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Wonderful Work!

Just look how hard Dylan has been working! Wow, keep it up!

Wasi, it is always a pleasure to see your homework. Well done!

Wow Dylan, just look at those scores! I hope you're not better than me when we get back to school!

Abdullah seems to have fractions sorted and has made a great start with his English. Well done Abdullah!

Wasi's story has a moral... always listen to your parents!

Wasi has been working very hard as always, just take a look at this lot!

Keerath's very funny story is about an extremely rude chicken. I don't think I would like to stand next to this chicken Keerath!

Just wait until you read this story by Wasi: The underpants Bandit! You will laugh, I guarantee it! What a story!

Once again Abdullah has impressed me with his story writing skills and knowledge of his own religion. Super work again Abdullah!

Wasi has really understood how to use the language of reasoning in maths and has planned and written a great story about a spider king. I really like how thoroughly he answered the questions in RE

Keerath, I just love a happy ending and I love how you followed the story format. Brilliant!

Abdullah knows his own religion so well, I'm so impressed with your work Abdullah. :) He also knows how to plan a brilliant story. I can't wait to read the finished piece!

Wasi is really smashing TTRS. Just look at that speed per question score. In fact, just look at the progress of all of these stars. YOU ALL ROCK! You can download and print off your certificates below.

Chevron has 'made time' to answer questions about minutes and seconds. Great use of your 'time' Chevron, well done!

Keerath must really love school as her timetable has 11 hours and 15 minutes of learning in one day! Some great ideas here Keerath!

Wasi would like to learn some algebra in maths ... interesting. Is that pizza for lunch Wasi? What period of history would you learn about? You know that I love history!

Wasi, I didn't even notice that the newspaper was upside down, great observational skills! Well done for using the language of reasoning in your maths work.

Fantastic homework Keerath! I think I would've asked: Why is the candle plugged into the wall, why is the little girl stirring her tea with a knife and why is the lady pouring tea onto the table? Remember in maths to use the language of reasoning e.g. Ben is wrong, I know this because ...,

Who has Keerath met on her daily walk?

Wasi continues to impress me with his maths work. There really is no stopping him! Pretty good SPaG too!

Abdullah's maths is second to none!

Keerath and Abdullah have been working their socks off. Keerath, your work is just as neat as it is at school and Abdullah, I love, love love the colour that you have added to your work. Great choice of movie too! Well done to both of you!

Dylan has been using his reading and vocabulary skills this week. Great work Dylan, you have one very proud teacher!

Chevron, are you trying to catch up with Wasi? With these brilliant scores, it won't take you long! Wasi, you'd better watch out!

Keerath must've been up really early this morning; no sooner had I put the work up it was completed to a very high standard. Go girl!

Wasi, as always has worked so hard. Keep shining Wasi!

Abdullah found so may homophones, you are a worthy winner Abdullah, well done!

Chevron, of course you understood every single word in the story because you have a great vocabulary! Great TTRS scores too and you really understood the maths task, well done!

Once again Abdullah has been working hard AND he's been flying the flag for our class on TTRS. Brilliant Abdullah!

Wasi's work today. Have you seen his score on TTRS? He currently has 2,000 points more than the best teacher! I'd better get on there...

Keerath, what can I say? Just keep being you; this work is fantastic! (I wish I had a pet unicorn too!)

Oh Abdullah what lovely wishes! Two for others and that last one for you. Good call!

Chevron has time sussed. I knew you could do it Chevron! Just look at that TTRS score too. Wow, just wow!

When is comes to magic squares, our Wasi is a wizard! In English, I just love your third wish!

Keerath has worked a little magic on these maths squares!

Abdullah certainly works hard, just have a read of his amazing story and his hard work telling us all about the first pillar of Islam. Super work Abdullah!

Chevron has found maths difficult this week but this hasn't stopped him at all, oh no, not our Chevron! Just look at what this boy can do when he tries. Chevron, I am very pleased with the high standard of your work, Keep it up and be the star I know you are!

Wasi has wowed me this week, not only has he completed his story, he has done his RE work and science too. Wasi, you are amazing!

Keerath and Abdullah have been writing stories, well done to both of you! Abdullah, I really enjoyed your unusual ending and illustrations, Keerath, I don't think I like a troll who eats fluffy rabbits!

Chevron has been battling Year 5B in TTRS, great score and times Chevron! Keerath has worked very hard on her Truth about Trolls text. Well done both of you!

I'm a little concerned about Mrs Kevan. She thinks that her legs are just like the troll's in Wasi's drawing! Oh my!

It's not even lunchtime and Keerath has been working her socks off! Love your troll description Keerath!

Wasi has 'made time' to work on his maths skills too. Very well done Wasi, keep up the hard work, you'll be a maths genius in no time (pun intended)!

Today Chevron and Keerath have been working incredibly hard. Just look at how neat their work is! 'Time' for a break now :-/

Wasi, is there no stopping you? Shooting for the stars! Thank you for sharing how you pray with us.

Keerath has been working her socks off, proving that I really do have the very best class at Brighton Avenue ... probably in Gateshead! Thanks for the photos too.

Chevron has time sorted! Well done Chevron, I can see how hard you have worked on your maths; time is a tricky one!

Dylan rocks! Well, he certainly knows about different types of rock! Well done Dylan :)

Just received this from Wasi. Thank you for working so hard and producing such excellent work in English, Maths and RE. I love the photo of your grandparents!

Monday 20th April 2020. Chevron and Dylan have been working hard. Just look at those expanded noun phrases boys! Time is not a problem for the children in my class, as you can see by the work below. In RE, Chevron has designed a fantastic prayer mat.