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Year 4J

 Year 4, I can't believe we've had to end the year this way!


You have been a fabulous class and I wish you all an amazing holiday. You have all worked so hard this year and adapted so well to all the changes. What a year it's been! I'm just looking at the photo of you all on the website and can't believe how much you've all grown up! You really are amazing. Good luck in Year 5 and we'll see you all 6 weeks. 


In Year 4, Mrs Miller will be working in class on a Monday and Mrs Jones will be in class for the rest of the week. Miss Helm will be in class every day!

After a disruptive 2019/20, we are determined to make up for lost time with our wonderful recovery curriculum, where we strive to achieve new skills and knowledge. We will be covering lots of PSHE sessions where you will have time to talk about feelings and any concerns you may have.

Keep coming back to our page for our weekly news updates and photographs of our work and activities. Be sure to scroll down so you don't miss anything! smiley


Close Contact Letter - 22nd July 2021

Home Learning - 29.06.21

Now that we are self-isolating, we need to be taking part in our home learning sessions. This can take 2 forms: 

- Log onto Microsoft Teams using your login information found in your Reading Records

- Complete a paper pack of learning which can be collected from the school office. 


Below is a timetable of the online learning. Lessons will be three times a day at 9:30am, 11:00am and 1:00pm. If you are having any issues accessing the lessons, please contact me on or contact the school directly. 



Multiplication Tables Check 2021

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Independent Learning Opportunities

Follow this link to discover a world of learning that you can do alongside what you are doing either at home or at school! There are books to read, songs to sing, languages to learn and art to create! Just click below and off you go!

Week beg. 12th July

Week 5 - Summer 2


On Wednesday 14th July we went to Shipley Art Gallery to be part of a nature workshop. We made bug hotels and decorated them. When we returned to school we hung them on a tree in forest school!

Our two stars of the week are Michael, for being an amazing sports person and Demi for always being organised and helping out in the classroom.

Week beg. 5th July

Week 4 - Summer 2


In History this week 'That History Bloke' came to visit us. He taught us lots of things about Vikings.  We listened to a Viking story, looked at Viking artefacts, played a Viking board game and even learnt to write our name in Viking runes. We had so much fun!

Our two stars this week are Olivia and Sema, Sema produced an amazing diary entry and Liv worked fantastically in Maths investigating differences in numbers.

Week beg. 21st June 2021

Week 3 - Summer 2

In Science we've been testing the absorbency of different materials in order to find out which would be the best for mopping up the spilled milk in breakfast club.


Our two stars this week are Olivia and Angel. Olivia received her award for fantastic spellings and creating a super maths game. Angel received her award for great writing in English. Keep smashing it girls! 


Week beg. 14th June 2021

Week 2 - Summer 2

This week the children have wowed the staff with their amazing poetry writing, using extended metaphors to describe the sea! 


Our amazing Poppy and Paul received Pupil of the Week this week as we were so impressed with their ideas during the poetry lessons.

Week beg. 7th June 2021

Week 1 - Summer 2

In RE we looked at the world around us and discussed how Christians believe God created the Earth. We looked at how nature is filled with owe and wonder and created our nature pallet.


Our Pupil of the Week award goes to Rubina and Riley. Rubina wrote an outstanding newspaper report about the Viking Invasion and Riley worked super hard in English when producing a poem about the sea. Amazing work guys, keep it up!

Week beg. 24th May 2021

Week 6 - Summer 1

We had a fantastic Science lesson where we dissected flowers and discussed the function of each part. It is fascinating to think that a flower has a reproductive structure, just like humans and animals!

Our Art lesson had us making more instruments from recycled materials! This time we made drums and decorated them with wax musical notes and water colours.

During our Collective Worship time, we have been reviewing the importance of staying safe online. Take a look at some of our 'SMART' posters.


Our final stars of Summer 1 are Abdullah and Hamza. Both boys have been fantastic in English, including lots of their success criteria in their narrative writing. Keep up the amazing work guys.

