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Here is a class of year ones,

They are bubbly, they are bold, they are fun!

They love exploring through play,

Together we learn each day,

Learning is active, engaging and fun! 

8.2.21- We have had lots of snowy fun this week!

Week beginning 01.02.2021. We have had a fun week learning about smart toys, internet safety, retelling the story of The Three Little Pigs and practicing some throwing, catching and hula-hoop skills!

Week beg 25.1.21- this week we have worked hard! We've been learning about fractions in Maths, body parts in Science and have fun taking part in 'Wild Wednesday'.

Wk beginning 18.01.21 - This week we took part in a very wet Wild Wednesday, we jumped in puddles, collected the rain water to fill our waterbutt and then made wormeries.

We've had great fun trying to make our own ice this morning- it's so cold outside!

week beg 11.1.21- We've had a super 'Wild Wednesday' exploring signs of winter and climbing on the tree stump!

Week Beginning 04.01.21 - We have waited for the snow all week! Today we had sledging races.

Overview of expected tasks for Tapestry Week 1

Week beginning 14.12.2020 - This week we had lots of fun training to be mini astronauts in PE and we had a special visit from Mr Parkin and his band. They played lots of Christmas songs for us, we danced and played some instruments!

We hope you all enjoy our Christmas song for you.

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Monday 7th December - Today we looked at the Christmas Nativity story. We talked about the birth of baby Jesus and why this event is important to Christians.

Look at our amazing Pupils of the Week!

Wednesday 2nd December - Today we all had a magical day making wonderful memories. We posted our letters to Santa Claus and visited the residents at Armstrong House. They listened to us singing our Christmas songs and wished them a Merry Christmas.

Our pupils of the week this week. 27.11.20

Look at our amazing pupils of the week!

The Reserve Advent Calendar

Dear Parents/ Carers,

This week we have been talking about charity with the children and have been overwhelmed at how much they have engaged in discussions about this topic. They have been great at suggesting things that can be donated to charity and why charities are extremely important, especially at this time of the year. We began to research charities and found a great idea called the reverse advent calendar. This idea highlights that the Christmas period should be just as much about ‘giving’ as it is about ‘receiving’. Please see the attached document for a little more information. As staff this is something we would really like to be part of so we have decided that we are going to form a little collection of food which we will add to everyday and at the end of this term we will donate the food to The People’s Kitchen. We thought it would be a great thing for the children to be part of and will be adding to the collection daily with food that we, as staff, will be bringing in. If you would like to make a small donation from the suggested list, then you are more than welcome but please do not feel any pressure to do so. This is a collective effort from all of year one, lead predominately by donations from the staff. We appreciate that it is a difficult time for many at present. The main objective is the message: that if we are in a position to help others it is a very kind and caring thing to do.

Thanks for your support,

The Year One Team

Week beginning 23rd November: this week we have been enjoying decorating the classroom. We have made a wreath, paper chains and snow flakes. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Tuesday 17th November - This week in Science we have been looking at the features of a mammal and fish. We are so lucky to have our own pet fish, Harry and Marv! Miss Dinning brought her dog, Reggie to see us all. It was a wonderful afternoon.

Friday 13th November - Our pupils of the week, Rio and Lyla.

Monday 9th November - This week we have continued to look at Remembrance Day. We have also started to look the celebration Diwali. This led us to making our own Rangoli patterns using different media.

Friday 6th November - Our pupils of the week this week are Trinity and Zachary.

Week beginning 2nd November:We have a had a super day celebrating Bonfire Night! We made chocolate sparklers, made firework pictures and we even burned a Guy. We also began to make some poppies for our Remembrance display.

Our Autumn Poem

As Summer turns to Autumn I think of,

Tractors on every field.

Fruit and vegetables for everyone, 

All the farmers go to work,

It's Harvest Time.


A Summer turns to Autumn I think of, 

All the machinery being out,

Lots of people are jumping about,

With peas, leeks, strawberries and more,

It's Harvest Time.


As Summer turns to Autumn I think of,

Sharing with people I love.


Thanking God from up above,

Thankful for everything I have,

It's Harvest Time. 

Our pupils of the week, Matina and Alex.

Verse 1

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Verse 2

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Verse 3

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Verse 4

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Wild Wednesday - What a whacky day we have had! We had to work as a team to build a bridge over the crocodile river, we didn't want them to bite us! Magnus brought some garlic and onions for us to plant - how lovely!

Week beginning 19th October - A spooky Halloween sensory circuit. We had to balance along the spooky spiders web, frog hop around the cones and practise creepy yoga poses.

Pupil of the week - This week our wonderful stars are Sienna-Rose and Leonard.

Wild Wednesday - This week we focused on some team building activities, solving out how we could get through the big spider's web and passing the hoop around the circle without leaving go of each other. This made us all giggle! We also worked together to build dens.

Week Beginning 12th October - This week we have been working hard in our PE sessions. We have practised hopscotch, skipping, using a space hopper and planking.

Our pupil of the week this week are Zachary and Japleen

Mental Health Awareness Day - Today we talked about mental health and what it means to look after our minds We shared ideas of how we can look after our minds such as going for a walk, dancing and helping others to find their happiness. The children each had a balloon - this represented their happiness. We asked them to find their own happiness, not everyone could do this so we decided it would be much better to help everyone find theirs.

Week beginning 5th October - On an afternoon, we access our continuous provision. Please take a look at all the wonderful things we have been up to. This week we look at finding where we were born using a world map. We have also talked about local landmarks - can you see our model we made in our STEAM area.

Look at our amazing pupils of the week!

WILD Wednesday... look at all of the fun we have had today. We have made mud faces using natural materials, painted on different textures such as trees and flat walls. Then we printed with leaves. I know we sometimes get a little dirty but we love the afternoon. Please feel free to send the children with spare socks, wellingtons and old coats on a Wednesday.

Tuesday 29th September - Today we completed a sensory circuit. We had to use all of our muscles throughout the session. We talked about the effects exercise has on our body.

Week Beginning 21st September 2020


Look at our amazing pupils of the week!
This week we have been making scarecrows for our growing area. They are based off the story 'The Scarecrows Wedding'!
We have had a lovely 'Wild Wednesday' this week. We have been climbing, den building, we loved riding on our new bus and we made a super see-saw!

Week Beginning 14th September 2020

Look at our amazing pupils of the week!

This week we have been spending the morning completing some art work. We designed our own patterned background and used various media to fill in the patterns. After that we had our very own photoshoot creating poses of ourselves to place onto the piece. The final aspect of the art work was to put captions about ourselves. We talked about how each piece of art work is 'unique'.

Week Beginning 17th September 2020

We have spent the week settling into our new classroom. It has been delightful having everybody at school again!