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Welcome to Year 4B

2023 - 2024

Gather round, my fabulous friends! It's time to embark on an exciting journey of learning and discovery. In this class, we believe that every child is a star 🌟, bursting with unique talents and potential.


Together, we will explore fascinating topics, unlock the magic of words, and conquer the mysteries of numbers. We'll laugh, we'll dream, and we'll challenge ourselves to reach for the stars ✨.


So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for an incredible adventure! With inspiration and determination, there's no limit to what we can achieve here in Year 4B. Let's shine together, you little superstars! 🌟

Vending Machine - 15.02.24

A HUGE congratulations to Jessica and Japleen who are our Vending Machine winners for this half term. Both girls have knocked our socks of with their knowledge of reading and their engagement all of the reading tasks we have been setting. Both are fully deserved winners!

Pupil of the Week - 9th February 2024

A HUGE congratulations to Samuel and Julie who are this week's Pupils of the Week. Samuel has really impressed us with his reading over the past half term. His confidence is growing day by day and his understanding of what he has read is amazing! Well done Samuel! Julie's award is for her continued ability to be able to create amazing pieces of writing which engage and interest the reader. She always thinks about her audience and used vocabulary that make the writing a joy to read. Well done to you both!

Week Beginning - 5th February 2024 - Maths - Using and Applying

This week, we have been using and applying our newly found maths skills in the outdoors. Following on from our work in class all about perimeter, we were asked to calculate the perimeter of some areas in the playground; with the idea of improving it with some new equipment in the future. The children were asked to calculate the perimeter of some of the rectilinear areas, as well as the circumference of the tree, by finding length and width measurements. We then returned to the classroom to complete our calculations. It was a brilliant way to apply what we have learned in class into a real world situation. Well done everyone!


We also put into practise our amazing times tables skills to create our very own maths board games. The children worked in pairs to plan, create and play their very own games before testing each others out. Amazing work!

Pupil of the Week - 2nd February 2024

A HUGE congratulations to William and Lyla who are this week's Pupils of the Week. We have been really impressed with Lyla's resilience this week when faced with difficult challenges. We have been working on our knowledge of measures in maths and Lyla has demonstrated a brilliant level of perseverance when it came to converting between mm, cm and m. Well done Lyla! William's knowledge and understanding of his times tables has really knocked our socks off. From when he arrived at the start of the year to now, he has worked his way through all of the tables and is now one of our children who has completed them all! We couldn't be prouder of your hard work, both at home and at school. Well done William!!! 

Week Beginning - 29th January 2024 - PE - Tennis

This week, we have continued to work on our tennis skills. We learned how to hold the racket correctly and perfected our forearm swinging technique. We asked a partner to serve us the ball before attempting to return it as close to our partner as we could. We then put these skills into practise trying to keep a rally going for as long as we could. Well done everyone, your tennis was ACE!

DT - Completed Pneumatic Toys

Year 4B have finished making their pneumatic toys! They are so impressive considering the fact that they have never used pneumatics before. The children not only researched and designed the toys themselves, but they were all able to use a range of fixing techniques to put their toys together. A HUGE well done to all of Year 4B for their amazing toys! 

Pupil of the Week - 26th January 2024

A HUGE congratulations to Leo and Maizee who are this week's Pupils of the Week. Both children are receiving their awards for their amazing efforts with their handwriting. Maizee has been able to develop her own fluent style of joined handwriting which is becoming more and more consistent in size whilst also maintaining her speed. These are things that are not always as easy as we think! Leo has also shown fantastic perseverance with his handwriting and being able to control the size of his letters. His ascenders are touching the top line beautifully and all of his smaller letters are of a similar height. Well done to the two of you! We couldn't be prouder!

