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Year 1T


Welcome to our page where you can find out about what we're learning and see pictures of some of our highlights. 

In our class we are all unique and individual characters.

With support from Mrs Thomas and Miss Chelmowska, we practise using our recipe for learning every day -  


A cup of curiosity

1 tbsp of self-care skills

A scoop of confidence

1 tsp of listening

1 tsp of resilience 

A cup of communication 

An inkling of independence


Please keep popping back to our page to see how we apply this recipe independently each week.

There is also a section below where you can find links to excellent learning resources that you can use with your child at home.

Week beginning 13th May 2024


In Maths this week we have been looking at measuring length and height. We have compared different items to each other, and learned how to measure in centimetres using a ruler - brilliant work year 1! 


In Science we put our knowledge of materials to the test by experimenting to see which material would make the best umbrella for poor teddy, who had a hole in his umbrella and was getting soaking wet! 


In PSHE we have learned about Democracy. A few children put forward ideas of an activity they'd like to do and the class decided the fairest way to choose which one to do would be to have a vote. All the children took a counter and voted....crafting won! (Mrs Thomas was surprised that her suggestion of a Maths test didn't receive any votes at all!) The children had a lovely time making creations of their choice during their crafting time! 

Week beginning 6th May 2024


We've had another great week in Y1T! We had a brilliant muddy monsters session on Tuesday where we made some fantastic dens! Teamwork makes the dream work! In Maths we have continued our work on money and are doing great at recognising the different denominations and what they are worth. In RE we have been learning about Islam and on Friday we tried some traditional food that might be eaten during Eid celebrations, such as samosas, spring rolls and baklava. Yum! 



 Week beginning 29th April 2024


We've been working really hard this week! In Maths we have started to investigate money, learning the different denominations of notes and coins. In Geography we are really enjoying our "Why do we love to be beside the seaside?" unit and explored the different animals that we might find in a rock pool - the children were so knowledgeable about this following the visit from RockPool School a couple of weeks ago! 


Pupil of the Week 3rd May 2024


Well done to Miliana and Jack this week! Jack was chosen for giving 100% effort when practising the songs for our end of year performance - what a superstar! Miliana was chosen for how much effort and care she is putting into her writing, trying hard to include all of her year 1 writing targets, and for taking time and effort on the presentation in her books. Well done Jack and Miliana! 

Week beginning 22nd April 2024


We had a great time at Saltwell Park this week. The lovely volunteers from Friends of Saltwell Park arranged some activities for us all about trees. They showed us the difference between deciduous and evergreen trees and how to identify their leaves, we did some bark rubbing, acted out the different parts of a tree, and even learnt how to measure the height of trees in different ways!


Thank you so much to the volunteers for giving their time and arranging such fun activities for us. A huge thank you also to  Reyhana's mum Somayeh, Alex's grandparents Lee and Brenda, and Jay's mum Kathleen for coming along with us to help make sure the children stayed safe! 


Elsewhere in class we have been reading books by Simon James - he's quickly becoming our favourite author! We have written a retell of Sally and the Limpet - we worked so hard! In Maths we have focused on finding the half and quarter of an amount, and in Science we have continued our deep dive into materials, looking at how materials can be grouped by their properties. 


Pupil of the Week 26th April 2024


Our brilliant Pupils of the Week are Ryan and Reyhana. Reyhana was chosen for her amazing adjectives, terrific time conjunctions and perfect punctuation - she's a fantastic Year 1 writer and her beautiful presentation means reading her work is an absolute pleasure! Ryan was chosen for being such a great friend to everyone, he always makes sure that others are happy and included, and he's a lovely example to the rest of Year 1. Well done Ryan and Reyhana; we are so proud of you both! 


Week beginning 15th April 2024


We've had a great first week back to school! We have started our "Why people love to be beside the Seaside" unit to help manifest the sunny days that are just around the corner!


