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Welcome to Nursery


In Nursery, our main aim is to provide a safe and nurturing environment which in turn will enable children to thrive and learn.

Our goals for young children are: 

  • to be happy and secure in the learning environment 
  • to learn through active involvement with people, materials, events and ideas
  • to be independent, confident and resilient learners
  • to explore, relate to others, to set their own goals and solve problems.


We will strive to provide the children with a rich curriculum that meets the children's interests, their well-being and yet still provides them with memorable first hand learning experiences.


We want our children to have the best possible start to their learning journey here in our wonderful Nursery! 


We can't wait to work with you all,

Mrs Jackson, Mrs Muir, Mrs Tough & Miss Stronach



Week beg 17.7 We have had a lovely week celebrating the last of our 4th birthdays! We have also enjoyed fun day. We have had fantastic year in Nursery- it has been an absolute pleasure to work with each and everyone of your gorgeous children. They have all flourished and we are so proud of them all! Have the best summer and we will see you all refreshed and ready to go in September. If you're moving on to a new school we wish you lots of luck! Go and show them how amazing you all are!

Week beg 10.7.23 This week we have taken part in Sports Day and we loved it! Here are a few pictures but for more please look at Tapestry!

Week Beg 3.7 This week we have loved digging up our potatoes. We dug them up, washed them, cooked them and ate them. They were delicious!

Week beg- this week we have had a super week with Tiny Tasters. They came in and taught us all about healthy food choices. We used lots of different skills to cut, mix, mash and then we got to try out our delicious, healthy food!! It was yummy!

Week beginning 19.06.23 - We have had a wonderful week visiting our friends at Armstrong House for the very first time. They really spoilt us by giving us cakes and juice! Mr Parkin came with his friends to put on a fun Music work shop, we loved looking at the instruments. Our new afternoon children are settling into nursery life. We are so proud!

Week beg 12.6 We have enjoyed the sunny weather this week. We had a water party- we had such a great time. We have also celebrated two 4th birthdays- what a lovely week!

Week beg 5.6. We have had a lovely week learning all about the cultures, religions, traditions and languages we are lucky enough to have in our school! It was great to learn lots of new things!

22.5 What a lovely week we have had. We have taken part in Muddy Monsters with Phil- we loved it! We also went to the park with the morning children- we loved seeing the animals, playing in the park and we ended with an ice pop on the grass!

Week beg 15.5 We have had a lovely visit from our friends from Armstrong House. We played bingo and took part in armchair yoga. It was one of our children's special birthdays so we made and decorated her cake with our friends- what a lovely morning! We have also had our final visit from Sally this week- we have loved singing and signing!

Week beg 8.5 We have had a lovely week in Nursery. We have celebrated a 4th birthday and have taken part in a physical session with Mo. We also had a great discussion about dandelions so we went to find some and had great fun blowing the seeds!

Week beg 1.5 We have had great fun this week celebrating the coronation of the King! We have loved making bunting and crowns, We also made biscuits and scones and celebrated with a delicious afternoon tea.

Week beg 24.4.23 We have had a super Wild Wednesday this week- lots of water and messy play. It was great fun!

Week beg 17.4 Wow what a busy week back! We have worked hard with Mo our football coach, we have done some signing and singing practise with Sally from Little Folk. We have had a lovely time celebrating Eid and we finished off the week making some erupting volcanoes-we have loved exploring, investigating and celebrating this week!