Week Beginning - 22nd January 2024 - DT Toys

This week, we have started designing and making our pneumatic toys in DT. The children were asked to create a pneumatic toy for a Year 1 child which was aesthetically pleasing and used a hinge mechanism. Once they had chosen their theme, they started to design their toys using the shoe boxes which were brought in from home. We can't wait to see how they turn out!

Durham University - Prehistory Visit

We have been lucky enough to have been visited by David from Durham University who brought along with some artefacts from the past. He talked us through the different eras that made up prehistory as well as what we mean by the term 'prehistory'. The children had the opportunity to share their newly found knowledge about the Stone and Bronze Ages before exploring some of the artefacts which David brought along with him. We were so lucky to be able touch these objects, some of which were over 3,000 years old!!! Incredible! 

Pupil of the Week - 19th January 2024

A HUGE congratulations to David and Elif who are this week's Pupils of the Week. Elif is receiving her award for her continued hard work with her times tables. She has worked so hard in fact that she has shown that she knows ALL of her tables up to 12 x 12; something that children should know by the end of Year 4. We are so proud of all her hard work. David is receiving his award for showing big improvements in his confidence when sharing ideas with the class. He has contributed some amazing ideas about our reading book and worked brilliantly in groups to recreate some of the scenes. Well done David and Elif!

Week Beginning - 15th January 2024

This week, we have been treated to a morning with Phil and his Muddy Monsters activities. The children were given the opportunity to reinforce their whittling skills from last year by creating marshmallow sticks. The children followed all of the rules while using the sheathe knives; supporting each other and giving advice and encouragement. We then discussed how to stay safe around a campfire and then lit a fire to roast our marshmallows. These went down VERY well in such cold temperatures. 


Finally, the children were also given the opportunity to practise their den building skills, developing teamwork skills and letting their imaginations go whilst playing in the rest of the forest school area. Amazing work everyone!

Year 4B - Campfire

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Week Beginning - 8th January 2024

What a fantastic first week back. We hope you have all had a wonderful break and we couldn't be prouder of how hard the children have worked this week. We have begun work on our 'Twisted Fairy Tales' by retelling the story of Humpty Dumpty before exploring what life was like for poor Humpty after his great fall. The children were able to apply their own ideas about his life before expressing these as a personal recount. In maths, we explored the world of shapes and symmetry. We learned about the properties of 2d shapes (including the quirky world of quadrilaterals) before moving onto lines of symmetry in these 2d shapes. 


In History, we began our unit of work on the Bronze Age. We looked at some artefacts that were found in Bronze Age burials and used these to predict what we think life was like over 4,000 years ago. In PE, we started our dance unit by exploring the world of magic. The children took the role of witches and wizards before performing spells to transform them into small creatures. We worked on our movements and keeping in time with the music that was playing. 


Remember - We have Muddy Monsters on Tuesday morning so please come to school in your Muddy Monsters clothing. You will also need your normal school uniform in your bags to change into at lunchtime. 

After the Fall

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Pupil of the Week - 12th January 2024

A HUGE congratulations to Freddie and Matina who are this week's Year 4B Pupils of the Week. Freddie's writing has really knocked our socks of this week. He was so creative when describing what life was like for Humpty Dumpty after the great fall. He was able to infer his feelings and put these into his writing as well as coming up with some inspired ideas. Your writing is INCREDIBLE! Matina is receiving her award for her well thought out responses in reading. She has been thinking very carefully about what she is writing; making sure it links to what the question is asking as well as adding her own unique thoughts when discussing our class reader. AMAZING!

Book Vending Machine Winners

A huge well done to Maizie and Bryan who are our Book Vending Machine lucky winners for this half term. Maizie was the lucky winner who was drawn at random from all of the children who took part in the weekly Reading Eggs challenges as well as completing book reviews. Bryan was our Teachers' Choice award. He has shown such huge improvements in his reading and is always contributing during our reading sessions. Well done to the two of you!