In English we started working on our focus book 'Sally and the Limpet', taking part in a 'hot seat' activity where the children took turns stepping into Sally's shoes (we should say they stepped into her wriggly bare toes!) In Geography we explored how the coast is unique and looked at the human and physical geographical features that can be found at the coast compared to those found in rural and urban areas.


The children loved when Rockpool School came to visit us - they were very excited but did us proud in the way they listened and used gentle hands with the animals. 


Nicola was brilliant and taught us all about some of the different animals we could find in a rock pool, including periwinkles, hermit crabs, anemones, and star fish. She talked to us about what they need to survive, and how living in a rock pool habitat brings unique challenges to the animals.  We were then lucky enough to be able to see the animals in real life and even hold them! It was fascinating to see how the animals behaved when they were in the water too! We also got to see what shark egg cases look like too! All of the animals that we met are creatures that are common to the coastline of the North East, so we'll definitely be on the look out for these next time we go to the local seaside! 


Pupil of The Week 19th April 2024


Well done Peniel and Yusra, who have had a brilliant start to the Summer term!

Peniel always tries so hard in everything she does, and it's been lovely to see that she's come out of her shell lots and is making some great contributions to our whole class discussions.

Yusra was chosen for her fantastic work and attitude in Read, Write, inc. - she's making lovely progress and has blown us all away! 

Week beginning 25th March 2024


We have had a brilliant last week of term in Year 1T! In DT we have made our own moving vehicles, learning about wheels, axles and axle holders, and in Computing we have learned how to programme bee bots. Our Golden Day was so much fun - we took part in an egg roll - rolling our brilliantly decorated eggs down the hill!

We hope everyone has a brilliant Easter holiday! 


Week beginning 18th March 2024


In PE this week we have completed our Dance: Superheroes unit. The children have worked hard to develop their dance, using different techniques and thinking about how they could make their moves transition smoothly. 


In English we focused on non-fiction texts and wrote some instructions on how to make a jam sandwich! Our favourite part was definitely making a sandwich ourselves so we could take note of the steps involved. 


In Maths we have explored how to share into groups - the children have been so focused and have done great! 


Pupils of the week 22nd March 2024


Well done to Jay and Hawlan this week! Jay was chosen for the effort he's put into his reading in Read, Write, Inc, he's making some great progress and we are so proud of him. Hawlan was chosen for her resilience in Maths,  at times she's found it tricky but she's not given up and is such a role model for the other children because of this. 

Week beginning 11th March 2024


We started the week with a brilliant morning in our outdoor learning environment with Phil from Muddy Monsters. We learnt how to safely chop wood using a billhook and Phil showed us how he lights a fire, using a flint and steel. We then helped to make a delicious vegetable soup - yum! 


Week beginning 4th March 2024


Wow! What a brilliant week we've had in Year 1! On Wednesday we visited Beamish Museum as part of our History unit comparing how the toys and games of today compare to the toys and games of the past. We visited the 1900s pit village and discovered what school would have been like in Edwardian times. We all decided we are pleased that we go to school now, and not then! We explored the 1900s town and saw how sweets were made, and had fun in the 1950s welfare hall making our very own optical illusion toys, and helping the staff at Beamish choose toys for their upcoming new toy shop! Everyone at Beamish Museum were so impressed by our brilliant behaviour throughout the day! 


On Friday we celebrated World Book Day; we enjoyed a reading cafe, shared books from home, took part in a 'book quiz', and loved trying to guess who was reading, and which book they were reading, in the Masked Reader. We finished the day making some book marks, and masks of our favourite characters from our favourite books. 


Pupil of the Week 8th March 2024


Well done to our class superstars for this week, Kenneth and Briella. Kenny was chosen for his resilience in Maths, it doesn't matter how hard Kenny finds something, he will keep going until he works it out, and he's making great progress because of his outstanding attitude to his learning. Briella was chosen for her brilliant work in RWI this week, and also because of her fantastic attitude to everything she does, she's an excellent role model to the rest of class. 