Week beg. 17th May 2021

Week 5 - Summer 1

This week , in Maths, we have looked at fractions of amounts and have been practising our times tables. 

In English, we finished our narrative plans in preparation for writing the story next week. We have been using lots of different targets including a range of sentences types, fronted adverbials (of speech, time, place and action), conjunctions, description and dialogue. We can't wait to share them with you when we've completed them! 

In R.E. we are looking at the Muslim religion and how it compares to Christianity. During this week's lesson, we considered the different celebrations and exchanging of cards; then we designed our own.

In Art, we have been using recycled materials to make instruments. We added rice, pasta or beans to plastic bottles and made maracas, with geometric patterns for decoration.

Our Science lesson had us planning an investigation into what plants need to survive. Each group changed a different variable but kept the other variables the same, to ensure its a fair test. We are investigating the effects of no water, no light, no soil and no warmth. 


Our 2 pupils of the week are Liv and Michael. Both children have worked super hard during Maths this week when finding fractions of amounts. All the TTRS sessions are definitely having a great impact. Fantastic effort guys. Well done! 

Week beg. 10th May 2021

Week 4 - Summer 1

This week we made some predictions in Science. We discussed the purpose of leaves and their role in photosynthesis. Then, we considered what might happen if the leaves didn't get any carbon dioxide from the air. 

In English we're continuing our writing about Toki and the tribe. We have focused on speech and punctuation.


Our 2 stars this week are Koray and Jacob. Koray has given fantastic ideas in English and used great vocabulary in his work. Jacob has been trying hard in all of his lessons and giving everything 100%. Great work guys. Keep it up!

Week beg. 3rd May 2021

Week 3 - Summer 1

We've had a short week this week but have still managed to fit in lots of different activities and lessons!

In Spanish, we have been practising our greetings and learning how to ask how someone is feeling.

In Art, we continue to look at the work of different sculptors and this week it was Sokari Douglas Camp whose work inspired us. We made a start on our designs but the full effect will not be seen until next week! Watch this space!

We had an online live session with authors Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre They read some of their stories all about Kevin, the roly poly flying pony, and taught us how to draw him! They then answered lots of questions about what inspired them to write and gave us some tips for producing our own creative writing. 

On Friday we celebrated NSPCC Number Day! We took part in a variety of number based activities, both indoors and outdoors, involving measuring, adding, multiplying, estimating and more! 

Week beg. 26th April 2021

Week 2 - Summer 1

This week, in R.E., we have been comparing Muslim and Christian Weddings, looking at the similarities and differences. We then designed our own wedding outfit!

In Maths, we've been interpreting data and drawing our own bar charts and graphs. 

In English, we looked at advervials of time and place whilst retelling the story of Toki and his tribe. 

In Science, we set up an experiment to find out how water is transported in plants.

In Art, we looked at the work of Giuseppe Arcimboldo, who was an Italian painter best known for creating imaginative portrait heads made entirely of objects such as fruits. We then created our own pieces of art in the same style.


Our two pupils of the week are Poppy and Angel. Both girls have impressed Miss Helm in English. Check out their work below! 


Week beg. 19th April 2021

Week 1 - Summer 1

Welcome back everyone! 

This week we have been practicing our cheerleading balances in PE, which was lots of fun! We also learnt about the importance of rosary beads to the Islamic religion and we had the opportunity to make our own. 

In Maths, we've been calculating time intervals and reading scales.

In English, the pupils have been learning how to write persuasive letters. We discussed the features of these letters, what language we can use to have the biggest impact and how to make the reader really think. Below are just a selection of these letters. Take a look and see if you are persuaded to change!


Our 2 stars this week are Paul, for wowing Mr Burns in Maths, and Iris for her amazing contributions in English. Keep up the great work guys.

Week beg. 29th March 2021

Week 6 Spring 2

This week we got to make our torches which was so much fun! We followed our design brief and ensured our switches worked before securing our circuits into the cardboard casing. 

