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Welcome to Brighton Avenue Primary School, Gateshead.


Welcome to Brighton Avenue Primary School.


As you browse through our website, we hope you find all the information you require about our school and begin to understand the outstanding experiences and education that we offer here.


Our school motto is, ‘Success for all ….because every child is a star!’ We truly believe every child is a ‘unique’ star and therefore our job is to make our stars shine.  Our whole school purpose is to ensure ‘every’ child is loved and valued, supported, challenged and encouraged to grow and develop into confident, well rounded young people.  Our ultimate aim is that our children leave our school feeling proud, successful and ready to take the next big steps in their learning journeys.


Our number one priority in school is to provide your child with a happy and safe environment as we strongly believe this provides the essential foundations on which to build learning.   100% of our children tell us they feel happy and safe at school and agree our school is a great school to come to. (Children's Questionnaire 2023)


Currently, we have 365 children on roll and we continue to grow! Where possible, we have small classes, all staffed with full time teaching assistants, offering a high adult to child ratio.  


We are a highly inclusive school. Therefore, we strategically plan our curriculum to ensure we embrace our unique diversity so that every child can grow, develop and achieve very well both socially and academically.   Our curriculum, which is based on a balance of disciplinary and substantive knowledge, is built around half termly educational visits and visitors into school in a creative, stimulating and rich environment.  Our highly skilled staff take immense pride in the work that they do and are all absolutely committed to providing the highest level of care and support to our amazing children.  What is even greater, is that our children recognise this! (Pupil Voice 2023)


Although we were judged to be 'Outstanding' in all areas of our last Ofsted inspection (October 2014), this does not mean we have become complacent. We are all absolutely committed to continuing to raise standards and provide an effective and inspiring education for all of our children.  We are very proud of the successes of our school and the excellent relationships we have with our families and our community.  Together as a team of staff, children, parents and governors, we work extremely hard every day to make our school the very best school it can be. We have very high expectations of our school and each other and always encourage and promote a ‘can do’ culture.


We view all of our parents as partners in the educational process and appreciate your support in all aspects of school life. The school has an open door policy for new and existing parents, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any additional information or have any queries.


Below are some of the comments we received from our recent Parents’ Questionnaire.


Thank you for taking the time to browse our website. I absolutely love being the Headteacher of our school. Our children are utterly amazing and I feel privileged and honoured every day to be leading such a fantastic school.


Best wishes,


Mrs Joanne Allan



"Excellent communication and understanding with the child and the parents."


"The staff, especially The Head Teacher."


"The care that goes into the teaching and the school environment."


"The high expectations they have for the children, but without doing it in a pushy threatening way.  The school encourages the children to be the best they can be and offers rewards and recognition so the children feel recognised and valued. "


"The teachers are the real strength in the school, they care and they try their best to support the children."


"Excellent leadership from the Headteacher and her team. All staff are friendly and approachable."


"There's a very welcoming and community feel."


"Everything... the teachers are amazing and the Headteacher is outstanding.  She knows every child by name and even the parents' names.  She makes you welcome and you can tell she loves every child."