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Multi-Cultural Week!

Wednesday 3rd July 2019


Today, we enjoyed a visit from Zhyar's sister who taught us all a little bit of Kurdish. Along with the help of Zhyar, Shanga showed us how to write and speak the alphabet in Kurdish and also the numbers from 1-10. We are so grateful for Shanga and Zhyar showing us this and we loved learning about a culture that is different to our own! 


If U Care Share Workshop!

Friday 3rd May 2019


Today we took part in a fantastic workshop led by Matthew from the If U Care Share Foundation. We talked about the importance of good mental health and also how to understand our emotions. Matthew really helped us to understand and talk through our emotions and what to do if we ever felt stressed or down. 


Our visit to Eden Camp!

Thursday 25th April 2019


Year 5 loved their visit to Eden Camp today, we learnt so much about the life of a prisoner of war in England and also what life was life for ordinary people living in Great Britain during the war. We had a very exciting (and very tiring!) day!!


Emmanuel College Science Project!

Tuesday 2nd April 2019


We finished off our Emmanuel Science Project today with a fantastic trip to Emmanuel. Mr Oakes taught us how to be extremely safe with bunsen burners and we even managed to gain our bunsen burner licenses! 

We had a fun morning participating in a chemsitry lesson where we were burning materials and also a physics lesson where we will building parachutes to protect eggs!



Combat Confidence Sessions!

Tuesday 12th March 


We loved our combat confidence session with Keiran today, we had so much fun learning about different types of self defence! 

Super scientists @ Life Centre!

Thursday 7th March 2019


We had a fantastic day at the Life Centre today, exploring and investigating reversible and irreversible changes in chemicals. We even used a bunsen burner for the first time!! Don't we look fab in our lab coats! no​​​​​​​

Shang-tastic day @ Durham Oriental Museum!

Thursday 24th January 2019


This week, we visited the fantastic Durham Oriental Museum and had a wonderful day! We started our day by creating our own bronze pottery and we learnt all about the features that would have been included on a piece of Shang pottery – this will really help us with our DT work! We then explored the sensational Chinese artefacts the museum had to offer, we looked at pieces of Chinese art right back from the Neolithic period. We then had a go at writing in ancient Chinese symbols and finished our day off by acting out a story about the last Shang king! We learnt SO much about the Shang Dynasty, which is going to really help us with our topic this half term!

Spring Term Library Visit!

Wednesday 23rd January 2019


We loved visiting our local library for a third time this year, to change our books and also take part in a library scavenger hunt! We showed that we can navigate our way around the library and use the book finder to find specific topic books. It was lovely to see some of our children asking the librarian if they had any books based around our theme this half term (Shang Dynasty), showing their enthusiasm for the topic and willingness to learn more!


Kingsmeadow Taster Day!

Wednesday 7th November 2018


We had the fantastic opportunity to take part in a 'taster day' at one of our secondary feeder schools, Kingsmeadow. We took part in lessons just like we would if we were in secondary school. In our PE lesson, we took part in some Gymnastics where we learnt something called 'flight'. We also had a fabulous Geography lesson where we were learning about Japan and ended our day with something very new - a Spanish lesson! We learnt the number 0-10 in Spanish and played some very funny games!

What a superb day we had!!

Who run the world? GIRLS!

History Visitor

Friday 12th October 2018


Today we had the pleasure of welcoming Rosie (a history expert!) into our school, she taught us all about a couple of inspirational women who we have been looking at in our History lessons. She knew SO much about the lives of Rosa Parks and J.K. Rowling and we were fascinated by all of the facts she knew - we had so many questions to ask!! She spoke about how the women become famous and what they were famous for, she also brought in some very old toys for us to play with and we were all amazed that they were all made out of wood! We could not thank Rosie enough for sharing all of her fantastic knowledge with us and we hope to see her again soon! 

Trip to the Library!

Thursday 20th September 2018


Today, 5S had their first Library trip of this year and it was a very exciting one! When we arrived, we were met by Simon who gave us a fabulous tour of the Library - we were even allowed access to areas we normally wouldn't be!! He explained all about the history of the library and even showed us some old photographs and design drawings from the person who designed the Library. We were also taken downstairs (underground!) an shown some really old books and newspapers from WW1. We talked a little bit about WW1 and looked at some of the men that fought in the war and had the chance to show our respect by writing their names on a poppy. To finish off our morning we were allowed to choose a book from the Library and bring back to school to read. We are all so excited to begin reading our books!!