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Parking Outside of School

Be cool, park away from our school toolkit



Be cool, park away from our school is a new toolkit to help schools reduce unsafe and illegal parking around a school site by promoting sustainable transport and delivering a range of fun, free activities.


Schools can access the toolkit and suite of resources by joining Be Cool free of charge.


Be Cool was developed to support existing projects and deal with common concerns and issues schools face in relation to school gate congestion.


It can be tailored to suit your school and can take up as much or as little time as you can commit.

Your efforts also count towards free Modeshift STARS (opens new window) accreditation and help you work towards achieving a National Standard School Travel Plan.


Be Cool could help your school to achieve:


  • more parents and pupils using sustainable transport on the school run
  • fewer cars parked illegally and unsafely at a school
  • a healthier school
  • better access for those who need to travel by car


We understand that for some journeys using the car is the most realistic option - and that is OK. But some journeys can be swapped for other ways to travel. We hope Be Cool will help everyone to try out those journeys and get active on the school run.