We also took part in some orienteering around the school. We followed the map and found the clues to spell out a well known phrase. 

Week beg. 22nd March 2021

Week 5 Spring 2

This week we made a start on our DT. We're going to be making torches and so our first lesson was all about what components we'll need and how to put them together to create a circuit. 

Our History lesson had us looking at Sutton Hoo and what it tells us about the Anglo Saxon world. 

In RE, we discussed the positives and negatives of the world, looking in particular at how Christians would like to see the world. 


Our two super stars this week are Mason and Michael. Mason has shown a huge improvement in his throwing and catching skills and Michael has produced a fantastic non-chronological report on a jaguar! Well done boys! Keep shining! 

Week beg. 15th March 2021

Week 4 Spring 2

This week we have looked at conversion of measurement in Maths and Non-Chronological Reports in English. In Science, we considered what shadows are and how they're formed by an absence of light. We then made our own shadow puppets. Our RE lesson had us discussing the importance of community (to Christians) and we designed bulletin boards of events that Churches might offer to welcome new people. We also celebrated Comic Relief by wearing odd socks and making posters. 


Our 2 stars this week are Sema and Kade. Sema has returned to school with a great, positive attitude and has been putting 100% into all of her lessons. Kade has shown real determination in Maths when converting between different measurements. Great work guys. Keep it up!

Week beg. 8th March 2021

Week 3 Spring 2

In Science, we continued our investigations into light and looked for the best material to make sunglasses. We also sorted materials into transparent, translucent and opaque. 

Our Maths involved reading and plotting coordinates and looking at translation.  

In English, we researched all about the 4 layers of the rainforest and the different animals that live there. Using our extended vocabulary, like similies, fronted advervials, possessive apostrophes and noun phrases, we then built up some amazing descriptions of the rainforest. 


Our 2 Pupils of Week are Antonio, for improved attitude, and Hamza, for contributing more in class and 'coming out of his shell'. 


ALL children have had a fantastic week back at school. They've all shown amazing enthusiasm and determination to pick up their learning back in the classroom.  

Week beg. 1st March 2021

Week 2 Spring 2

Our Science lesson introduced us to the measurement of light, which is LUX. We investigated different materials and evaluated our findings. 

In Maths we've looked at symmetry and in English we're beginning our descriptive writing. We've been using powerful noun phrases, verbs and prepositions to describe a Rainforest and bring it to life. 

In History, we used the iPads to research all about Anglo-Saxon Villages and then created fact files with the information. 

As it has been World Book Day this week, we took part in lots of different activities and we came to school in our PJs! We tuned in to videos from different authors sharing their stories and ideas, completed wordsearches, made up our own short stories and sorted books into genres. Mr Burns also shared his favourite story with us and then we created our own 'character with a secret'. 

Week beg. 22nd February 2021

Week 1 Spring 2

This term we will look at a new History topic; with our first lesson considering why the Romans left Britain. We put ourselves in the position of Emperor Honorius and wrote a letter to the people of Britain explaining our departure. 

In English, we're continuing with our class reader 'Kensukes Kingdom' and have been looking at setting descriptions and character descriptions. 

We've revisited 'Shape' in Maths and studied the properties of both 2d and 3d shapes. We then compared their similarities and differences, in terms of vertices, faces and edges. 

In Science, we started our new topic, 'Light'. We discussed why we need light and considered some of the different light sources we could use if no natural light was available. 

In R.E. we discussed the first followers of Jesus and considered why they chose this path.

Week beg. 8th February 2021

Week 6 Spring 1

This week we've had so much fun in the snow. We built a snowman, went sledging and had snowball fights. Even the teachers joined in! 

Indoors, we finished our Science topic of 'sound' by looking at the relationship between volume and distance. 

In Maths, we looked at different methods of division and solved word problems. 

Our English had us revisiting fronted advervials and synonyms. As a class, we discussed the best fronted advervials to  describe an image of a haunted house. Take a look at what we came up with! For our synonyms, we thought about how powerful the words were and placed them onto our target boards. 

