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Year 3J/M

Success for all …because every child is a star!

We are thrilled to welcome Year 3JM to the best class ever, where warmth and happiness are at the heart of everything we do.

In our classroom, there is a constant buzz of learning, as we strive to make every child's unique star shine. We believe in prioritising health and well-being, ensuring that every child feels loved, valued, supported, challenged, and encouraged to grow and develop.

Our goal is to nurture caring, democratic, responsible, and accepting individuals who will continue to thrive and make positive contributions to our future society. We can't wait to embark on this exciting journey together!


A huge welcome to our new children in Year 3JM, we are all so excited to start a new school year! Mrs. Miller will be teaching you on a Monday and Mrs. Jones will teach you for the rest of the week. As well as this, Mr. Gallagher will be in at the start of the week and Mrs. Stewart will also be working with you at the end in the week.


Throughout the year, we have so many amazing things planned for you. I know you will all work extremely hard to reach your full potential and achieve all of your goals. There will be lots of challenges but I know you will have lots of fun and enjoy all the wonderful rewards. 



Keep coming back to our class page for our weekly news updates and photographs of our work and activities.

Week Beginning 26.02.24

It has been lovely to welcome the children back to school this week. We have begun our Sculpture and 3D project in Art this week. The children have been inspired by Anthony Caro, a British abstract artist. They thought carefully about how the artwork made them feel then began to create small sculptures, using a range of folding paper techniques. On Friday, Greig from 52lives, came into school to run a workshop on the benefits of kindness and what they can do to be kind.  It was a very enjoyable session for all the children.

Week Beginning 12.02.24

This week we have been doing lots of amazing things! We created our pneumatic toys in DT, we began our research by talking to the Year 1 children and finding out what they were interested in so our toys would reflect their interest. After this we investigated pneumatics, looking at how to create motion using air. We made the toys move by attaching a tube to a balloon and inflating a balloon which lifted the lid. In maths this week, we were using reasoning skills to help a scientist find the correct data for his statements. We had such fun! As well as this we visited Shipley Art Gallery.

Shipley Art Gallery

The children visited Shipley Art Gallery and participated in a textures workshop. When looking around the gallery, we looked at how artists create different textures. We learnt all about different techniques we could use, such as stippling and shading and we practised using these techniques.

Week Beginning 05.02.2024


This week started off with a visitor who shared all about her religion of Hinduism. The children loved listening to her music, asking questions and dressing up in some traditional clothing. 

Pupil of the week 02.02.24

What a fun packed week we've had! We completed our instructions on 'How to create a stress ball'. The children included fronted adverbials, bossy verbs, technical vocabulary and adverbs, in their writing! Amazing. Friday was NSPCC number day, we collected data on a topic we were interested in, next week we will input our data into a bar chart. I can't wait to see them!

Pupils of the week 26.01.24

This week our pupils of the week are Keira and Scarlett. Keira has made amazing progress in her reading. She has developed her fluency and is able to answer questions in the text. Keira has been reading daily at school, her reading has sky rocketed!!! Scarlett's work ethic has been second to none, she always tries her best and all the adults in our classroom have noticed this. What a star!

Week Beginning 22.01.24

The children have been visited by archeologists from Durham University. Together we have been learning about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and the Iron Age. The children examined a range of artefacts, thought about what materials they were made from and made predictions about what they were used for. What a fun morning!

Pupil of the week - 19.01.24

This week's pupils of the week are Leo and Harry. Harry has been making a huge effort to improve his handwriting and presentation, he has been working with Mr Gallagher to form his letters correctly and is applying this to his work. Keep up the good work Harry! In maths, Leo has been absolutely fantastic. He continually needs challenged and always works systematically to solve problems, his reasoning skills are superb!

Week Beginning 15.01.2024


We had a great time in Muddy Monsters this week even though most of the mud had turned to ice! We used a knife for the first time to whittle a stick into a point. Phil made sure we were all safe by giving us a 'tool talk' and supervising us using the knife. At the end we made a camp fire and got to toast a marshmallow on our whittled sticks-yum!


Pupil of the week - 12.01.24

This week's pupils of the week are Edward and Evan. Evan has made huge improvements in his concentration and his work ethic and this is really showing in the work he produces! What a star! Edward has been amazing in Science, listening carefully and applying his knowledge. 