Week beginning 26th February 2024


We have started this half term with a 'Spring' in our step! In English we have read the story 'The Bog Baby' by Jeanne Willis. We thought about the character of the Bog Baby and took part in a 'hot seat' lesson, where the children took turns pretending to be the Bog Baby and answering questions about the Bog Baby's thoughts and experiences. 


In PSHE, we have learned the role of the emergency services and when and how to them, and then role played calling the emergency services and practised what to say. Please see a photo below with more information about how you can help your child with this at home. 


We also had a brilliant morning with Greig from the charity 52 Lives. He talked to us about the importance of kindness, and taught us that kindness costs us nothing! He inspired us to spread kindness ourselves by making gifts such as cards, posters and paper chains for people we care about and we had fun doing this when we got back to class. 


We were also very lucky to have a visit from Rabbi Gluck, who shared some Jewish traditions with us and was kind enough to bring us all some challah bread and grape juice to enjoy together. 

Week beginning: 12th February 2024


We've had a non-stop last week of half term! In computing we designed a bottle rocket then used our designs to build a brilliant rocket! In Art, we learned how to fold and shape paper in different ways to make 3D art inspired by Samantha Stephenson's sculpture 'Other', and Marco Balich's 'Tree of Life'. We had so much fun!  We had a visit to Gateshead Library where we listened to a story and then took part in a Valentines' themed treasure hunt, and back at school we had a reading cafe. We loved reading the books we got from the library with some biscuits. When exploring our books we've been thinking about whether they are fiction or non-fiction and how we can tell - why not have a discussion at home with us to see if we can pick out any of the features! 


Enjoy the half term, everyone! 

Week beginning 5th February 2024


We've had a great week in Y1T and have given out more happy sides than any week so far this year! In Maths we have explored weight and mass, using scales to compare different objects. In English we wrote a recount of our trip to Safety Works last week, starting by putting our journalistic skills to the test to interview and recording each other's verbal recount of the trip. During our extended write lesson the children knocked our socks off with the effort that they put into their writing! AMAZING! Keep it up Year 1!


On Friday we celebrated Chinese New Year - did you know that 2024 is the year of the dragon? We learned the story of how the Chinese Zodiac signs came to be - ask us if we remember any of the other animals in the race! We also enjoyed some prawn crackers and fortune cookies kindly donated to us by New Emerald Cantonese based in Newcastle. The children loved their treats and were very thankful.  They were so excited to read their fortunes! We also talked about the custom of feng shui coins and the significance of the red envelopes that are traditionally gifted at Lunar New Year. 


Pupil of the Week  9th February 2024


Well done Thea and Kyrie, our Pupils of the Week this week!


Thea was chosen for her outstanding effort in forest school whittling wood - we were so impressed by the control you had over the peeler, using both hands to make sure that your slices were precise and that you had the wood positioned safely. 


Kyrie was chosen for his effort in Read, Write, Inc., he's been really focused on his tasks and has been working at a great pace - keep it up Kyrie, we are so proud of you! 

Visit to Safety Works 2nd February 2024


What a brilliant morning we had on our visit to Safety Works! We took part in different workshops to raise our awareness of risks in our local area that we may come across in daily life, and how to stay safe, as well as what to do in different scenarios.


Road safety is so very important - how many roads do we cross in a day?! We were brilliant at learning the Green Cross Code - Stop, Look, Listen, Think! We thought about the risks when we are near a road, and learned about the different crossings, and then practised crossing the road. We did an amazing job at looking to make sure that the traffic had stopped for us and it was safe to cross - even when the green man was showing. 


We also learnt about Fire Safety, what to do in the event of a fire, what is safe/not safe for us to play with, and how to check a smoke alarm to make sure it's working well. 


