you will see the document of ideas attached. 


Please send if any pictures of you taking part in these, 

Keep smiling 

Mrs Jackson x

For any parents/ children interested in growing please follow the link below. A local company have put together some growing kits for either indoors/ outdoor growing for any donation you can afford. If you do decide to take part/ buy a kit please take some photos, we would love to see what you produce!

Emma I just love your unicorn in the boat STEAM activity! Emma has been finding objects that would float and testing them in her boat, she even took them to a pond to test!

Ada has been baking a cake! Well done Ada...Can I have some??