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Foundation Subjects

Environmental Responsibility

As part of PSHE and C, we have discussed what are environmental rights, roles and responsibilities are. We designed our own posters to show how we can be environmentally responsible. 

D.T - Greek Pitta

As part of our Design Technology project, we have looked at Greek food. Even though some of us weren't keen, we tasted some Greek food such as Feta, houmous, tzatziki and olives - yak! After we had completed our taste test and evaluated the food, it was time to design our own pitta. Miss Dalley gave us a design brief to follow and from that we designed and made our pittas. While in the kitchen, we had to make sure we were following health and safety rules in order to keep us safe. The best bit had to be when we got to trial our own pittas. 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Three Little Birds

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Year 3 have been listening to and appraising the song 'Three Little Birds' by Bob Marley. We have already practiced singing the song and this week we have started to learn how to play the glockenspiel to the song. Mrs Cummings was really impressed with how well we did considering it was only our first attempt!!



As part of our Art lessons, we have been creating sculptures using clay. We have used the landmarks of the Quayside to base our sculptures on and used a range of tools to create texture. 

Music - Ukulele

Earthquake Warning Systems

After designing and beginning to construct our warning systems last week, we completed the process by adding a working series circuit. Some of us found it a little tricky to use the crocodile clips but it was great for practising our fine motor skills. 

D.T - Earthquake Sirens


This week we have started to bring our product designs to life and make our earthquake sirens. We followed our product designs and will add electrical components to complete. 

DT - Software Design

In DT, we are working towards making an earthquake warning system. We had to come up with a design criteria first and then we used software to create and label our initial design.

DT - Stone Age Tools

In DT, we have been making Stone Age Tools. We had to go searching in the forest school area to see what materials we could find to make them with. We then measured and cut them to size using a saw.

Computing - We are Programmers

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We have been using the software 'Scratch', to create our own animations. We first had to create the characters and then the background. After that, we had to create algorithms to make our animations move and make sounds. Here is Michael and Eve's animation. We think they did a super job!

PSHE and C


During PSHE and C we have been talking about how to keep safe - particularly on  the internet. Year 3 were AMAZING at this so we decided to write some rules to help others stay safe too. 


This week we used the glockenspiels for the first time. We had great fun playing the notes C and D.

Computing - We are Presenters

As part of our 'We are Presenters' computing topic we have been planning a 1 minute video about Europe. We first explored a range of camera angles that we could use in our video. We then used what we have been learning in Geography to plan the content of our video and rehearse.

PE - Throwing and Catching

In PE we have been practising our throwing and catching skills. We are now starting to use these in games.

Geography - Exploring European Countries

In Geography, we have been extending our knowledge about European countries. We have been improving our atlas skills by finding capital cities as well as using the internet to find out about Landmarks in those cities. 

Art Week - Local Landmarks

During art week we looked at Penshaw's Monument. We explored a range of line drawings and then explored the different ways we could use our pencils. We enjoyed: cross hatching, pointillism, using dashes, sketching and stippling. We then used these new pencil techniques we learnt, to draw Penshaw's Monument. After spending the time drawing the monument, we then carefully outlined our drawings, using a fine black pen to make them stand out.