Volunteers from the RNLI came and talked to us about the risks found around water and what to do if we find ourselves, or someone else, in trouble. We all had a try at throwing a life ring that we'd use to help save someone if we saw them in trouble in the water - our aim was fantastic! 


A volunteer from the pet charity Blue Cross Pets for You talked to us about how to stay safe around dogs - we learnt the 3 Cs of canine choice - Check, Call, Count - and that a dog can change their mind at any time so we must put them in control of how much contact we have with them. We also learnt how to keep ourselves safe if a dog chases us or tries to play with us when we don't want them to, and what to do if a bigger dog knocks us over. 


Finally we took part in a wellbeing session all about how it's ok to have a whole range of different feelings at times, including sometimes feeling sad or angry. We thought about how different scenarios might make us feel and then took part on some activities, such as birthday candle breathing, counting breaths, and yoga poses, that can help us to regulate our emotions if we are feeling angry or overwhelmed. 


Thank you to everyone at Safety Works - we have a brilliant time and learnt some extremely valuable life skills. 


Thanks also to Briella's mam Sasha, and to Alex's grandad Lee and Grandma Brenda, who were kind enough to give their time to come with us to help keep the children safe. 

Week beginning 29th January 2024


We've worked hard this week sequencing the story "The Smartest Giant in Town" and planning a retell of the story in our words. We've been learning all about time conjunctions and thinking of noun phrases, and we've been doing a great job! 


In Maths we've continued our work on place value, working out whether a number is more than or less than another number. 


In Science we have explored our senses and the body parts that we use for each sense by carrying out some fun activities such as "can we read with a blindfold on?"

Monday 29th January 2024


We had a wonderful, wet and extremely muddy morning in forest school with Phil from Muddy Monsters - we made lots of fun memories. The children wowed us with their whittling skills, made some delicious mud cakes and hot chocolate, had fun swinging on the rope swing, and in the hammock, and got very muddy digging in the digging area! 

Week beginning 22nd January 2024


Another busy week in Y1T! In English we have focused on the Smartest Giant in Town, and working towards a character description of George the Giant, learning how to incorporate the coordinating conjunction ‘and’ into our writing.

Maths has been focused on place value, using base 10 to work out how many tens and ones there are in given numbers.

In RE this half term our Unit is on Judaism. This week we explored what the Torah is, and what the different artifacts, such as a yad and a mantle, are used for. In Geography we have thought about how the weather changes with the seasons as part of our term’s question “How does the Weather affect our lives?” In PSHE we looked at people who help to keep us healthy such as nurses, dentists and doctors and made a booklet about the people we had learned about. On Friday we enjoyed a day in red to raise money for Bright Red Cancer Charity in remembrance of the late Alan Sergison, who was a valued Chair of Governors for the school.


Pupil of the Week 26th January 2024


Well done Addis and Ward this week! Ward was chosen for being a Maths superstar – she’s shown great resilience when being challenged in Maths and is making lovely progress – it’s great to see her always smiling when she’s working hard! Addis was chosen for his great ideas in English. We can always rely on Addis to contribute to our class discussions, and he’s been giving us some brilliant ideas for noun phrases in both discussions and then applying this in his writing.

Week beginning 15th January 2024


In English this week the children have worked really hard planning for a setting description of the cottage in Goldilocks and the Three Bears, learning how to use noun phrases to make their writing more interesting. 


In Science we looked at how different artists have depicted weather in their art, thinking about what features we could see and how the artwork made us feel. 


In PSHE &C we learnt all about allergies, what they are, what the symptoms are and what to do if someone suffers an allergic reaction. We talked about what the main allergens are and checked different food packaging to see if they contained any allergens. 


Pupil of the Week 19th January 2024


Well done Muhammad and Lacey this week. Muhammad was chosen for brilliant work in Maths, trying really hard during our work on time. Lacey was chosen for beautiful blending, working really hard to read words with 4 sounds. We are so proud of them both.  



