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Welcome to Year 3W

Do you want to learn lots of interesting things?  Are you ready to challenge yourself?  Do you like having fun?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you have found the perfect class!

We do amazing things during our time at school.  Don't believe us?  Then scroll down the page to check out what we have been up to.

Week Beginning 26th June 2023

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This week, the children performed in front of parents and carers, showing off their musical talents.  They were all a bit nervous before they went on stage, but were buzzing with their amazing performance.  Watch the video to see how wonderful they were.


Week Beginning 19th June 2023

This week, the children have continued to work with the artist Mani Kambo from GEMARTS. Mani is a South Asian artist who is inspired by patterns. The class  have worked with the other classes to produce a banner, which will be on display at Bensham Grove Community Centre on the 17th July 11am - 3pm,  as part of the Masala Festival. The event is free to all and the children can take part in colourful and vibrant arts, crafts, music and lively performances.


Pupil of the Week - Friday 16th June

Christine showed great enthusiasm when following the pulse whilst playing the ukulele.

Freddie was amazing at striking the ball while playing cricket,.  

Week Beginning 12th June 2023

Another busy week this week. We started the week with Muddy Monsters.  The children were put into groups and then challenged to make a den.  They applied their skills of tying knots to make a tripod and also to tie the materials to the sticks.  On Wednesday, the children went to Gateshead Library to change their books.  They were told all about the Summer Reading Challenge, which will run over the summer holidays.  They were all keen to take part.  When they returned to school, they had an opportunity to work with an artist from Gem Arts.  They made a mood board to help them with their future project.  On Friday, the children had a visit from That History Bloke.  They enjoyed handling all the artefacts and learning how to play a Viking game.

Pupil of the Week - Friday 9th June

This week Leo and Zachary are Pupils of the Week.

Leo has impressed us with his determination to improve in all of his subjects.  Zachary has been amazing applying his multiplication facts to help him with his maths work.  Well done!

Week Beginning 5th June 2023

This week the children have been celebrating Diversity.  Some members of the class came to school dressed in their traditional clothes from their home country.  In Year 3, there are lots of children and adults that speak different languages, so they decided to teach the numbers 1-10 to the class.  They quickly realised that some languages share the same vocabulary.  On Friday, the athlete Stephen Miller, came to school and the children took part in a sponsored circuit.  Afterwards, Stephen was able to talk to the children about his life and also showed them all his medals.

Week Beginning 22nd May 2023

This week the children have been applying their Spanish vocabulary to retell the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  They organised the pictures in the correct order before retelling the story to their peers.  In PSHE+C, the children were put into groups and discussed a variety of situations before sorting them into safe and unsafe secrets. 


Pupil of the Week - Friday 19th May 2023

Faith has been working hard over the last few weeks on her reading and she amazed us all with her recognition of letters during this week.  Keep up the hard work!

Week Beginning 15th May 2023

This week the children have been focusing on Art.  On Tuesday, they went to the Shipley Art Gallery to look at a variety of containers before making their own pot out of clay.  Back at school, the children used a variety of carving tools to make a sculpture out of a bar of soap. They continued their work on sculpture and looked at the work of the artist Sokari Douglas Camp.  They then thought of words that describe the class and constructed a sculpture in her style.

Week Beginning 8th May 2023

This week the children have been learning about computational thinking. They did various tasks to fully understand what it means and how it is useful when writing code.  In Geography, the children ask each other what they would like to see improved in the local area.  They then used this information to write a letter to the council.  On Thursday, the children had a visit from RISE and completed a workshop on resilience.  Each child completed a resilience plan which they can use when things get challenging for them.   

Week Beginning 1st May 2023

It may have been a short week this week, but the children have managed to pack as much as they can into the two days!  On Wednesday, the children used the torches and objects to create a puppet show!  They discovered that shadows are made by opaque objects blocking the light.  In Spanish, the children have started to learn the Spanish words for food.  They had great fun by using funny voices to help them remember the words. Friday was full of art activities to celebrate the coronation of King Charles. They found out lots of information about him and then completed a quiz in teams of 4.  The children also produce some art in the style of Andy Warhol and can be seen on display in the classroom window.  

Pupil of the Week - Friday 28th April 2023

Lyla and Rosie could set up their own electrical business in the future as they were both amazing when making their torches.  They were both able to identify the reasons why some torches weren't working and then were able to solve the problem. 