Week Beginning - 18th December 2023

What an amazing final week of term. The children have been incredible since September and have fully deserved their Christmas Party. We had a fantastic time dancing, partying and tucking into some party food. We were also treated to our annual Brighton's Got Talent competition. Our representatives, Julie, Fedora and Jessica were incredible and managed to finish in joint third place! We couldn't be prouder of them and how hard they worked to put in such a polished performance. We thought they were 'roarsome'!


On behalf of Miss Bailes and myself, we would like to wish you all an amazing Christmas holiday and we look forward to seeing you all on Monday 8th January 2023!

Pupil of the Week - 15th December 2023

A HUGE congratulations to Rio and Zachary who are these week's Pupils' of the Week. Rio has won his award for his incredible resilience during DT. We were making our book sleeves and we asked the children to sew the flaps closed at either end. He found it difficult at first but showed a great deal of determination to create a tidy cross stich which didn't come undone. Zachary won his award for his continued incredible contributions towards the class, sharing his ideas but also supporting his classmates during group tasks. Amazing!!!!


Week Beginning - 11th December 2023

This week, we have completed a number of projects as we draw to the end of Autumn 2:


Design and Technology

The children have completed their books sleeves after weeks of designing and making. They have been able to use a wide range of skills to create their sleeves including using templates to make prototypes; testing their designs as well as sewing using a needle and thread to secure the flaps on the ends of their sleeves. Finally, we evaluated our end product using our design criteria as a reflection point. We are really proud of the children and all of their hard work this term. 



In PE, the children put into practice everything they have learned in gymnastics this term. They were asked to create a one minute routine which showcased a range of balances and body movements. The video below shows just some of their sequences and we couldn't be happier with what they have come up with!



In Spanish, the children completed their work on festivals and celebrations. We learned about the vocabulary linked to birthday parties and even created our very own party invitations. We then turned our attentions to Christmas and how it is celebrated in Spanish speaking countries. We learned about the traditions in Mexico who celebrate 'Navidad' in a slightly different way. We then created Christmas cards and even made our own pinatas which are used to celebrate in Mexico!



We completed our unit on programming using Scratch. We learned how to create our very own animations using loops as well as adding music to our algorithms. The children were then challenged to create a piece of original music using the loop function in Scratch. We couldn't believe how well they have done and some of the creativity seen was unbelievable!

Year 4B - Gymnastic Sequences

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Year 4B - Feliz Navidad

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Pupil of the Week - 8th December 2023

A HUGE congratulations to Lewis and Maizie who are this week's Pupils' of the Week. Maizie has won her award for her continued hard work in Music with Mr Parkin. She has spent a lot of time perfecting her ukulele skills and performing as part of a group when playing Christmas tunes. Amazing work Maizie! Lewis has won his award for his resilience in PE. We have been working on our dodgeball skills and Lewis never gave up, even when his team weren't doing very well. You were a fantastic team leader and we couldn't be prouder of you! Well done you two!

Week Beginning - 4th December 2023

This week, we have focused our learning on the more creative side of the curriculum. We have begun our DT work on the unit 'Textiles'. The children have been tasked with designing a book sleeve for a book of their choosing. They have had to research and then design their sleeves, thinking about the aesthetics and how their sleeve will fix together. We then chose our fabric and cut it out using paper prototypes as a template. 


In Music, we perfected our ukulele and glockenspiel playing while learning how to read the music of 'Jingle Bells'. The children had to learn how to change chords quickly and in time with the music as well as reading music while playing in time with each other. 


Finally, we were also treated to a Music Workshop by Mr Parkin and his band. They played a variety of Christmas classics as well a plenty of fun games. The staff even got into the Christmas spirit and joined in with the singing. We will let you be the judge...