Week beginning 8th January 2024


Welcome back and Happy New Year! We’ve had a brilliant, productive week in Year 1T.

In English we have worked on a character description of Goldilocks, using powerful adjectives well to make our writing more interesting. In our reading lesson we read the story of Goldilocks, talked about the language used and then split into groups and retold the story by acting it out, which was so fun!

In Maths we have started to look at time, practising the days of the week and months of the year, and learning how to tell the time to the hour and to half past the hour. We have worked so hard and impressed Mrs Thomas and Miss Chelmowska a lot with how quickly we’ve picked this up!

In PSHE we talked about sun safety and designed posters about how to keep ourselves safe in the sun using “slip, slap, slop, shade, sunglasses’ – ask your children what the ‘slip, slap, slop’ stands for. They will definitely be ready to stay safe in the sun this summer!

We had a visit from Mr Parkin, who has started to teach the children how to play a Chinese New Year song on the glockenspiels – it sounded great and we all can’t wait to learn and practice more next week!

Finally, we are so proud of Reyhana and Briella, who entered the Young Writers' 'Super Pets' competition - their work has been chosen to go into a book so they will be published authors! How impressive! Well done Briella and Reyhana! 


Pupils of the Week 12th January 2024


Well done to our first Pupils of the Week in 2024! Aaron was chosen for brilliant work in Maths learning and remembering the days of the week. Alex was chosen for his brilliant acting when retelling the story of Goldilocks – he has super expression!


Week beginning 18th December 2023


We've had such a brilliant last week before the Christmas break. In RE we thought about who we are thankful to and why, and then wrote notes of thanks for our thank you jar. We showed off our best dance moves at our party, and sung beautifully at our Alive Church Carol Service. 


We have worked so hard this term, Mrs Thomas and Miss Chelmowska are so proud of us! 


Enjoy the break and we look forward to being back together in the New Year! 

Week beginning 4th December 2023


This week we have completed our 'Textiles' unit in Design and Technology - making puppets! We started by practising different joining techniques - gluing, stapling and using safety pins. We then designed the puppet we wanted to make, choosing the resources we wanted to decorate them with. We showed so much perseverance  and resilience when cutting around the templates to get the shape of our puppets. After we had joined and decorated our puppets we spent some time reflecting on the process and evaluated what went well, what we found to be a challenge, how we overcame the tricky elements, and what we would do different next time. We worked so hard on our puppets and they are all amazing - a true reflection of the work that went into them. Well done Year 1! 


We have also enjoyed our Christmas dinner in school this week, and pulled our crackers together, which was really fun! We are looking forward to our last week of the term next week, with our Christmas Party, Carol service, and Brighton's Got Talent all in store! 


 Pupil of the Week 15th December 2023


Well done Lacey and Emilia this week! 


Lacey was chosen for always being a brilliant role model, trying hard in everything she does, and for always looking after our classroom. Emilia was chosen for being a great friend this week, and for trying really hard to join in with our class discussions - over the last couple of weeks her confidence has grown and she's been taking a much more active part in her lessons, which is brilliant to see! 

Week beginning 4th December 2023


We've had another great week in Year 1. Mr Parkin's band came in to do a Christmas music workshop with us, which was so much fun! 


In Science we took part in some senses challenges - we tested our senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell - generally the children weren't a big a fan of the smell of the onion, but unsurprisingly most of them did enjoy the taste of the sweets! 


In Computing we have completed our "Mouse Skills" unit, learning how to click and drag, insert and edit shapes and pictures, and draw lines. We finished by creating self-portraits which looked amazing!


We also looked at Online Safety this week, talking about what the internet is, what is is used for, what the benefits and risks are, and how we can make sure that we stay safe when we are online. The most important thing that we learnt is that the best thing we can do is tell a trusted grown up whenever anything online happens that we're not sure about. 


In History the children looked at how and why Historians divide up time, and then we used a timeline to order some events from 'today' all the way back to World War 2. 