Week Beginning 24th April 2023

This week the children have spent the majority of the week constructing circuits and the bodies for their torches.  There was lots of challenges involved, however the children will able to help each other to ensure that they all ended up with working torches.  The class also had Outdoor Learning this week and used their knot tying to construct dens, big enough for their whole group.  

Pupil of the Week - Friday 21st April

Rio was amazing during our reading lesson as he was able to answer lots of comprehension questions using the text to help him.

Maizee was very keen to do her best during the Spanish lesson and was able to use her knowledge of numbers and fruit to compose sentences verbally. 

Week Beginning 17th April 2023

This week the children have been learning how to multiply two digit numbers by one digit, using a formal method.  It was a bit tricky at the start but at the end of the week, the children were able to apply the strategy to solve reasoning and word problems.  In English, the children have been learning how to write a persuasive advert to sell a product.  The children are continuing to learn to play the ukuleles and can now play a variety of different chords.  At the end of the week, we celebrated Eid and made cards for our Muslim friends in the class.

Week Beginning 27th March 2023

The final week of the term saw the children go out on two trips!  The first one was to the Big Local Allotment where they continued their work with Simone, the artist.  This time the children applied their cyanotype printing skills onto fabric to produce bunting for the allotment.  

Our second visit was to Jarrow Hall where the children found out more information about the Anglo-Saxons.  They learnt how they famed, produce their own fabric and then how they battled against the Vikings.  

The week and term ended with Fun Day.  Happy Easter!

Pupil of the Week - Friday 24th March

Rio has made a great effort to improve his handwriting by forming his letters correctly. Japleen produced a story which included many of the Year 3 targets.  Well done to both children.

Week Beginning 20th March 2023

This week the children continued their session with the gymnastic coach.  The session focused on making bridges and other balances using different parts of their bodies.  In English, the children finished writing their story based on 'The Incredible Book Eating Boy'.  As part of their DT lessons, the children used components to make a circuit with contained a light.  They will use this knowledge next week to make a torch.

Week Beginning 13th March 2023

The children started the week with a visit to Gateshead Library.  The children took part in a scavenger hunt and they had to search the books to try and find things that were on their list.  Some were really easy to find, while others were a little tricky.  By the end of the time, all the children had found everything on their list.  They then had the difficult decision of choosing a book to take back to school. Friday was Red Nose Day!  The children completed a round of frisbee golf, before going into the hall to complete a circuit.  As well as looking after their physical health, the children also complete some classroom tasks which focused on their mental health.  

Pupil of the Week

The two girls have been amazing this week.  Elif was able to observe, measure and record information during a Science investigation on light.  Jessica was great at telling the time in digital format and was also able to calculate time duration when solving word problems.

Week Beginning 6th March 2023

The children started this week with Outdoor Learning in our Forest School area.  The aim of the session was to make flat bread on the camp fire but the children also enjoyed swinging on tyres and hammocks, playing in the mud kitchen, creating ramps for cars and creating sparks to start a fire!  Although it was freezing and muddy, the children loved the session.  On Wednesday, the children went to the Big Allotment on Victoria Road to work with artist Sabrina, to create cyanotype prints.  It was a difficult choice to choose what to put on their slides!  The prints will be used to create a canopy in the Big Allotment.  The children will be returning at the end of the term to continue their art work.  


Pupil of the Week - Friday 3rd March

Lyla was fantastic this week during English.  She used some powerful and adventurous vocabulary to describe a character in a story.

Week Beginning 27th February 2023

The children have had two special events this week.  Thursday was World Book Day.  The children went to the school library, made bookmarks, tried to guess the teacher and their favourite book, made funny stories and then made their own story fortune tellers.  It was a fun packed day!  Friday was STEAM Day and the children became automotive designers.  They were challenged to design a car for a customer, making sure they included all the criteria they wanted.  They had to think about the number of doors, numbers of seats, types of wheels, fuel and even the suspension.  There are some potential car designers in the class.  

Week Beginning 12th February 2023

This week the children have been focusing on their art unit - Fabric of Nature.  They started off by creating a mood board and got their inspiration from looking at and listening to the rain forest.  They then moved on to looking closely at rain forest animals and used a view finder to focus on four different views.  The children then used this to create a design a repeating pattern for fabric. 

