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In Year 4, Mrs Miller will be working in class on a Monday and Mrs Jones will be in class for the rest of the week. Miss Helm will be in class every day!

After a disruptive 2019/20, we are determined to make up for lost time with our wonderful recovery curriculum, where we strive to achieve new skills and knowledge. We will be covering lots of PSHE sessions where you will have time to talk about feelings and any concerns you may have.

Keep coming back to our page for our weekly news updates and photographs of our work and activities. Be sure to scroll down so you don't miss anything! smiley


Week beg. 23rd November 

Pupil of the Week 

This week's superstars are Robbie and Darcy. Both children have shown a great attitude towards their learning this week, and even when they've found things tricky, they've kept on trying! Great work guys.


We have been discussing bullying and the impact it can have upon an individual, mentally and physically. We say NO to bullying!

Week beg. 16th November

Pupil of the Week

This week our two shining stars are Paul and Kinjal. Paul has really impressed us with his inference skills during our Guided Reading sessions and Kinjal has shown fantastic understanding of climates around the world and why some paces are hotter than others. Keep up the amazing work boys!


We have been using our map reading skills to locate different countries around the world. We then compared the climates in different regions, thinking about temperature and rainfall. 

Week beg. 9th November

Pupil of the Week

This week, our shining stars are Rubina and Poppy. Rubina has blown us away with her story writing in English. She's included all success criteria and created amazing pieces of writing all week. We can't wait to read the finished piece! Poppy has blown us away in Maths. She has worked on her column addition and subtraction, including exchanging, and been able to answer word problems including reasoning. Fantastic effort this week girls! Keep it up.

Children in Need 2020

To show our support and raise money, for Children in Need, we came to school wearing odd socks and each donated £1 to this very worthy cause. We took part in different activities this afternoon and enjoyed some delicious Pudsey Bear biscuits made by our very own kitchen staff. 

Funding Forest School

 We have received some funding from a company called FSW to develop our forest school area. We have written letters to thank the company for their very kind donation. We are going to use it to build a fence and an area to attract wildlife.

Remembrance Day 2020

In honour of those who lost their lives during WW1, we decorated some pebbles with a range of poppy designs to show our respect. We placed them outside of our classroom, within the school grounds, as a reminder of those who fought for us.

Week beg. 2nd November

Pupil of the Week

Our first week into Autumn 2 and our two superstars are Lydia and Angel. Lydia wowed her teachers during Geography with her knowledge of locating places in the UK. Angel has been 'on fire' in Maths when adding and subtracting fractions.

Great work girls. Keep it up!

Fractions! Fractions! Fractions!

This week, we have been looking at equivalent fractions and fraction families. Did you know 1/2 is the same as 2/4? We've also been adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator. Some of us even counted beyond one whole!

Descriptive Writing

 We have been using the book 'Leon and the Place Between' to inspire both descriptive and suspense filled writing, using prepositional phrases, adverbs, adjectives and different sentence types.

Week beg. 19th October

Pupil of the Week

Our final stars of Autumn 1 are Michael and Sema. Michael displayed great listening skills during our Gymnastic session which lead him to show great technique in his balances and moves. Sema has such a great overall work ethic across all subjects and is always keen to help her teachers with little jobs around the classroom. Amazing work both of you. Keep it up next term.

Autumn Vibes

This week we've looked at a selection of poems and discussed some of the features, such as rhyme, repetition and shape. We chose our favourite poem and copied it up using our our own shape and design. 

Black History Month

As part of 'Black History Month' we've been looking at Mary Seacole. We have taken part in a carousel of different activities, attended several assemblies (in our bubble) and watched power-points all about her life and why she was so famous. We've been answering comprehension questions, writing fact files, ordering timelines, sorting images according to hospitals now and then and researching the different herbal remedies that Mary Seacole used to treat wounds and ailments. Here's some of the work we completed.

Jolly Gymnasts

We've been perfecting our techniques that we've been working on this half term. We have built upon our strength and confidence when performing jumps and rolls. 

Week beg. 12th October

Pupil of the Week

Our two shining stars are Jasmine-Leigh and Abdullah. 

Jasmine-Leigh has been working super hard in Maths this week. We've been learning about fractions and counting in tenths! She's been 'on fire!'

Abdullah has blown us away with his use of noun phrases and adverbs in his creative writing. 

Core Beliefs

In RE this week we asked the question: What are the core beliefs of Hinduism? We thought about how Hindus have a belief in a Supreme Being and adhere to concepts such as truth, dharma and karma. We then thought about our own core beliefs. We chose to work with people who had similar beliefs and presented these to the rest of the class. 

Week beg. 5th October

Pupil of the Week

A big well done to our two shining stars this week, Rubina and Keerath. Both girls have 'wowed' their teachers during English, when writing a non-chronological report about the Romans. They included different sentence types, a range of sentence openers and lots of conjunctions. Fantastic work girls! 

World Mental Health

Mental health awareness is very important. During our PSHE+C lessons, we've been talking about different emotions and how our body reacts to these emotions. Today we looked further into how we can help support one another when these feelings become too much. We had lots of ideas, such as listening to music, talking to a friend or teacher, meditating, reading a book etc. We took part in different activities which encouraged us to think about our own mental health, as well as that of others. We learnt that you can't necessarily see a mental health illness, so it's important that we talk if things are becoming too stressful.

Practising Positivity

It's easy to focus on the negatives and forget about the positives. We've been discussing the phrases 'I can', 'I am' and 'I have'. As a class, we identified positive things about ourselves. Take a look at what we came up with!

Week beg. 28th September

Pupil of the Week

A huge well done to our 2 superstars, Riley and Lincoln! Both boys have 'been on fire' this week and their attitude towards their learning has been first class! They've especially shone throughout our Maths sessions, where we've been looking at place value and comparing numbers. Great work boys!

Magnet Magic!

In Science we're investigating forces and magnets. After carrying out several experiments, we closely observed that a magnet does not need to be touching an object in order for it to move. The magnetic force between the two metals creates a push or pull force without contact. 

Week beg. 21st September

Pupil of the Week

This week our shining stars are Olivia and Iris. Both children have shown a fantastic attitude towards their learning and have produced some beautiful work! Olivia has a keen interest in History and this has been reflected in her questioning throughout our lessons. Iris has let out her inner artist and produced a gorgeous, detailed willow pattern during our Art lesson.

Art Attack!

This week we have produced some fantastic art work as part of our art skills topic. We completed our lenticular designs and created fabulous optical illusions. As well as this, we produced some intricate willow patterns on paper plates. We are a class filled with budding artists!

Week beg. 14th September

Pupil of the Week

A huge well done to our shining stars this week, Poonguzhale and Kinjal. Both children impressed us with their work ethic, whilst producing an optical illusion during our Art session. Furthermore, Poonguzhale designed a beautiful representation of a Hindu Avatar during RE.

Team Building

We had great fun during our outdoor learning session this week. We began the lesson learning how to read maps. It's so important to hold your map in the correct direction. Then we went outside to do orienteering. We used a map to help us find the location of the flags.

Week beg. 7th September

Class Flag

What a fantastic few days we have had! Mrs Jones, Mrs Miller and Miss Helm were so excited to see you all and you have been amazing!

We've had lots of class discussions, circle time and fun activities to keep us busy and interacting with one another. We have been working as a team to create tiles for our class flag. Take a look at some of our wonderful designs!