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Foundation Subjects

French- Tout sur moi
As part of our French in Year 6, we have been learning how to talk all about ourselves! We have learnt how to introduce ourselves, say how old we are and where we live. We moved on to learning the vocabulary to explain who is in our family and explain facts about then. Our next challenge was to discuss our favourite animals and explain why. We finished of the unit looking at describing the type of house we live in and where we would like to live.
Geography- Local Enquiry of Bensham
As part of our Geography lessons, we carried out our own geographical study of Bensham. We chose our own questions before choosing how we would carry out the research to answer this question. We decided that going on a first-hand walk of the area would be very beneficial for finding out answers. Here we are exploring our local surroundings.
As part of our PSHE+C lessons, we took part in a If You Care Share workshop. During this session, we looked at how to deal with our feelings and what to do if we have any issues. We talked about the importance of mental health in our lives and how to make sure we look after our mental health.
PE- Basketball with Newcastle Eagles

As part of our PE this half term, we have been working with Newcastle Eagles during basketball sessions. We have learnt how to pass and shoot accurately before playing games. 

History- Victorian School Life

This half term, we have been exploring about life during the Victorian times. We have been comparing school life during the 21st Century with the Victorian era! We all agreed that would prefer to come to Brighton Avenue School now! Take a look at us reinacting life during this tough and dreadful time period.

PE- Circuits

Year 6 have been keeping fit this half term during our PE lessons focusing on fitness. We have loved working in groups to complete stations including: burpees, star jumps, press ups, sit ups and even the plank. We are looking forward to leading our own circuit sessons!

Art- Northern Lights

Year 6 have been looking at Northern Lights artwork. We commented on existing artwork before using pastels and chalks to create our own backgrounds. We using sketching skills to create silhouettes. Our final pieces will be coming soon!

History- Writing and Presenting News reports 

As part of our History topic focusing on the major historical event of the sinking of the Titanic, we created our written news reports of the tragedy! We worked in groups to use iMovie to film this before editing these films. 

DT- Final Titanic Rooms

Over three weeks, we spent our time creating model furniture, wallpaper and the shell for our model Titanic Rooms! Take a look at some of our fantastic masterpieces!

Computing- Computational Thinkers 'Guess my Number'

During Computing lessons (focusing on Computational Thinkers), we have been learning about the common algorithms that computers use. We played 'Guess my Number' before discussing how this could be programmed on a Computer, using programmes like Scratch. We discussed the differences between different searches that we use on computers.

PE- Football and Hockey Warm Up Activities

As part of our PE lessons, we have been looking at warming up our bodies and preparing our muscles ready for exercise! We have loved working together to get our hearts racing during a range of circuit activities. Following on from this, we have loved developing a range of skills to apply into team games of Football and Hockey.

D&T- Titanic Rooms

During D&T lessons, we are going to be designing and creating our own Titanic rooms. In the first lesson, we researched the decor of 20th Century rooms and used this to sketch what the rooms in the Titanic would have looked like. We researched the different designs on wallpaper, carpet and furniture in this time period. Keep looking back on this page to see our finished Titanic rooms!