In Geography, we finished our 'Sustainability' topic by creating posters and reflecting on how sustainable we've been. 

Week beg. 1st February 2021

Week 5 Spring 1

In Science, we looked at the link between volume and vibrations. We used our voices and bodies to make loud and quiet sounds and considered the strength of the vibrations. We then went on to compose our own pieces of music which resembled a storm. 

We are continuing with our newspaper reports in English, working towards writing our own! 

In PSHE, we looked at the different types of media and worked in groups to give a small presentation.

In Maths, we've continued our revision of previously taught methods of calculation, working on extending our knowledge of different strategies.

Our R.E. lesson involved us looking at the Jewish Festival of Sukkot, which is similar to the Christian Harvest Festival.

We wrote our final newspaper reports in English; all about the return of Michael Finneghan!

As it's Children's Mental Heath Awareness Week, we've focused on the different ways in which we express ourselves, for example through dance, art, music, craft etc. 


Week beg. 25th January 2021

Week 4 Spring 1

This week we have continued with our newspaper reports in English and revisited addition and subtraction in Maths, including fractions. We continued looking at 'Sound' in Science and we carried out some investigations to further our understanding of pitch. In Geography, we researched all about the Lapwing and how sustainable development can help to stop the decline in this species of bird. In R.E. we looked at how the Jewish community celebrate Rosh Hashanah and compared it to our celebration of New Year. To end the week, we completed a tough Joe Wicks session before our well deserved Golden Time!


A huge shout out to all of the children working from home! We've been super impressed with your efforts and the content of the work has been great. Keep it up, you're all doing a fantastic job! 

Week beg. 18th January 2021

Week 3 Spring 1

In English, we've been identifying the different features of newspaper reports, in preparation for us writing our own. We discussed the importance of the features in drawing the attention of the reader.

Our Maths has involved us revisiting fractions and decimals. In particular, we looked at equivalents, amounts and problem solving.

For our P.E, Miss Helm became 'Joe Wicks' and lead a fitness workout for us.

In Science, we learnt about how we hear sound. We discovered that there's actually 3 parts to the ear and they all have an important job in the process of hearing. 

In Geography, we made posters promoting renewable energy and we identified the benefits of wind and solar power.

In R.E. we learnt all about the celebration of Chanukah.

Week beg. 11th January 2021

Week 2 Spring 1

In English, we continued with our story writing, focussing on dialogue and exciting vocabulary. Take a look at some of our finished stories!

In Maths, we have been looking at negative numbers, multiples and factors. We've also been challenging one another on TTRS! 

PSHE+C links in with our Collective Worship theme, this term, which is all about Human Rights. This week, we designed some amazing posters identifying some of the rights we're entitled too. 

During RE, we learnt all about Yom Kippur and why it's important to Jewish people. It is a special time for forgiveness and is considered the most holy day of the year. 

Our Science this term is all about Sound so we've carried out several investigations to find out how we hear sound. 

In Geography, we discussed what we can do to be more sustainable. We came up with lots of ideas such as turning off light switches, having shorter showers and picking up litter! 

Well done to all of the children who have continued to access the home learning (packs or online) sessions. We've been really impressed with the completed tasks that have been submitted. Keep up the amazing work during these uncertain times. We miss you all and hope you're all staying safe and well. 💛

Week beg. 4th January 2021

We're gutted we aren't able to see you all to say this, but Happy New Year! We hope you all had a lovely festive break.

Week 1 Spring 1

In English, we've been looking at 'The True Story of The Three Little Pigs'. We identified the different features of the story that draw us in and make it exciting. Focusing on short sentences for effect, and fronted advervials, we created a list of examples from the story. Using these, we're going to create our own 'True Story of Goldilocks'. 

In Maths, we've been revisiting place value, looking at comparing and ordering numbers as well as rounding to the nearest 10 and 100. 