Pupil of the Week - Friday 10th February

David is pupil of the week this week for his amazing progress he has made in recognising his Set 3 sounds.  Well done!

Week Beginning 6th February 2023

This week was Mental Health Awareness Week.  The children have spent time this week looking at ways to improve their mental health.  They started by doing Yoga and then learnt some techniques on how to relax.  We then read a book called 'The Invisible String' and then looked at all the connections we have.  The week ended with Inside Out Day and the children all came to school with their jumpers inside out. This week was also Internet Safety Week.  The children played a game where they had to choose between two options.  A great discussion followed as to why someone chose that option/.

Pupil of the Week - Friday 3rd February 2023

Rosie was amazing in Spanish!  She was able to remember it the animals needed a masculine or feminine article.

Matina was also amazing in Science, as she was able to observe what happened and then draw her own conclusion.

Well done to both girls!

Week Beginning 30th January 2023

This week the children wrote instructions on how to make the perfect cake.  They made everyone hungry by writing great introductions.  In Science, the children completed several investigations to make a conclusion about how they can change the pitch of a sound.  During Number Day, the children looked at the cost of eco-friendly items and then made shopping lists to ensure that they were within their budget.


Pupil of the Week - Friday 27th January 2023

Sienna has been working hard on her listening skills and this has resulted in her work being a much higher standard.  

Christine was a great help when the nature ranger came into school.  She was able to find lots of animals and was able to listen to the sounds of nature.

Week Beginning 23rd January 2023

The children have been studying the Jewish religion and have been finding out about their festivals.  This week they made a dreidel and played the game with their friends.  In English, the children have started their instructions unit based on the book 'My Strong Mind'.  They were challenged to make a relaxing rocking boat by following instructions.  This was a bit tricky but once finished, they were able to use the boat to control their breathing and lie back and relax.  On Thursday, Julie, a nature ranger from the Great North Museum, came to visit the children.  She talked about how they can help nature and also to be more aware by listening to the sound around school.  

Pupil of the Week - Friday 20th January 2023

Lyla has grown in confidence since coming back after the Christmas break.  She is always taking part in class discussion and this is having a positive impact on her work.

Joshua has also been amazing this week.  His knowledge of vocabulary is expanding and he was able to use this skill to answer comprehension questions and also bring his writing to life.

Week Beginning 16th January 2023

This week the children ventured outside for their Outdoor Learning afternoon.  Despite the snow and the ice, the children enjoyed whittling sticks and roasting marshmallows on the camp fire.  On Thursday, the children went to the Discovery Museum to take part in a Sound workshop.  They found out about sound waves and how sound travels and also had time to explore the museum.  Back at school, the children used Scratch to program a sprite to ask and answer questions.  It as tricky at first but we all got there at the end.

Pupil of the Week - Friday 13th January

Japleen has been amazing this week.  She has been amazing in her writing and reading.  

Magnus was able to use adventurous vocabulary in his writing when introducing the character in a story.

Week Beginning Monday 9th January 2023

Happy New Year!  This year has started with an explosion of activities. The children have using the glockenspiels and reading the notes on a stave to play along to Disco music.  In Science, they completed lots of investigations to discover that vibrations are why we heard sound.  In PE, the children were performing symmetrical balances with their partner, making sure that they pointed their feet and toes, as well as holding the balance for 4 seconds.  

We wish you all a very happy Christmas!!

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Week Beginning 19th December 2022

The children have been full of Christmas cheer this week.  It started with Nickan and Leo representing our class in Brighton's Got Talent. On Tuesday the class went to the Alive! Church to take part in the Christmas Carol Service.  They sang 'Come and Join the Celebration' and they all got a shock when the confetti cannon went off!  Wednesday was party day and everyone danced to the music, played games and ate lots of party food. 

Miss Wasiejko and Mrs Stewart wish everyone a lovely Christmas and a relaxing two weeks holiday.

Week Beginning 12th December 2022

Composing a song

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Jessica and Matina playing their own composition.

This week has been full of festive activities.  On Monday and Tuesday, the children performed their Celebration of Christmas to their parents.  Wednesday was craft day and the children made their own Christmas Cards and calendars.  We ended the week with a music extravaganza by singing, playing recorders and composing their own tunes. 

Pupil of the Week - Friday 9th December 2022

Rosie has improved her listening skills to follow instructions.  Lewis has shown a great attitude towards his learning.  Well done to both children.