Jingle Bells - Year 4B

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Pupil of the Week - 1st December 2023

A HUGE congratulations to Leonard and Ruochen who are this week's Pupils of the Week. Ruochen has demonstrated some fantastic resilience skills when faced with new and challenges methods of dividing. Even though she had her own way of solving division problems, she worked hard to fully understand the method which she was being taught and applied it successfully. This is just the kind of attitude we like to see in our pupils. Leonard's award is for his continued persistence with his handwriting and knowledge of times table. He has been working super hard since September to improve his letter and number formation and his growing confidence with his times tables is clear for all to see. We couldn't be prouder of you both! Well done!

Week Beginning - 27th November 2023

This week, we have begun our work on poetry in English. We have spent time thinking about the structures of poems, identifying rhyming patterns as well as using alliteration and rhyming words before creating our own poems. In Maths, the children continued their work on calculation strategies with a focus on division. We explored 'chunking' (a method of division in which we take 'chunks' of a number away) before introducing the 'bus stop' method for more efficient calculations. 


PE saw us continue our work on building gymnastic sequences using a range of movements and balances. We also developed our throwing and catching skills in dodgeball; thinking about where we could throw the ball to cause the opposition a problem. In Music, Mr Parkin taught us how to read sheet music using the correct musical notations and we then performed a piece using a range of different instruments. 


We also just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who came to the Christmas Fair on Wednesday. It was a huge success (despite it being 'slightly' busy) and we are very lucky to have such a supportive school community. Well done Year 4B! Have a wonderful weekend!

Year 4B - Gymnastics

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Pupil of the Week - 24th November 2023

A HUGE congratulations to Samuel and Fedora who are this week's Pupils of the Week. Samuel's attitude towards his learning since he joined us earlier in the term has been outstanding. We couldn't be happier with his work ethic; in particular, his ability to multiply 1 and 2 digit numbers together independently in maths! Fedora is another outstanding member of the Year 4B class. She always gives 100% and never gives up on any difficult challenges. Your writing in particular has been amazing! Well done to the both of you!

Week Beginning - 20th November 2023

This week, we were lucky enough to visit Gateshead Library to choose our very own books as well as explore some of the other books that the library has to offer. Before we chose our books, we took part in a library scavenger hunt which helped us to discover new types of books and new authors. The children will keep these books at school and will be given plenty of opportunities to enjoy them. 


We have also completed our work on Leon and the Place Between. We had an excellent discussion all about what we liked about the book and what books we would read if we enjoyed it. We talked about similar books (in which characters travel to a different place) and created a list that we hope the children will explore in the future:

- The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

- Alice in Wonderland

- Harry Potter

- Peter Pan


In Maths, we worked hard to understand written methods for multiplying numbers. Some of us focused on 1 and 2 digit numbers whilst others were challenged to multiply 1 by 3 and even 2 by 2 digit numbers! The resilience was incredible to see! In Geography, we learned about what peninsulas are and were able to identify them in an atlas. Finally, PE saw us continue our work in the game of dodgeball. The children practised changing direction quickly in order to avoid being hit by the ball and we also began looking at how we can throw the ball accurately to cause our opposition a problem. 


Well done for all your hard work this week Year 4B! Once again, we couldn't be prouder of you all!!!

Pupil of the Week - 17th November 2023

A HUGE congratulations to Hooria and Leo who are this week's Year 4B Pupils of the Week. Hooria is an absolute superstar in the class. Not only is she the perfect role model for the other pupils, she is always giving 100% in everything she does; never giving up on difficult challenges and being an amazing friend. Leo has won his award for his amazing contributions to our lessons; especially during our writing lessons. His knowledge of the circus, and the text we are studying, have really helped him to creative descriptive stories with some amazing adjectives. Well done to the two of you!

Week Beginning 13th November 2023

Take a look at just some of the amazing things we have been doing this week including:


- Acting our some of the characters' feelings and actions from 'Leon and the Place Between'. 

- Applying our addition and subtraction skills in maths. 

- Thinking about how different materials melt at different temperatures in Science. 

- Describing what we can see in 2 images of Jesus' Baptism and recreating our own versions of those paintings. 