The children have been so excited to see what our mischievous elf, Sparkles, has been up to each night! In return it's been lovely for Miss Chelmowska and Mrs Thomas to hear from the children what the elves at home have been doing too! 


Pupils of the Week 8th December 2023


Well done to Jack and Miliana this week.


Miliana was chosen for her brilliant attitude and being such a great classroom helper. She's someone who both her teachers and classmates can always count on. Any time we need a friend for someone, or a job to be done, we know that Miliana will be there straight away volunteering herself to help. She has such a thoughtful nature that is so lovely to see. 


Jack was chosen for making some brilliant contributions in class discussions this week - he's been particularly animated when discussing what his elf at home has been doing. It's been great to see his confidence grow and to see this increased confidence spill into our other class discussions. Well done Jack - keep shining! 

Week beginning 27th November 2023


We've had such a busy week in Year 1! We spent an afternoon in our outdoor learning environment with Phil from Muddy Monsters, spent a day making Christmas crafts and welcomed Sparkles the elf to our class - we wonder how much mischief she'll get up to! 


In RE we talked about what Mary and Joseph would have been thankful for in the Nativity story, and in PSHE we talked about why it's important to get a good night's sleep, and what we can do to make sure that we do! 


Pupils of the Week 1st December 2023


Well done to Kenneth, who always gives 100% in his learning, trying so hard and showing persistence and resilience in everything he does.


Thea has has an amazing couple of weeks, giving great answers in group discussions and writing a lovely piece of writing in English - she used some brilliant adjectives - well done Thea! 

Week commencing 20th November 2023


The children have worked so hard this week! In Maths we have looked at 2D and 3D shapes and their properties. In English we have used adjectives to describe the house from Winnie the Witch, a book written by our author of the term, Valerie Thomas. In Science we have continued our 'Animals' unit, looking at common parts of different types of animals.  In PE we made narrow and wide shapes with our bodies and did a brilliant job copying our team leader! 


Pupil of the Week 24th November 2023


Lacey has worked so hard with her reading and blending; she's really starting to make progress which is lovely to see! Well done Lacey! 

Hawlan has been making some great contributions in our class discussions, especially when trying to think of adjectives, she's been amazing!

Well done Hawlan and Lacey! 





Week commencing 13th November 2023


This week has been Anti-Bullying Week, and Year 1T have talked a lot about what a bully is and what they can do if they are bullied or if they see someone else being bullied. The main thing they've learned is that it's really important to MAKE SOME NOISE! We've talked about the fact that bullying can never take away from how amazing they are as individuals and that they are surrounded by people who love and care for them. 


In English the children did their first 'Extended Write'! During the week we did a lot of work on 'adjectives' - describing words that give us more information about a noun (a person, a place or a thing) and on Friday they put this into practice by writing a character description of the witch from Room on the Broom. The children have blown us away with how well they've done and we can't wait to see how much more they'll achieve throughout their writing journey in Year 1! 


On Friday we celebrated Children In Need, we discussed what the day is for and where the money raised goes and had lots of fun colouring pictures and writing about Pudsey! 



Pupils of the Week 17th November 2023


Well done to Heidi and Thomas, our Pupils of the Week this week!

Thomas was chosen for trying hard during our whole class discussions, and for putting so much effort into his 'Haunted Howler' spooky story. 

Heidi was chosen for persevering in Maths. Initially she found counting in 10s. She put so much effort into her learning and kept trying even when she was finding it difficult. Heidi has also shown a lot of emotional intelligence this week and has been a great role model for the other children in our class because of this. 




