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Special Events

Carol Singing

All of us here at Brighton Avenue Primary School have really missed the usual festivities at this time of year due to COVID but we couldn't let it go by without at least one sing along! Click below to see our AMAZING children singing a Christmas song with their class.

Children in Need.

‘Together, we can change young lives.’

A BIG thank you again for all the children, families and staff who celebrated ‘Children in Need’ on Friday 13th November 2020.

The theme was ‘odd sock’ day; please see your child’s ‘class website page’ for photographs and information about the day!

Thank you once again,

Mrs Kevan.

Odd socks!


Raising money to support Macmillan - Friday 25th September 2020.

A huge thank you to everyone for donating money, to support the charity Macmillan, last Friday. Our wonderful Brighton Avenue Primary School children and staff could wear non-uniform and enjoy juice and a cake, while taking part in Macmillan activities. The patterns and designs on the Macmillan bunting was very creative!

Even though we couldn’t host our usual community ‘cake and coffee’ morning in school, we are proud to say our school raised £200! Thank you so much!

Take care,

Mrs Kevan

Macmillan Friday 25th September 2020.

Outstanding Achiever Awards 2019-2020

What a fabulous day!

Mrs Kevan and I had the pleasure of visiting our amazing children, who had won an award. It was wonderful surprising them! There were 2 awards for each class: the first was pre-COVID and the second was post-COVID. It was delightful to see the children and their families: their smiles (and tears!) expressed that they were over the moon!


I miss you all so much and can't wait to see you all in September.

Stay safe and take care,

Mrs Allan x

Pre-COVID Outstanding Achiever Awards!

Post-COVID Outstanding Achiever Awards


A very happy Eid Mubarak to all of you who are celebrating, from Brighton Avenue Primary School.

Happy Ramadan! 

From everyone at Brighton Avenue smiley


Please see below a range of wonderful and exciting activities for Ramadan!

On Wednesday 29th January 2020, we had a visit from Les Milne, who is a Humanist.He talked to the children about his beliefs, that there are no gods, and how Humanists try to follow the golden rules to be kind and considerate to others and to lead a good life.

On Friday 6th December, the Brighton Avenue Primary School eco-team spent a second session with our eco-visitor, from Newcastle University, Riddhi.

The eco-team had the opportunity to discuss, debate and decide with Riddhi which of the projects they would like to organise, support and undertake from January 2020. The team were so passionate about so many of the areas but did decide on the final 3 to select from! After discussing practical everyday things we could all do right now to make a difference, the eco-team decided on ‘Energy Saving’ as our project. We discussed the importance of reducing our energy consumption so we can save money and reduce our contribution to climate change. We will be the eco-warriors in our school and community, including litter-picking, and have great fun working with Riddhi!

One child has been reading a book, ‘Will Jellyfish Rule the World?’ about what makes Earth so special, how scientists know for sure our climate is changing, why it's such a big deal for everyone and what we can all do right now to make a difference.

The eco-team are so inspired by our project!

Mrs Kevan

On Thursday 28th November, the Brighton Avenue Primary School eco-team invited St Aidan’s CE Primary School eco-team to spend the morning with our visitor, Clare Jones.

Wates Giving have provided the opportunity for both of our schools to run a sustainable school project that is also delivered by Green Schools Project and Maintenant Sustaining Now. Clare provided us both with resources that support the science curriculum, as well as enabling our pupils to build skills by developing an impactful project that can improve our local and wider environment.

Clare ignited the eco-teams’ curiosity by explaining what is the cryosphere, biosphere and hydrosphere. They compared the types of wildlife and habitats on the Arctic and Antarctic. All the children were thrilled to have to discover what ‘albedo’ is and through their enquiry skills had to find out what was albedo and why it is important.

Clare introduced sets of ‘Diversity Deck’ packets of cards which reiterated the points that had been explored today; the eco-teams had great fun playing a variety of card games, whilst highlighting what they had learnt! These resources enabled the eco-teams to reinforce the topics explored today: biodiversity and the Earth’s climate.

Mrs Kevan.

Eco-teams together!


A trip to the Hatton!

Thursday 7th November 2019


Today, Miss Simblet took a number of children from Y1-6 to visit the Hatton Gallery. We were very lucky to be able to see the special Roy Lichtenstein exhibition and also have a go at re-creating some of his artwork. We had an amazing afternoon and would love to go back!

Brighton Avenue Primary School Eco-team.


Sustainable School Project: Rob Collard has visited our school with a powerful presentation to KS2 children which encouraged them, and the staff, to think about what they can do to help our community and save the planet.