We are so proud of all the children and their hard work this week. 

Pupil of the Week - 10th November 2023

A HUGE congratulations to Bryan and Lyla for being this week's Pupils of the Week. Bryan has settled into life at Brighton Avenue very quickly and is an invaluable member of the Year 4B class. He works hard in every lesson and is one of the most polite young men we have ever met. We are very lucky to have him with us. Lyla has won her award for generally being a superstar in class but more specifically for her writing. She has used a wide range of her writing targets to an amazing effect within her narrative work. Her descriptions of the funfair make us feel like we are actually there! Well done to the two of you!

Week Beginning 6th November 2023

This week, we spent a lot of time thinking about Remembrance Day and what it means to us. We learned the poem 'For the Fallen' and practised our handwriting when creating our own versions of it. We discussed the different types of poppies and what they represent. Finally, we created our own poppies to plant in our very own field of remembrance. 

Week Beginning 23rd October 2023

This week, we were lucky enough to explore the Great North Museum: Hancock. We took part in a fantastic workshop all about rocks. We were able to share our knowledge all about the 3 main types of rocks (sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous) as well as handle them for ourselves. Outside of the workshop, we spent time looking at the different exhibits, including the prehistoric section. The children were incredibly well-behaved all day and we can't thank them enough for all of their hard work. Not just this week, but all half term!

Prehistoric Art

To complete our half term, the children have spent this week creating their very own Stone Age artwork. We began by finding natural paints in our forest school before using spices to create Stone Age pigments. We practised scaling up initial sketches using charcoal before creating our own cave walls using sand and glue. Finally, we painted our Stone Age animals onto our walls and add details using charcoal and more Stone Age pigments. A huge well done to all of you! Your artwork wouldn't look out of place in the Lascaux Caves, France. 

Pupil of the Week - 20th October 2023

A HUGE congratulations to Julie and Zachary for being this week's Pupils of the Week. Julie has been outstanding in every lesson but her writing in particular has been outstanding. She has been able to apply a wide range of Year 4 writing targets (and some Year 5) in her non chronological report as well as a plethora of engaging features to hook the reader in. Your writing wouldn't look out of place in a Year 6 classroom!!! Zachary has won the award for his attitude towards his learning in every subject. He always demonstrates a positive outlook and has certainly come out of his shell in Year 4. We have been particularly impressed with your maths work this week Zach. You are a fractions wizard!

Week Beginning 16th October 2023

This week saw us complete many of the units of work we have been learning about this half term. In Science, we completed our study of 'Rocks' by learning about how fossils are formed. We watched a video which explained the process of fossilisation before creating our own storyboards/comic strips which also told the reader about this incredible natural process. In Art, we acted as Stone Age gatherers by visiting our Forest School to collect as many natural materials as we could which might be used as pigments. We then brought them into the classroom to use as paint. 


In Maths, we continued our work on fractions and decimals by learning how to compare and order them. We looked closely at the value of each digit and decided which was the biggest and smallest. Finally, we learned how to add and subtract fractions, with some of us using mixed numbers. In English, the children got the opportunity to create their very own non chronological report all about the Stone Age. We were looking for the children to apply everything they have learned about this half term (across a number of different subjects) and we couldn't be happier with what they have done. Well done everyone! 

Pupil of the Week - 11th October 2023

A HUGE congratulations to Japleen and David who are this week's Pupils of the Week. Japleen as shone all week, and all half term, for her outstanding attitude towards her learning and even better maturity to school. You have made so much progress since the start of Year 4 and we couldn't be prouder! David's award comes from Mr Parkin who was very impressed with his ukulele skills. He was determined to get the chords right when playing as a group and was even able to support his classmates during the lesson. Well done to you both!