Week beginning 6th November 2023


We have had such a lovely first week back after half term. We have worked hard, and had fun in our continuous provision areas. The children have written their own spooky stories, and have written re-tells of 'Room on the Broom', our English focus text, and taken shifts in our 'post office' - writing and delivering letters!  In our investigation area they have sorted different animals (in Science we learned about mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians). During Maths we have used part-part whole models to answer addition and subtraction questions - some of us have used our knowledge of number bonds to 10 to excel in this! This half term in History we will be exploring why some historical figures and events are remembered, and to start this we have learned about who Guy Fawkes is, as well as the events leading up to the 'Gunpowder plot' - we will be looking at the events that followed the 'Gunpowder plot' and what happened to the conspirators. 


We made poppies that we then planted, and held 2 minutes' silence to show our gratitude and respect to all of the soldiers that have helped to protect us and our freedom. 


Pupils of the Week 10th November 2023


A massive well done to our amazing Pupils of the Week - Jackson and Kyrie!

Jackson is such a lovely member of our class and a joy to have around, always aware of what needs to be done around the class and  taking action before we even get a chance to ask someone to do it! He's a great role model for the other children, who see how much he takes care of our learning environment and resources and are inspired to do the same. 

We love the enthusiasm for life that Kyrie has - if only we could bottle it! It's been brilliant this week to see him paying attention, actively listening to his teachers and peers, and as a result his contributions in class discussions have been great! 

Week beginning: 23rd October 2023


We've had such a fun last week of the half term! We began with celebrating our Harvest Festival in church where we sang 'Big Red Combine Harvester' brilliantly! Thank you to all of the grown ups who came to see us perform.


In PSHE we have focused on friendships; how to be a good friend, and what being a good friend looks like.


We have also spent a lot of the week doing our "Colour Splash" Art unit, experimenting with the primary colours, mixing and printing, and finally making our own plates inspired by the work of Clarice Cliff. 


On Friday we enjoyed Golden Day, celebrating all of our hard work and our great attitudes to learning during our first half term of Year 1. 


Enjoy the half term break everyone!

Week beginning 16th October 2023


This week we focused on working in a team in our PSHE lesson. We had to work together in groups to make a tower using only newspaper and tape! It was really important that we communicated with each other well by listening to each other and making sure that everyone on our team had a chance to have their say. We have also spent time talking about how we can look after our mental health and practised some 'belly breathing'. We were so relaxed that Mrs Thomas thought some of us had fallen asleep! 


The results are in and the winners of our Times Table Rockstars battle this week in Y1T were the.....drum roll please.......BOYS!!!

A special well done has to be given to Lacey, Emilia and Reyhana who were the girls' team's Most Valuable Players, and to Addis, Jay and Muhammad, who really did a great job as MVPs for the winning boys' team! 


Pupil of the week 20th October 2023


Our amazing pupils of the week this week are Reyhana and Jake. Reyhana always has beautiful presentation both in her books and when writing during her exploring time in the continuous provision. It's always a joy to read what she has written, and brilliant to see that she's even started to edit her own writing to make sure it's the best it can be! Jake is known as one of our top readers in class, but this week he was chosen for Pupil of the Week for his work in Maths, working really hard to half shapes and quantities. Well done Jake and Reyhana! 

Week beginning 9th October 2023


At the beginning of this week we had a brilliant day in our outdoor learning environment with Phil from Muddy Monsters, taking part in lots of team building activities including den building. We had great fun! In Maths we have started to look at fractions, halving objects and quantities. In RE we brought in and shared photos of us as babies to demonstrate how we are all unique and precious. 


Congratulations to Muhammad, Lacey and Addis who smashed Times Table Rock Stars this week, becoming our Most Valuable Players - we can't wait to find out who is MVP next week! 


We are very proud of the children who took part in an indoor athletics event at Gateshead Stadium - they were absolutely fantastic and each one was a brilliant role model and example for our school. 


Pupil of the Week 11th October 2023


Well done to Aaron and Khloe, our brilliant pupils of the week. Aaron has been stepping out of his comfort zone by exploring new areas and we couldn't be prouder of the progress he's making. Khloe joined our school last week and has had an amazing start; she's made friends straight away, tried hard in every lesson and it's like she's always been part of our Brighton Avenue family; she's a great addition to our class! 