All the KS2 children had the opportunity to decide if they wanted to become part of the Eco-team representing Brighton Avenue Primary School.

I am now working with the Eco-team to review our local environment and know that the children will continue to show their passion for organising projects with the aim to benefit our community and the future of the planet. The eco-team will also meet and feedback with St.Aidan’s eco-team and visitors from Newcastle University. I am so proud of the eco-team volunteering their time and enthusiasm!

Mrs Kevan.



STEAM Celebrations!


As our children travel on their learning journeys throughout Brighton Avenue Primary School, our curriculum is intended to inspire curiosity, provide opportunities to work collaboratively, to problem solve, to be active, and to promote resilience so our children learn to become successful independent learners, confident to take risks. By inspiring and motivating our children, our aim is to ensure that all children see the values and opportunities the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) subjects offer in a variety of environments.


Through our curriculum, we will teach the STEAM knowledge and skills that our pupils will need, to take an active role in our increasingly scientific and technological society. In the first autumn term, we were visited by STEAM Outreach Ambassadors, from Newcastle University, who inspired our children with workshops, challenges and questioning about the future and how our pupils could be young scientists, how the world is changing with engineering and what is the story of the Earth? (Please see the photographs and also Y3, Y3/4, Y4, Y6B, Y6T class pages.)


Brighton Avenue Primary School also venture outside the classroom to enhance and enrich our curriculum by making links with the world of work, so that children can relate school STEAM subjects to real world experiences. Through taking part in lessons, workshops, demonstrations and activities, linked to businesses and industry, our children gain insights into the various job roles open to them and are inspired by the new directions their learning could take them.


Brighton Avenue Primary School’s vision is to be a leading primary school in STEAM education. We are supported by Gateshead College, our Governors and future partnerships around the North East. Our link with Gateshead College allows our KS2 children to participate in activities and workshops that introduce them to the world of work. STEAM is about being dedicated in developing young people’s achievement in STEAM subjects and careers. (Attached is the article and photographs which Gateshead College also published on their website.)


In July 2019, the whole school celebrated STEAM and experienced an assortment of challenges which required teamwork, cooperation and critical thinking skills. We were very excited! The wide range of STEAM activities included:

Nursery children observing the changes as they baked their own Gingerbread Men

Reception children exploring a carousel of food Science puzzles

Y1 researching, investigating, designing, making and evaluating cupcakes with a box to sell to the school

Y2 exploring how to build a boat that won’t sink

Y3 ‘Sound squad’ carousel of puzzles

Y3/4 ‘DAB Art Guy’ visitor to create the mosaic sign for the school and visiting Gateshead College Team Valley Campus: mechanics, paint & coding activities

Y4 researching, investigating, designing, making and evaluating bridges

Y5 visitors from Gateshead College: coding, mechanics, coding & robots

Y6 researching, investigating, designing and building a vehicle that would protect their Eggnaut from the perils of re-entry from space. Y6 also visited Gateshead College (Quayside Campus) on June 12th for a carousel of cooking, music, drama and computing workshops


Mrs Kevan.

Gateshead College STEAM - Children's College

STEAM - Gateshead College and Newcastle University

Micheal Glickman

Thursday 10th October


Today, we had a very special visitor to come into our school to tell us all about the Jewish religion and culture. The children were fascinated to find out about why Jewish men wear a Kippah and when they are allowed to take if off. Micheal also told us why Gateshead was one of the biggest Jewish communities and how many Jewish people come here to study. We look forward to having Micheal in our school again for another visit. 


Sustainable School Project!


KS2 had a special visitor in school today who talked to us about a new project that is happening in our school called the Sustainable School Project. We spoke about how we could improve the way we live to help our world such as walking to school, using less electricity etc. As a school, we are developing our own ECO-TEAM, where we will come up with a plan to help our environment and change the way we live for the better. We can't wait to get started! 


Gateshead School Sport Awards 2019

Thursday 11th July 2019


As part of our journey this year to reach diamond level in the Blazing the Trail project, our school was tasked with designing the front cover of the Dance Festival Programme. After thousands of entries, our very own Rosie from Year 6 was chosen as the overall winner. She was presented with her award last night at the Gateshead School Sport Awards from the Mayor and Mayoress of Gateshead. What an achievement! Well done Rosie! 



June- Sporting Snap of the Month! 


Our June sporting snap of the month displays the theme of 'Determination'.  Here you can see one of our Year 5 pupils trying her best and being determined to succeed within PE lessons. Great job!


May- Sporting Snap of the Month! 


Our May sporting snap of the month displays the theme of 'Respect'. We recently held a team building afternoon in school where each class took part in an outdoor circuit to improve their fitness levels. In this photograph, we can see the love and respect our pupils show each other as one of our KS2 children supports one of our KS1 boys during the circuit!


