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Summer 1

This half term in computing the children are going to be using the internet to explore our theme which is 'rivers'. They are going to be collecting facts and information, which they can use to create a powerpoint. This week the children began by carrying out some research to practice using their computer skills and knowledge, which will help them collect some key information during this topic. 

Spring 2

This half term the children will be using their skills to create an in-depth powerpoint about our history topic World War Two! Each week the children are going to expand their computer skills by adding different types of information and materials to their work. We are looking forward to seeing what we can create!

Scratch 2

This week in computing the children have used the scratch 2 program to start creating their games. Using there designs from last week, in their pairs the children started creating the basic foundations for their games. They all look very exciting! 

Gaming Designers 

During this half term in Computing, the children will be working in pairs to use the scratch programme to design an educational game. In our first lesson, the children have started to design their games where they had lots of great ideas! 



The children have started creating their toy designs on scratch by using a variety of different tools. They have been learning how to put a formula into scratch to ensure parts of their toy moves. 

Toy designers


In Computing this half term, the children will work together to design a simple toy that incorporates sensors and outputs and then create an on-screen prototype of their toy in Scratch. Finally, they will pitch their toy idea to a Dragons’ Den-style panel.


To begin with the children have designed and thought about appropriate inputs and outputs for their toy which they are then going to design on Scratch. See some of our amazing designs!