Our Geography this half term is all about Sustainability. We have began our topic by looking at what is and isn't sustainable and why. 

In  PSHE+C, we are looking at Human Rights. We've began by discussing the things that make us human, such as eating, drinking and experiencing emotions. 

In RE, we're looking at Judaism. We began by watching a video about Passover, which is an important Jewish festival. 

We would like to say a massive "well done" to each and every single one of you. You've all been amazing this week and we're super proud of you all! Whether you're accessing online learning or working through your packs, you're all doing a fantastic job so keep up the great work. 👍

Week beg. 14th December

The Polar Express

Today we came to school in our PJs! We snuggled up after lunch and watched 'The Polar Express' whilst drinking hot chocolate and eating cookies! It was a lovely afternoon and the film was great!

Christmas Creativity 

We've been getting creative this week, making Christmas cards and calendars. There was lots of cutting, gluing, sticking and painting, not forgetting the glitter and sparkles! Take a look at some of our designs.

Party Time!

This afternoon, we had our Christmas party with all of our Y3 and Y4 friends in our bubble. We danced, played party games and ate lots of food! When we returned to our classrooms, we all had a special gift from St. Nic! Merry Christmas everyone! 

Week beg. 7th December

Design Technology

This week we have been super Design Technologists. We began by researching different cupcakes, we taste tested a range of cupcakes and analysed texture and appearance. After this we adapted a recipe within a budget, thinking carefully about profit margins. Then came the most fun, we designed our cupcake and packaging then made and decorated them. We then completed our project by evaluating our cupcakes and entering them into 'The Great Brighton Bake Off'. Mrs Allan and Miss Wasiejko judged our cupcakes, Olivia, Poonguzhale and Darcy were worthy winners!

Week beg. 30th November

Pupil of the Week

Our two stars this week are Lincoln and Kade. Lincoln is such a well mannered, polite young man who always puts 100% effort into everything he does. Kade showed great listening skills during our Geography lesson, whereby we described the role of the water cycle in the Amazon Rainforest. Keep up the great effort boys!

History Morning

We decided to use Lego to replicate the milecastles which were built during the period of the Roman Empire. These forts were placed at intervals, of one Roman mile, along Hadrian's Wall. The purpose of these milecastles was to allow Roman soldiers to patrol and control other people passing through. 

Road Safety

 Schools Go Smarter’s Child Pedestrian Training is an incredibly popular project with pupils and teachers, which gives pupils in Years 3 and 4 the confidence to walk along the road, and helps pupils learn how to make judgments and decisions about road safety. Recently, we have been learning how to safely cross the road at a T-junction and between two parked cars!  

Our Environment

In Science this week, we've been researching the factors that negatively impact our environment. We worked in small groups and looked at either littering, drought, oil spills, deforestation or global warming. We found out lots of interesting facts and presented them to the class.

Week beg. 23rd November 

Pupil of the Week 

This week's superstars are Robbie and Darcy. Both children have shown a great attitude towards their learning this week, and even when they've found things tricky, they've kept on trying! Great work guys.


We have been discussing bullying and the impact it can have upon an individual, mentally and physically. We say NO to bullying!

Week beg. 16th November

Pupil of the Week

This week our two shining stars are Paul and Kinjal. Paul has really impressed us with his inference skills during our Guided Reading sessions and Kinjal has shown fantastic understanding of climates around the world and why some paces are hotter than others. Keep up the amazing work boys!


We have been using our map reading skills to locate different countries around the world. We then compared the climates in different regions, thinking about temperature and rainfall. 

Week beg. 9th November

Pupil of the Week

This week, our shining stars are Rubina and Poppy. Rubina has blown us away with her story writing in English. She's included all success criteria and created amazing pieces of writing all week. We can't wait to read the finished piece! Poppy has blown us away in Maths. She has worked on her column addition and subtraction, including exchanging, and been able to answer word problems including reasoning. Fantastic effort this week girls! Keep it up.

