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Special Events

First Aid- The British Red Cross
The British Red Cross came into school to work with the Year 6's to help them learn about first aid. Importantly, we learnt how to put people into the recovery position safely as well how to carry out CPR on someone when they are unconscious. We learnt about ringing 999 when incidents occur and how to react calmly. 
Dance Festival- The Greatest Show
Take a look at us performing The Greatest Show in front of the school during our Dance Festival 2019. We worked so hard to learn the moves and discuss the timing before working together to spray paint our t-shirts with silver stars. We really enjoyed the performances and can't believe it was our last dance festival at Brighton Avenue!!
Art Exhibition
Take a look at some of our amazing art work from the Art Exhibition! We carefully sketched blossom trees before using water colours to add colour to our art. We loved discussing each others art when we visited the school's art gallery!
SATS... Completed!
After working sooooo hard for our SATs week, we loved enjoying the sunshine to celebrate finishing. We enjoyed spending the time playing football, games and generally relaxing with our friends. We learnt so much from our SATs and can't wait for the all the new experiences to come.
Book People Bus
When the Book People bus came to visit, we loved discussing our favourite books and taking our money to buy some new books. Youssef got very excited when he'd found a new a book on the bus and couldn't wait to tell the class. Here we are deciding what books we wanted to buy!

Red Nose Day

We really enjoyed coming to school dressed in red to raise money for those people who are not as fortunate as us! Take a look at us modelling our Red Noses as part of Red Nose 2019! We loved singing the Red Nose Day song 'put a nose on it'!

World Book Day 2019


For World Book Day 2019, Year 6T came dressed up as their favourite book characters. We had everything from The Cat in the Hat to the BFG! Take a look at some of our out-of-this-world costumes. As part of our World Book Day activities, we read the incredibly funny book: The Day the Crayons Quit. We wrote our own letters to Duncan, the owner of the crayons, expressing our feelings. 
Destination Judo

Year 6 were lucky to have a judo session with specialist judo instructors. We played some different games to help us learn the judo moves!

Bring Your Parent To School

For our 'Bring Your Parent/Grandparents To School' morning, we were getting messy and creating prints in the style of William Morris. Take a look at some of our parents, including Charlotte's dad who particularly loved the activity, joining in with their children and children's friends.

NSPCC Number Day

In order to raise money for the NSPCC, Year 6 came in non-uniform for the day. We worked together with our friends to design, create and play our own number day games! Take a look at some of the fun we had!

Safety Works

Year 6 visited Safety Works to find out how to keep safe when in our home and around the local environment, including keeping safe when travelling on the Metro, how to put someone into the recovery position, what would happen if you shop lift and the dangers of water.

Children in Need 2018

For Children in Need 2018, Year 6 came dressed in spots to raise money for the amazing charity! Have a look at some of our amazing activities!

Remembrance Day

As part of our celebrations of Remembrance Day 2018, Year 6 worked together to cut, glue and construct 3D poppies. Also, some children showed additional skills as they made their own poppies using amazing sewing skills. We put all of the poppies together to create a class wreath!

Golden Time- Brighton Bake Off

For Golden Time, we loved working together to make our own Chocolate Crispie cakes, especially the eating part!

Harvest Festival 

As part of Brighton Avenue's Harvest Festival, 6T and 6B performed 'Food Glorious Food' from the musical Oliver. We performed this for the school in St Chad's Church and at Brighton Avenue for our parents and carers.

Golden Time- Friendship Bracelets 

During Golden Time, Year 6T have loved developing our fine motor skills and building up a range of techniques to create different friendship bracelets. 

Brighton Avenue Art Week- Local Landscapes

During Art week, Year 6T created some outstanding masterpieces of the Tyne Bridge! We developed our sketching skills when we were sketching the Tyne Bridge, ensuring the shape and size of the bridge was accurate across the seven boxes. We also developed our skills when using water colours. In particular, we enjoyed blending different water colours together and looked making the water colours blend from dark to light. Some of these pieces of artwork have been selected to be displayed around school.