Week beginning 2nd October 2023


This week we have enjoyed spending time in our continuous provision areas putting the learning we have done in our lessons into practice. In maths we have practised one more and one less, in PSHE we talked about how to be a good friend, in Science we learned about the parts of a plant - the children made some great models of plants in our art area! We're also making brilliant progress in our music sessions playing the glockenspiel with Mr Parkin. 


Pupils of the Week 4th October 2023


We are so proud of Peniel and Ryan this week! Ryan is a Maths superstar, working really hard with place value and one more and one less, as well as generally being a great role model in class. Peniel has been doing great reading, trying hard to blend and is becoming more confident with this. It's also lovely to see her confidence in class growing, she's been making more and more contributions to our group discussions; we love seeing her hand shooting up to give her input! Well done Peniel and Ryan! 

Week beginning 25th September 2023


We've had another great week in year 1. In PSHE&C we talked about what we want in a friend and how we can be a good friend. In Science this half term our topic is 'plants' and we learned the difference between deciduous and evergreen trees this week - ask us to see if we remember which is which when we are out and about! In R.E. we will be learning about what Christians believe this half term - this week we learned about how Christians believe the world was created. In Geography our unit is 'Where we live' and we looked at a map of the world and found where we live. Some of us showed the rest of the class where our parents were born too! We all had a great time in our outdoor learning environment using natural resources to add hair styles to our pictures - don't they all look fabulous?! 



Pupil of the Week 27th September 2023


We have been so impressed by Alex and Ward since they joined Year 1. Alex has been making great progress in RWInc and always gives 100% in everything he does. Ward has a brilliant attitude to her learning and is always positive and smiling - she's happy to give everything to go! She's a brilliant role model for the rest of the class. Well done Alex and Ward!

Week beginning 18th September 2023


We've had a great week in Year 1, focused on exploring the classroom environment and consolidating the learning that we have done so far.  In forest school we improved our team building skills by working together to build a mini raft that can float. We did a great job and had lots of fun! 


Pupils of the Week 20th September 2023


We are so proud of Addis and Yusra this week. Yusra was chosen for brilliant work and attitude in Read, Write, Inc. She is really shining in her group. Addis was chosen for his work on place value in Maths - he has a great understanding of this, and for always giving 100% in everything that he does.


Well done Addis and Yusra, the effort that you have put in so far is lovely to see! 

Pupils of the Week 13.09.2023


Well done to our amazing pupils of the week! Jay was chosen for his brilliant attitude to his learning, always trying his best and working hard in our Art 'Make Your Mark' drawing lessons. Briella was chosen for being a great role model to the rest of the class and for taking fantastic care of our classroom. They've both had a great start to Year 1! 


Week Beginning 11.09.2023


We've had a great week in Year 1! In Maths we have started to think about place value. We were brilliant at counting and sorting items from around the classroom. We enjoyed showing our 'precious' belongings from home during our RE lesson. Mr Parkin showed us how to use a glockenspiel - we were amazing at listening and following which notes to play! There are some budding musicians among us!

In Treetop Thursday we were challenged to work in teams to see who could build the tallest tower and we definitely showed our new teachers how well we can work together! 

Week beginning 5th September 2023


What a brilliant first week we've had in Year 1T! Your children have done a great job at settling in and are already starting to learn the expectations of being in year 1. They've spent lots of time exploring the classroom and our continuous provision, have learnt about the artists Bridget Riley and Zaria Forman in our 'Make Your Mark' drawing unit for Art, and have learnt about First Aid, practising putting plasters on our teddies/dolls (not forgetting to wash their hands first and to clean the area!) and learning how to take each others' temperatures.  Well done for a successful start to Year 1! We can't wait to see the progress we know you're going to make throughout the year.