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At Brighton Avenue Primary, we believe that mathematics equips pupils with a uniquely powerful set of tools, helping children to make sense of the world around them through developing their ability to calculate, to reason and to solve problems. It enables children to understand and appreciate relationships and pattern in both number and space in their everyday lives. Through their growing knowledge and understanding, children learn to appreciate the contribution made by many cultures to the development and application of mathematics.


At Brighton Avenue Primary School we aim to:

1. Develop a positive attitude to maths as an interesting and attractive subject.

2. Improve pupils' understanding, enjoyment and attainment in mathematics.

3. Develop mathematical understanding through systematic direct teaching of appropriate learning objectives.

4. Encourage the effective use of maths as a tool in a wide range of activities within school and, subsequently, adult life.

5. Ensure the teaching of greater depth and breadth (mastery and challenge) forms a key part of work within maths planning; mathematics is something that we want pupils - all pupils - to acquire, or rather to continue acquiring throughout their school lives, and beyond.

6. Develop the ability to use mathematical facts and fluency to reason mathematically.

7. Develop an ability in the children to express themselves fluently, to talk about the subject with assurance, using correct mathematical language and vocabulary.

8. Develop an appreciation of relationships within maths.

9. Develop ability to think clearly and logically with independence of thought and flexibility of mind.

10. Develop an appreciation of creative aspects of maths and awareness of its aesthetic appeal.

11. Develop mathematical skills and knowledge and quick recall of basic facts in line with government recommendations.

 Latest News 2021-2022

Amazing Maths work at Brighton Avenue Primary School- 21-22


Take a look below at some of the amazing work the children at Brighton Avenue Primary have been completing during their Maths lessons. From the children's amazing reasoning skills to problem solving skills, the children have continued to wow us with their resilience, problem solving and 'giving-it-a-go' attitude! 


Lets see what the children of Brighton Avenue have to say about Maths! 


Maths is fun because I like learning about numbers. I really liked learning about shapes, my favourite shape is a cuboid they are made out of rectangles and squares!


I like writing in Maths, I like writing the numbers cause it is fun.


I like Maths. I like counting to 100!


I like adding numbers in Maths. I enjoy playing Hit the Button and practising our number bonds to 20.  When we take away we minus the little number away from the big number and when we add we start with the big number and add the little one.


In Maths, I loved doing capacity because we got to read the scales on the vessels to make magic potions. It was so much fun!


In Maths, I love it when I finish my fluency as I always get given reasoning problems and it really makes me think! 


In Maths, I liked it when we went outside and we used to chalk to work out addition and subtraction problems. 


I love maths because it is always so much fun!


I like questions using long division and long multiplication. For Fractions, they are like portions of life. I like reasoning and problem solving.

NSPCC Number Day- 4.2.22


On Friday 4th February, Brighton Avenue celebrated NSPCC Number Day 2022 by taking part in some creative Maths activities. From making Maths board games to completing Maths activities outside in the Outdoor Learning area, we allllllll had so much fun!

                                                                    Latest News 2020-2021


Our amazing work (20-21)...


Take a look at some of our amazing work that we have been completing over the year 2020-21! We are so proud of all the fluency, reasoning and problem solving work that all the children have been working on in Maths lessons. From solving a range of challenging problems involving the four operations to taking part in NSPCC, we have loved becoming amazing mathematicians! Even though we have been faced with Covid-19 and school closures, we have loved learning Maths virtually via Microsoft TEAMs and we can't wait for learning more next year! 

NSPCC Number Day- 7.5.21


As part of NSPCC Number Day on the 7th of May 2021, the children took part in a range of different Maths activities! This was a great opportunity for the children to apply their learning into a range of different, real-life contexts. Take a look at the fun we all had!



Sumdog and TTRockstars


We have been using Sumdog and TTRockstars to help improve our Maths skills. In school, we have been taking part in interclass and whole school TTRockstars competitions and we have also been taking part in National competitions on Sumdog! We have all been getting really competitive. Each week, the class who has the biggest average of questions answered correctly have been the proud owners of the TTRockstars trophy.


Take a look at our fantastic TTRockstars display where the children's TTRockstars awards for Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum and the class that is top of the leaderboard for the highest average of questions answered correctly are displayed! The classes who have been top of the leaderboard have been enjoying having the TTRockstars trophy in their class for the week. The children who have the fastest speed for answering timestables is also displayed on here. We have some incredibly fast studio speeds with Wasi from Year 3/4 with a speed of 0.99 seconds per question, Elias, from Year 6, at 1.17 seconds and Rubina, Year 3/4 with 1.18 seconds! A massive well done to you 3. 


A massive well done to the classes who have won the TTRockstars trophy so far this year and to the children and classes who have been winning the weekly TTRockstars battles!