Children in Need 2020

To show our support and raise money, for Children in Need, we came to school wearing odd socks and each donated £1 to this very worthy cause. We took part in different activities this afternoon and enjoyed some delicious Pudsey Bear biscuits made by our very own kitchen staff. 

Funding Forest School

 We have received some funding from a company called FSW to develop our forest school area. We have written letters to thank the company for their very kind donation. We are going to use it to build a fence and an area to attract wildlife.

Remembrance Day 2020

In honour of those who lost their lives during WW1, we decorated some pebbles with a range of poppy designs to show our respect. We placed them outside of our classroom, within the school grounds, as a reminder of those who fought for us.

Week beg. 2nd November

Pupil of the Week

Our first week into Autumn 2 and our two superstars are Lydia and Angel. Lydia wowed her teachers during Geography with her knowledge of locating places in the UK. Angel has been 'on fire' in Maths when adding and subtracting fractions.

Great work girls. Keep it up!

Fractions! Fractions! Fractions!

This week, we have been looking at equivalent fractions and fraction families. Did you know 1/2 is the same as 2/4? We've also been adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator. Some of us even counted beyond one whole!

Descriptive Writing

 We have been using the book 'Leon and the Place Between' to inspire both descriptive and suspense filled writing, using prepositional phrases, adverbs, adjectives and different sentence types.

Week beg. 19th October

Pupil of the Week

Our final stars of Autumn 1 are Michael and Sema. Michael displayed great listening skills during our Gymnastic session which lead him to show great technique in his balances and moves. Sema has such a great overall work ethic across all subjects and is always keen to help her teachers with little jobs around the classroom. Amazing work both of you. Keep it up next term.

Autumn Vibes

This week we've looked at a selection of poems and discussed some of the features, such as rhyme, repetition and shape. We chose our favourite poem and copied it up using our our own shape and design. 

Black History Month

As part of 'Black History Month' we've been looking at Mary Seacole. We have taken part in a carousel of different activities, attended several assemblies (in our bubble) and watched power-points all about her life and why she was so famous. We've been answering comprehension questions, writing fact files, ordering timelines, sorting images according to hospitals now and then and researching the different herbal remedies that Mary Seacole used to treat wounds and ailments. Here's some of the work we completed.

Jolly Gymnasts

We've been perfecting our techniques that we've been working on this half term. We have built upon our strength and confidence when performing jumps and rolls. 

Week beg. 12th October

Pupil of the Week

Our two shining stars are Jasmine-Leigh and Abdullah. 

Jasmine-Leigh has been working super hard in Maths this week. We've been learning about fractions and counting in tenths! She's been 'on fire!'

Abdullah has blown us away with his use of noun phrases and adverbs in his creative writing. 

Core Beliefs

In RE this week we asked the question: What are the core beliefs of Hinduism? We thought about how Hindus have a belief in a Supreme Being and adhere to concepts such as truth, dharma and karma. We then thought about our own core beliefs. We chose to work with people who had similar beliefs and presented these to the rest of the class. 

Week beg. 5th October

Pupil of the Week

A big well done to our two shining stars this week, Rubina and Keerath. Both girls have 'wowed' their teachers during English, when writing a non-chronological report about the Romans. They included different sentence types, a range of sentence openers and lots of conjunctions. Fantastic work girls! 

World Mental Health

Mental health awareness is very important. During our PSHE+C lessons, we've been talking about different emotions and how our body reacts to these emotions. Today we looked further into how we can help support one another when these feelings become too much. We had lots of ideas, such as listening to music, talking to a friend or teacher, meditating, reading a book etc. We took part in different activities which encouraged us to think about our own mental health, as well as that of others. We learnt that you can't necessarily see a mental health illness, so it's important that we talk if things are becoming too stressful.

Practising Positivity

It's easy to focus on the negatives and forget about the positives. We've been discussing the phrases 'I can', 'I am' and 'I have'. As a class, we identified positive things about ourselves. Take a look at what we came up with!