Week Beginning 08.02.24

Happy New Year! What a lovely week back after the holiday, all the children came into school ready to learn and happy to be back. How lovely! In PE, the children have been practising throwing and catching a tennis ball, they will be learning to play tennis and developing these skills further. In maths we have been working on position and direction, focussing on right angles turns, looking at quarter, half and three quarter turns clockwise and anti-clockwise, As well as this, we have been learning and using the points of a compass.

Week Beginning 18.12.23

What a fun week! We had a wonderful time at our Christmas Carol Service at St George's Live Church, we listened to readings, sang Christmas Carols and thought about the birth of Jesus. This was a time to reflect and think about our loved ones and a time to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We have had great fun creating Christmas cards for our loved ones and had an amazing time at our Christmas Party!

Week beginning 11.12.23

This week we have been working on our textiles project in DT. Together we analysed a range of fastenings and decided what we liked and disliked about them. We then made a design criteria for a book sleeve which included a fastening of our choice, we made a prototype then made our book sleeve, joining the material with a running stitch. What fun!

This week our Pupils of the Week are Edward and Leon. Edward is a perfect role model in our class, his work ethic is second to none. Edward you are a real credit to your parents! Leon is moving to a new school in January, he will a huge miss in our classroom and in deed the whole school. It is a massive change for Leon but we are so proud of his attitude to his exciting new beginning. We all wish him every success in the future!

Pupils of the week 15.12.23

Week Beginning 04.12.23

This week has been STEAM week, the children looked at a range of careers they could have when they grow up. They looked at the abstract Artist Wassily Kandinsky and made links to Georgia O'Keeffe. As well as this, the children have had a week filled with music. They have been singing songs for their Carol Service, following written music to play ukuleles and glockenspiels as well as improvising when playing. On Wednesday, Mr Parkin's band came into school and the children sang, danced and played percussion instruments to a range of festive songs. 

08.12.23 Pupil of the week

This week's pupil of the week is Zher! He has grown in confidence so much since starting Year 3. Zher is not afraid to try anything, he has such a 'have a go' attitude to everything in class, which is so lovely to see. He even played the keyboard in front of then whole class. Well done!

Week Beginning 27th November

This week we visited Gateshead Library. We had so much fun completing a scavenger hunt and finding all about the different types of books they have a where to locate them. We each got to choose a book to bring back to school and we will return them on our next visit.


Pupil of the week 01.12.23

This week's pupil's of the week are Goodness and Kyrin! Goodness could be a pupil of the week every week, she always gives 100% in every lesson and is such a wonderful role model! Always listening and giving her best. This week Kyrin has made an amazing effort to include ALL of his success criteria. He has been such a super star! Well done.

Pupil of the week 24.11.23

A huge well done to our lovely Lisseth who is this week's pupil of the week. Lisseth has been AMAZING supporting her peers with their understanding in Spanish. She confidently models how to pronounce words and helps anyone finding it tricky. Lisseth you are a star!

Week Beginning 20.11.23


This week started with a visit from Muddy Monsters. We loved working in our forest school and tried really hard to develop our knot tying skills. We attempted to tie 2 sticks together using a square lashing technique. Some of us went on to develop this by making our own photo frames and ladders! We spent the rest of the morning exploring the environment and getting very muddy!!!

Week Beginning 13.11.2023

In Science we have been finding out about solids, liquids and gases. This week we carried out an experiment to see if we could change solids to liquids by melting them over hot water. We timed how long each item took to melt and found that ice and butter were much quicker to change state than wax. Different materials have different melting points- why not try out some different materials at home? 

17.11.23 Pupil of the Week

A huge well done to Emily and David our fabulous pupil's of the week. David has made AMAZING progress in maths! There's no stopping him! He has worked so hard solving column addition and subtraction calculations and completed all of his challenges. Emily has her pupil of the week for always being positive and such a polite, caring young lady. Emily has perfect manners and always comes to school with a huge smile on her face. As well as this she has also produced amazing maths work. Well done!

Week Beginning 06.11.23

This week the children have been thinking about the importance of Remembrance. The children created their own Poppy and planted them in our school's own field of Remembrance. This week was also Parliament Week, the children learnt about Parliament and how the Government help run the country. They discussed issues important to them.

10.09.23 Pupil of the week

This week's pupils of the week are Annie-Sue and Malia! Well done to both of you. Annie-Sue has been trying so hard in writing, she showed great determination to include all of the sounds she knows when writing a character description, fantastic! Malia showed such resilience when using column addition in maths, she independently corrected her mistakes and didn't give up until she had every calculation right, what a star!