April- Sporting Snap of the Month! 


Our April sporting snap of the month displays the theme of 'Leadership'. Our buddies from Years 5 and 6 display their leadership skills every day when they are looking after the younger children in our school. They support them with their learning and always make sure they are safe and happy in our school. 


March- Sporting Snap of the Month! 


Our March sporting snap of the month displays the theme of 'Inspiration'. We recently had some visitors in school from Destination Judo who were kind enough to come and work with each year group and teach us some Judo skills. The children were so inspired by our visitors and they loved trying out something they had never did before, they really sparked an interest into Judo in some of our children! 


February - Sporting Snap of the Month! 


Our February sporting snap of the month displays the theme of 'Friendship' and was caught by a member of our SSOC! These Year 6 girls enjoy playing on the yard with their friends and also supporting the younger children in our school (during their role as buddies), making sure everyone is included. Good job girls!




Judo Taster Sessions!

Years 1-6 were lucky enough to receive some Judo taster sessions in school this week. We had lots of fun playing defense and attack games and also learning how to perform a Judo throw. Thank you very much to Destination Judo for two fun mornings, we loved trying something new!

World Number Day - Friday 1st February 2019.
Non-uniform day - thank you for the money we raised for the NSPCC last Friday! The children, from Nursery to Y6, had great fun celebrating numbers and maths in a variety of ways; outside building snowmen, counting the animals in twos onto the snow-covered ark, shape puzzles, bar modelling, mazes, reasoning, creating maths games and finally to the winners of, 'Who Wants To Be A Mathsionaire!!' Great fun while supporting a wonderful charity!
Thank you again, Mrs Kevan.

World Number Day - Friday 1st February 2019.

Non-uniform day - thank you for the money we raised for the NSPCC last Friday! The children, from Nursery to Y6, had great fun celebrating numbers and maths in a variety of ways; outside building snowmen, counting the animals in twos onto the snow-covered ark, shape puzzles, bar modelling, mazes, reasoning, creating maths games and finally to the winners of, 'Who Wants To Be A Mathsionaire!!' Great fun while supporting a wonderful charity!

Thank you again, Mrs Kevan.

We were visited by our music specialist Mr Parkin and his band, for our annual Christmas music workshop. As you can see, fun was had by all!

Celebrate a snapshot of our AMAZING Christmas productions: KS1 - The Innkeeper's Breakfast, KS2 - Pirates Of The Currybean below and please see Nursery and Reception Class Pages for the EYS - The Toyshop.

All the children and staff worked so hard to produce wonderful productions! 

Thank you for all of the brilliant feedback from parents/carers/family members who came to see the productions last week.

We have had the chance to participate in some fantastic sporting events recently such as the Sportsability Indoor Athletics and the Gateshead Schools Gymnastics Festival. Children from Year 4 and 5 participated in the Indoor Athletics Competition and placed 3rd overall!! Amazing work! Children in Year 3 & 4 participated in the Gymnastics Festival and delivered an amazing routine showing off their skills! Fantastic job everybody, we are so proud! 

Some Y6 children volunteered to sing for St Oswald's hospice, at ASDA Metrocentre. We raised a total of £190.92 in an hour for this very worthwhile charity.

Friday 16th November was so amazing for all the children at Brighton Avenue Primary because we were visited by the very special Pudsey bear! He thanked everyone for donating money to Children In Need and loved hugging and dancing with everyone - including the staff! We even had lots of special Children In Need prizes (kindly donated by all the staff) that children, from every class, could win by having their name drawn out of the raffle tickets.

Please see 'Class Pages' for more photographs of everyone celebrating this special day.


On Friday afternoon, the whole school continued with their fine motor skill activities with a very special focus on Remembrance Day. 

Miss Turner had explained Remembrance Day, during collective worship last week, and how it marks the day that World War One ended, at 11am on the 11th day of the 11th month, in 1918. Each class made a variety of poppies, in different media, having understood that the poppy was adopted as a symbol of Remembrance.

The whole school will pay our respect, with a two-minute silence, to the people who have died in wars on Monday at 11am.

We were delighted to receive letters of thanks from both Gateshead Food Bank and the Bensham food CO-OP, for our donations from our harvest celebrations.

The children really enjoyed their Harvest Celebrations at St.Chad's Church as a whole school and with Reverend Meg.

Harvest donations

Wow! We are so proud of all the children, staff, parents/carers in our amazing school and community for helping to raise money for our Macmillan coffee morning.

Can you believe we raised £705? Wow!

A BIG thank you all once again.