Week Beginning 9th October 2023

What another amazing week in Year 4B! The children have completely knocked our socks off once again. We have been learning how to use conjunctions and technical vocabulary in our non chronological reports as part of our Writing unit all about the Stone Age. The children really sound like Stone Age experts! In maths, we have continued our work on fractions and decimals. We learned about how we can divide numbers into tenths and hundredths and how we write these as decimals. We have also continued to build on our times table knowledge! Keep going Year 4!


In Computing, we learned how to map out different networks; learning the important role that a router plays within a network (photos of these maps are below). We talked about trust in PSHE+C and who we can trust in different situations; thinking about what we can do if we were to ever break someone's trust. In History, we compared life at the beginning (Palaeolithic) and the end (Neolithic) of the Stone Age which ended our unit for this half term. Finally, as part of our PE unit, we practised making group bridges and tested them by asking our friends to crawl through, under or over them. Another incredible week Year 4! 

Year 4B - Gymnastics - Group Bridges

Still image for this video
Just a collection of some of the children's group bridges as performed with Hannah, our gymnastics coach. There will be more videos to come once the children have perfected their final performances but we just wanted to share what they have been up to so far! Well done everyone!

Pupil of the Week - 4th October 2023

A huge well done to Jessica and Muhammed who have been awarded the Year 4B Pupils of the Week for this week. Muhammed is the PERFECT role model for the other children in the class and we couldn't ask for him to do more. He gives everything in every single lesson and will always ask for help if he is unsure about something. Jessica's award is for her incredible reading. She is the PERFECT advocate for reading at our school and her knowledge of books is vast. We couldn't have asked for anyone more suited to be our Reading Champion! Keep up the hard work!!!

Week Beginning - 2nd October 2023

We have once again been very busy this week in Year 4B. From developing our gymnastics skills with Hannah; forming bridges with our partners, to absolutely smashing ukuleles with Mr Parkin (not literally!). Below are some examples of the work we have been doing in books this week. In Science, we have continued to learn about rocks and soils and were able to label the layers of soil which lie beneath our feet. In Maths, the children did fantastically well to understand some difficult concepts such as factors and multiples and sorted numbers based on these properties. We also completed our unit of work on 'How to Skin a Bear' by writing our own versions of one of the chapters; adding imaginative details throughout. Amazing work Year 4! Keep up the hard work!

National Poetry Day - On the Move Again

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For National Poetry Day 2023, we spent time exploring the topic of 'refuge' and what it means to us. We discussed what it meant to be a refugee and the reasons why people may have to leave their homes, and countries, before beginning life somewhere new. We then chose this poem called 'On the Move Again' by MIchael Rosen. The children practised how they would perform it before rehearsing and presenting it to the class. We think the children did incredibly well exploring such a difficult topic and we couldn't be prouder of their final performances.

Multiplication Tables Check Meeting

A big thank you to all the parents and carers who were able to attend our meeting this afternoon. It was so lovely to see so many of you. If you were unable to attend, please find the information that was shared below. Your child will also bring home a paper copy of the information for you to read. If you have any questions or concerns about the MTC, please speak to a member of the Year 4 team. 

MTC Information Video

Pupil of the Week - 27.09.23

A huge well done to Rosie and Freddie who are this week's Pupils of the Week. Both children have really impressed with their attitudes towards their learning this week, as always! Freddie has proven to be an outstanding writer; applying previously taught skills and knowledge independently when creating his Stone Age narrative work. His writing is engaging and perfectly punctuated! Rosie's resilience has shone through this week when faced with difficult challenges in Maths. She never gave up even when it got particularly hard. Keep this mentality up Rosie and we are sure you will continue to shine! Well done!

Week Beginning - 26th September 2023

This week, we have continued to shine like the stars we are! From scoring 10 out of 10 with Parkin in our ukulele lesson, to being incredible archaeologists in History, we are still maintaining those incredible high standards and work ethic! Well done all of you!