Week Beginning 5th December 2022

This week the children have been busy rehearsing their Christmas Concert, ready for the show on Monday and Tuesday.  In PSHE+C, they tried folding their clothes neatly.  They are eager to try this at home!  During the afternoons, the children have been completing the lessons from Nissan.  They got to design their own futurist car, construct a model car and used chopsticks to transfer cotton balls from one container to the other. 

Pupil of the Week - Friday 2nd December

Leo has had a positive attitude towards his work.  He never gives up, even when he makes mistakes.

Ruochen is amazing at recalling all of her tables at lightning speed.

Week Beginning 28th November 2022

In PE, the children have been learning how to play hockey.  They have learnt how to hold the stick and dribble the ball.  At the end of the session, the children were able to apply their skills in a small sided game.  On Wednesday afternoon, the children decorated the classroom for Christmas.  They all had fun singing along with the Christmas songs.  On Thursday, the children used their knowledge of Romans to write a non-chronological reports.

Week Beginning 21st November

This week the children have been baking cupcakes.  They made sure that they stuck to their budget and used their research to plan their cake and packaging.  The next day, the children worked in groups to make and decorate the cakes before putting them in the packaging they had also designed.  

The children have also been looking at ways that they can improve their mental health.  They tried ways to challenge themselves, scribble art, being their best friend and making a gratitude jar.  

Pupil of the Week - Friday 18th November

Zachary has been amazing at recalling his multiplication tables.  He can recall the x2, x3, x5 and x10 as quick as lightning.

Julie has also been amazing in Maths.  She can use a formal method to multiply and then use this strategy to find the solution to word problems.

Week Beginning 14th November 2022

Another busy week for Year 3W!  In PSHE+C, the children went for a walk around the school to identify things that keep us safe.  They noticed lots of things and  discussed why it is important for the school to have these in place.  Wednesday was DT Day!  They were delighted to know that this term's unit is cooking and even more delighted when they had to taste different types of cake!  They evaluated the cakes and the packaging.  On Thursday we had a visit from the British Ecological Society and they told the children how to identify common birds. Finally Friday was Children In Need day and the children came into school with their pyjamas.   

Pupil of the Week - Friday 11th November

Hooria has been a superstar in Maths.  She was able to check her calculations by using inverse operations. 

Lyla was great in Science as she was able to use her knowledge to put animals in the correct classification group.

Week Beginning 7th November

Wow!  What a busy week!  On Monday, the children went to Gateshead Library to choose books.  The librarian taught the children how to use the book index to find non-fiction books.  They then had the opportunity to choose their own books.  Tuesday was Forest School and the children had great fun using the square lashing knot to make stretchers.  They did such a good job that they were able to carry a child through an obstacle course!  This week was also My Money Week and the children looked at the link between jobs and money.  It was a great surprise to the children at the salary that some jobs earned!  Friday was Remembrance Day and the children coloured in different coloured poppies to create a window display for the classroom.  

Pupil of the Week -Friday 4th November

This week has seen Lyla growing in confidence.  She is starting to take part in class discussion and sharing her ideas.  Muhammed has also been a superstar this week and is always giving 100% in all of his subjects.

Week Beginning 31st October

The children were eager to get back to their learning this week after their week off.  On Monday, Julie from the Laing Art Gallery, came in to talk to use about the Lindisfarne Gospels.  She talked about how they were made and the resources that they used.  The children were able to handle lots of the materials.  In Maths, the children have been learning how to use formal methods to add and subtract.  They were then able to apply these methods to solve word and reasoning problems.  In English, the children have started reading the Diary of a Roman Slave and are using this as an inspiration to write their own diary.

Week Beginning 17th October 2022

This week the children had a visit from Nissan to introduce them to a project called Lesson In A Box.  The children found out about the company and then did a carousel of activities.  This week also sees the end of Black History Month.  During October the children have been learning about the life of Katherine Johnson.  They have found out that she was a great mathematician and was one of the people responsible for getting astronauts into space.  

It has been a great first half term and the children have all settled well into the Year 3 class.

Pupil of the Week - Friday 14th October

Nickan used lots of adventurous vocabulary in his eye witness account for this newspaper report.  Rio was amazing at answering questions about magnets in Science.

Week Beginning 10th October