Week Beginning 23.10.23


Today we visited Alive Church with the rest of the school for our Harvest Festival. We performed our song 'Turnips for Breakfast' on stage. Our singing was fantastic and we really enjoyed the whole performance.

The children had an amazing time at the Great North Museum, where they looked at a range of Stone Age artefacts and became geologists, classifying a range of rocks in the workshop.

Week Beginning 16.10.23

This week the children have worked super hard in History, they became archeologists as they looked carefully at a range of Stone Age artefacts and made judgements about what they thought the artefacts were, what material they were made from and what they were used for, drawing on their knowledge of the Stone Age. In Art, the children collected some natural materials, such as flowers, berries, herbs, sticks, and soil to mix with flower and create their own prehistoric paint. They also made their own cave wall using sand and glue, then used charcole and paint to create prehistoric cave paintings of their own.

Pupil of the week - 20.10.23

Well done to this week's pupils of the week Rameen and Shayne, Rameen has been working so hard, she has been determined to become pupil of the week! In English. she was a confident expert witness as she was interviewed by a newspaper reporter on her expertise around plastic pollution. Shayne was able to give a range of comparisons between the Paleolithic Era (Start of the Stone Age) and Neolithic Era (the end of the Stone Age). Amazing!

Week beginning 09.10.23

This week the children have been learning all about musical notation, they have used the glockenspiels to copy rhythms and play tunes. The children have worked with Mr Parkin and played the ukuleles, they were all so determined to play the correct chords and to work in time as a group. They were amazing!

Pupil of the week 13.10.23

A huge hell done to this week's pupils of the week, Ester and Youseph. Youseph has shown great resilience when writing an introduction to a newspaper report, he kept trying and didn't give up until he had included the who, what where, when and why! Ester worked so hard in guided reading, she showed great confidence in her group discussions about the texts read.

Week Beginning 02.10.23

Still image for this video

This week the children have been celebrating Poetry Day, they read and performed a poem called 'On the Move Again' . This poem was about a refugee, the children also read a book called 'The journey' which was about similar event. The children enjoyed discussing the themes and this helped them to portray emotions in their performance.

Pupil of The Week 04.10.23

This week's pupil of the week is Hadia. Hadia has been working so hard on her presentation, she always sets her work out perfectly and her handwriting is beautiful she forms her letters correctly and joins in our cursive style. Fantastic!

Week Beginning 25.09.2023


This week started with a brilliant Muddy Monsters session. We spent time working on our team building skills and then explored all of the areas in our Forest School. We played a game of human Tic Tac Toe. Only the team leader could speak and had to direct their team to victory by getting 3 children in a row without being blocked by the other team.


In the second game, we had to get across the yard (the river) but we could only stand on the coloured tiles.

This game required lots of good communication and team-work to pass the spare tile to the end and make it across the river.

Pupil of the Week 27.09.23

Week Beginning - 18.09.23

This week we have continued our learning on the Stone Age. We looked at common misconceptions and how we find out about life in the Stone Age. In English, we were inspired by the book Stone Age Boy and developed our creative writing, focusing on noun phrases. We also looked closely at friendships and families in PSCHE, thinking carefully about how we would solve disagreements.

Pupil of the week - 20.09.23

Our two amazing pupils of the week, this week are Goodness and Isreal. Goodness always gives 100% in her lessons, she listens carefully and applies all of her success criteria and takes such care with her presentation. Isreal has produced amazing writing based around the Stone Age Boy, including prepositions and noun phrases as well as this Israel is fully involved in all lessons, he always puts up his hand and joins in class discussions.

Week beginning - 11.09.23

We've had an active week this week, where we have created symmetrical balances in gymnastics, played basketball in team games and even had session with the Karate coach. The Karate coach taught us to kick and punch using a shield. 

In maths, we have been working on place value and impressed all the teachers with our knowledge of 2 and 3 digit numbers! Amazing.

Pupil of the week -  13.09.23

A huge well done to our first pupils of the week, James and Shanaya. Shanaya worked so well during art week, producing some fabulous botanical flower sketches and then creating her abstract version of the flowers. Shanaya was inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe, telling the class "I love the way she uses colour to reflect her emotions about the flower!" Our other pupil of the week is James, he has settled into Year 3 beautifully and been such a good role model to the rest of the class, always the first to listen and be ready to start his work, amazing!



Week Beginning 04.09.23

What an amazing week we have had! The children have settled in so quickly and have been just wonderful! This week has been Art Week and we have been inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe's abstract art. We have looked closely at flowers, creating botanical drawings, then created our own interpretations of flowers and used different tones in our work.