In Maths, we discovered number sequences and learned how to complete them by finding the rule. We learned about the 25 times table and how we can spot patterns in even the biggest of sequences. We then used our reasoning skills to explain how we knew certain answers could or could not be true. In English, we put into practise everything we have been learning about so far in our narrative writing. We learned how to use a range of conjunctions to extend our ideas and give more information to the reader. We then used short sentences to keep the reader on the edge of their seats. 


In other subjects, we honed our shooting skills in PE through basketball as well as revisiting dribbling with precision and passing with accuracy. In Computing, as you can see in some of our photos, we have learned how files travel around a network before being stored on a server (or Muhammed in our case!). Science saw us test different rocks to compare their properties and we learned about the Mohs scale of hardness. We have also begun work on composing in Music.


Another amazing week Year 4B! Keep shining!!!!

Week Beginning - 18th September 2023

Another incredible week in Year 4B this week. The children have made incredible strides in their writing by using expanded noun phrases and adverbs to add detail and description to their storm descriptions. We discussed the impact adding more powerful verbs has upon the reader and even picked out some engaging language in our own reading. In maths, we completed our unit of work on place value where we represented 3 and 4 digit numbers in different ways before solving reasoning problems independently. In Science, we discovered the different types of rocks and how we 'cycle' through them in the Rock Cycle. 


On Monday, we had our very first Muddy Monsters session with Phil. We learned how to work collaboratively in a team before being allowed time to play in our incredible Forest School area. In Spanish, we revised the vocabulary for numbers up to 31, days of the week and months of the year. This allowed us to be able to answer the question "Que dia es hay?" Finally, we had the pleasure of working with Hannah, our gymnastics coach, who taught us how to create bridges with our bodies. Some of the photographs below were the culmination of the children's hard work in the lesson. 


Thanks for an amazing week Year 4B! Let's hope next week is even better!

Year 4B - Teamwork

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Pupil of the Week - 20th September 2023

A huge congratulations to Matina and William who are this week's Pupils of the Week. We have been astounded by Matina's writing this week. She has been able to apply commas perfectly in her writing when using fronted adverbials and her narrative work has been engaging and detailed. William has recently joined our school and has been a brilliant member of the Year 4B class. He has settled in really well and has shown a real resilience towards his learning. Well done you two!

Week Beginning 11th September 2023

This week saw us start our Maths and English lessons as well as our Autumn 1 units in many of our foundation subjects. We began the week by learning how to use commas in our sentences to indicate fronted adverbials. We used amazing sentences to describe a Stone Age village, as well as many amazing adjectives. In Maths, we learned how to order and compare 4 digit numbers before rounding them to the nearest 10, 100 and 1,000! We had the pleasure of working with Hannah, our gymnastics coach, who taught us to move whilst staying in control of our bodies. We also learned about basketball and staying in control of the ball whilst dribbling. Finally, we learned how to sort rocks based on their properties using both Venn and Carroll diagrams. 


We can't wait for next week where we will get to take part in our first Muddy Monsters lesson of the year with the wonderful Phil. We will also have our Multiplication Tables Check meeting on Thursday afternoon which we hope you can attend. 


Well done Year 4! 

Pupil of the Week - 13th September 2023

A huge congratulations to Elif and Cheuk-Yin for being the first Pupils of the Week in Year 4B. Both children have started the year with an incredible amount of enthusiasm and we can always rely on them to be role models for the other children. Well done to you both!!!

Week Beginning 4th September 2023

What an amazing first week we have had! The children have done so well with their artwork; learning about tints and shades as well being able to 'see like an artist'. We have also begun learning our new Year 4 Spanish; focusing on numbers to 31 and classroom language. We also learned all about what to do if gets bitten or stung and apply the correct first aid to them!


Miss Bailes and I couldn't be prouder of how hard the children have worked and we can't wait to get started on our English and Maths lessons next week. Thank you to parents and carers for your ongoing support with your children's learning!!! Well done Year 4B!