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The finest students in all the land!


We love a challenge and will be solving many through the course of the year. We are going to strive to be the best musicians, mathematicians, artists and everything in between as we strive to explore and improve our skills across the curriculum.  Our studies will take us back to the age of the Ancient Egyptians and to the myths of the Ancient Greeks and even to the bottom of a molten volcano! We are looking forward to the Year 5/6 journey, growing individually and together as a class. 


We will be posting regularly with updates from Year 5/6 life so keep an eye out!


Mr Murtagh


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Week beginning 04.07.22: The Children examined how shadows are formed and altered.

Week beginning 27.06.22: The children designed and completed their own sporting themed T-Shirts over the past DT lessons. What great creations!

Week beginning 20.06.22: We had a great day at Gibside for our Orienteering event.

Week beginning 13.06.22: The children worked in mixed ability groups to research and create a poster about the Falklands War during our British Empire topic.

Week beginning 06.06.22 : We visited Safety Works and participated in a range of real life scenarios, identifying dangers and how to guard against them.

Week beginning 23.05.22: We had an excellent Jubilee day with the parents coming to join our lessons and help us celebrate.

Week beginning 23.05.22: We had great fun completing a Jubilee themed orienteering course and circuits which contained some fun facts about the Jubilee.


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Week beginning 16.05.22: Some of our Commonwealth posters which the children created during our first lesson looking at the history of The British Empire.

Week beginning 9.05.22: The children made some exciting and functional shelters today based around a given specification.

Week beginning 25.04.22: SATs reminder.

Just a reminder, these are the dates for SATS week and when the children will be completing each of their tests. Over the final few days, please make sure you are spending a little bit of time each day revising (20-30 minutes) Reading, SPaG and Maths. There are lots of resources and questions on weblinks above that you can use. 

Week beginning 04.04.22: A complex but fun project using our DT skills to design, build and power a toy car.


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Week beginning 28.04.22: Our resident Times Table Rockstar Paul Fowler.

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Week beginning 21.03.22: Another week, another outdoor learning experience! We made dens, chopped wood, lit fires and enjoyed the sun!

Week beginning 14.03.22: We had an amazing day out at the Washington Wetlands. We saw some amazing birds!

Week beginning 7.03.22: We have been learning all about rivers in Geography this half term and we identified the features of our own river The Tyne.

Week beginning 28.02.22: Some finished products from our World Book Day comic strip design. Looking forward to seeing the rest soon!

Week beginning 14.02.22: Following on from our Python lessons in computing, we used CAD to design animal shelters containing a working thermometer. Great job!

Week beginning 07.02.22: The children took part in their Ancient Greek workshop which let them reinforce their knowledge with artefacts and further information on Ancient Greek life..

Week beginning 31.01.22: The children used the Python programme to practise their coding skills. Boy does drawing a house take a long time!

Week beginning 24.01.22: Following on from the children's work in the style of Kathe Kollwicz, the children created models using clay.

Week beginning 17.01.20: The children used charcoal to create pieces in the style of Kathe Kollwitz.

Week beginning 10.01.22: The children had a fantastic morning in the Forest School using tools and den building and for being muddy monsters came back quite clean!

Week beginning 03.01.22: The children had a great time at our Rockband Workshop with some getting up to help Joe rock out on the drums, guitar and keyboard!

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Week beginning 13.11.21: A final festive pic of 2021 with some of our class cards and calendars. Merry Christmas everyone!

Year 6- On a Starry Night

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w/c 29.12.21 DT Buzzer Games! Keep an eye out for the final product!

Week beginning 22.11.21: Festive fever hit Year 5/6 this afternoon!

Week beginning 15.11.21: We have been learning lots about the volcanic island of Heimaey and have been comparing it's features to our local surroundings of Bensham.

Week beginning 8.11.21: We had an amazing afternoon learning (or in some cases brushing up on) how to use a bow and arrow.

Week beginning 8.11.21: We were practicing our knowledge of notation by playing and resting accurately in a 4/4 measure.

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Week Beginning 1.11.21: We had an amazing afternoon with Phil from Muddy Monsters. Who says we're too old for toasted marshmallows and hide and seek!

Week beginning 18.11.21:The children were researching Nelson Mandela during our Black History unit and created some informative posters.

Week beginning 11.10.21: The children used some of their Zentangle designs to create a print using polystyrene, rollers and paint. They created some lovely effects.

W/C 04.19.21

World mental health day

For WMHD, the Y6 and Y5/6 took themselves into their own happy place.  They had to describe their happy place, the people they are with and say why they believe this is their place to go when they are feeling sad, worried, angry or lonely.

Week beginning 27.09.21: We had a lovely afternoon at the allotment helping to plant seedlings and prepare the planters for the coming year.

Week beginning 20.09.21: We looked at what our blood is made up of and created our own. We represented the different components of the red stuff with various treats.

Week beginning 13.09.21: Some of our budding artists at the Year 5 and 6 art display.

Week beginning 06.09.21: The History Bloke brings Ancient Egypt to Brighton Avenue.

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