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This week we have been working on The Magic Finger by Roald Dahl.  We had to act out the stories we made to help us think about what might happen.  We can't wait to see how our stories our turn out.  Be careful though, we might use our Magic Finger on YOU!

We have been writing poems in English.  Can you guess who wrote these ones?



I see sweet, tasty bubblegum.

I feel the crunchy wrapper in my hand.

I hear the popping of the bubbles.

I smell tasty, strawberry bubblegum.


Garlic Bread

I see lovely garlic lying on the delicious bread.

I feel butter spreading gently on my tongue.

I taste delicious garlic filling my mouth.

I hear hot butter soaking in the bread.

I smell the beautiful garlic.

Have you noticed what incredible writers we are becoming?  We have been working really hard in Year 2 to get all of our targets into our writing.  Some of them are a little tricky but we love impressing Mrs Tully when we get them in!