Take a look at what some of the amazing children have to say about TTRockstars and Sumdog! 


"I love Timestables Rockstars because it helps me learn by 12 tiems tables, 11 times tables and 10 timestables and even my 9s! I like soundcheck the most because it is challenging!"- Lewis, 2B 


"I love Sumdog because I learn so much on it. I found some of the Maths difficult but now I understand it well!" -Alicija, 6T


'I like how TT Rockstars helps me with my fluency to learn my times tables - it is challenging and fun!'- Lily Mae, 5S


'TT Rockstars is a combination of learning and fun!' - Cosmo, 5S


'I love the game modes on Sumdog which help me practice my grammar, spelling and maths!' - Jake, 5S


'Sumdog is helping me recover all of the topics I missed in school!' - Abigail, 5S


'Sumdog is a good challenge as it allows me to practice Maths and English skills in just one place. It is more interactive through a wider range of games which makes it more entertaining for me and since I'm already quite good at maths I can practice other skills. Gaining the coins helps me to see my progress' - Bradley, 6M


" I like TT Rockstars because I like maths and it can teach me more." -James 3/4B


                                                             Latest News 2019-2020




NSPCC Number Day 2020- 07.02.20


In order to celebrate 20 years of NSPCC Number Day, Brighton Avenue had lots of fun with number. We had an assembly to understand what the NSPCC stands for, what the charity do to help children and some information about some of the activities the children would be taking part in. Back in class, the children had the opportunity to create their own number board games, take part in Who Wants to be a Mathsmillionaire and a range of other number games. Take a look below at some of the fun we had. Some children even created their own number day t-shirts!

Explore Learning- Autumn 1 and 2 2019


Classes across the school have had the opportunity to work with Explore Learning, Newcastle, to use their problem solving, teamwork and reasoning skills to solve a range of Maths problems. We had so much trying to tackle the problems in the most efficient methods. We have had the opportunity to develop our Maths skills, from budgeting skills when calculating the prices for different holidays to New York to creating safari animals using 2D shapes. Take a look at some of our Year 6's taking part in a budgeting session.

Latest News 2018-2019


Maths Cluster Project - Friday 12th July 2019

As part of the Maths Cluster Project, all children from Nursery to Year 6 had the challenge of creating a piece of maths work focusing on their multiplication skills. We encouraged the children to use their reasoning language carefully to prove or disprove the questions. To provide supporting evidence, some children used bar models for their answers. Take a look at some of the winners during our Maths celebration assembly. Well done everyone!


World Number Day - Friday 1st February 2019
Non-uniform day - thank you for the money we raised for the NSPCC last Friday! The children, from Nursery to Y6, had great fun celebrating numbers and maths in a variety of ways; outside building snowmen, counting the animals in twos onto the snow-covered ark, shape puzzles, bar modelling, mazes, reasoning, creating maths games and finally to the winners of, 'Who Wants To Be A Mathsionaire!!' Great fun while supporting a wonderful charity!


Latest News 2017-2018

Maths Cluster Project- April 2018

Following on from the recent celebrations of the amazing writing of our wonderful children, here at Brighton Avenue Primary School, we have again been blown away by the success of our children in the local cluster Maths project. This year for our Maths Cluster project all the children, from Nursery to Year 6, focused on data handling and statistics - see the table below – relishing all the challenges they were given! Using a variety of staff from across the cluster schools, children were chosen from each year group (in every school) to attend a celebration event at Kingsmeadow School in July.
A HUGE well done to Sam, Aaron, Ashwin, Yasmin, Lacy, Keerath and Areeba who were selected to represent our school. I am thrilled to say that not only had these remarkable 7 children been selected out of hundreds of children, we even had some overall winners! Areeba and Ashwin were the winners in their year groups for interpreting and constructing data with the ability to reflect independently when deciding which representations of data were the most appropriate and why.


Gateshead Maths Challenge- Wednesday 18th October


This is the first time we have entered the ‘U.K.M.T (United Kingdom Math’s Trust) Math’s Challenge,’ an event held at Joseph Swan for the ‘Most Able Mathematicians.’


On Wednesday 18th October afternoon, Mr Gallagher was with a team of four children (two from Y5 and two from Y6) who had to answer a wide range of complicated problem solving questions. The challenge was to see which children could correctly answer the questions first, explaining their methods and reasons why. We were against other Y6 children teams from local primary schools.


The good news is we won! WOW – AMAZING!


The adults, from Joseph Swan Math’s Department and the U.K.M.T, were blown away by the speed with which we solved the problems. All the children and staff here at Brighton Avenue are so proud! Well done! We can’t wait for the next competition!