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Welcome to the home of Year 5M!


Mrs Hindmarch and I can't wait to get started on our Year 5 adventure. We will be working hard but also having lots of fun and a few silly moments along the way the no doubt. We look forward to sharing this time with your children.  Please check this page regularly to see photos and examples of some of the fantastic work and activities pupils have completed in class. We look forward to working with your children this year!


Mr Murtagh and Mrs Hindmarch

Home Learning

Online Learning week beginning 19.07.21

Unfortunately, this week, we will be ending our Year 5 journey on Teams but we shall try to have as nice a week as possible together with lots of fun activities, quizes and art activities. As previously, you MUST attend each live lesson and lets have a lovely week together before the summer hols :)


If you have any questions, please email us.



See you online!

Week beginning 12.07.21: Well it didn't come home but we enjoyed a cracking sports day in our bubble anyway!

Week beginning 05.07.21: The children enjoyed listening to lots of England songs and talked about the tournament and big game ahead. Come on England!


Hi all!

Unfortunately, our bubble is required to isolate until 5th of July and will return to school on Tuesday 6th July. We will be working on Microsoft Teams until then and you will find the timetable for your lessons below. You MUST attend each live lesson and complete the assigned task to a good standard, just like you would at school. If you cannot attend the Teams live lessons, please contact school to arrange a collection of a paper pack. We will be in touch this week to check everyone is ok and answer any queries you may have 

In the meantime, if you have any questions please email me at

Stay safe!

Home Learning - 29th June - 5th July

Week Beginning 14.06.21: The children have completed some fantastic information texts based on Curiosity: The Mars Rover.

Week beginning 07.06.21: Some excellent progression on our cartwheels and round offs this week using the spring board.

Week beginning 23.05.21: The children used chalk to capture still life images in the style of Magdalene Odundo.

Week beginning 17.05.21: We have been making 3D shapes from their nets and comparing their features. Bonus point to the kids for practicing their fine motor skills.

Week beginning 17.05.21: We have been making 3D shapes from their nets and comparing their features. Bonus point to the kids for practicing their fine motor skills. 

Week beginning 10.05.21: Today we completed a Respect Project based around the meaning of the Olympic rings and the upcoming Olympics in Tokyo.

Week beginning 07.05.21: We saw in Number Day with a range of activities from Mathopoly, constructing nets to a fun number game outside. It has been a Friday funday!

Week beginning 26.04.21: We had such an interesting chat about Banksy's artwork today and what messages they deliver. The children produced an alternative welcoming slant to Banksy's Pigeon Mural.

Week beginning 19.04.21: In Geography we looked at the location of national parks across Britain and matched descriptions and pictures to the correct park according to clue cards. It was a fun afternoon. Even the tidying afterwards was a professional job :D.

Week beginning 29.03.21: This week we have completed lots of fun art activities.

Week beginning 22.03.21: The kids have completed some lovely World War 2 diary entries this week which they have presented in their own style. Well done guys!

Week beginning: 19.03.21 We celebrated red nose day this week by wearing odd socks and completing some fun activities! Take a look below at our fabulous pupils of the week for this week also! Well done Ravleen and Jack!

Week beginning 08.03.21: We have started learning 'La Vida Vive' by Coldplay. Not bad for the first day!

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This week we celebrated World Book Day! We participated and listened to a range of authors discussing their books, took part in a virtual Spanish lesson about The BFG and had fun taking part in a number of book themed challenges including a scavenger hunt! We also spent the day in our PJ’s which was fab!!

Week beginning 22.02.21: We concocted some ingenious inventions this week and presented how they work! The child dunker was my fav!

Week beginning 01.02.21: After a soggy week outdoors we started our orienteering challenge in the dry and (relative) warmth of the Sportshall.

Week Beginning 18.01.21: We had great fun creating our rainforest information texts this week :D

Kingsmeadow Taster Sessions

Usually, we would be visiting Kingmeadow School around this time of year and taking part in a taster day. Unfortunately, we are not able to visit this year so they have kindly created a range of resources and challenge for you to complete! 

You will be able to complete the challenges by following this link: 

Thank you 

Week beginning 04.01.21 The Marie Celeste

          The children have completed their introductions so far. Here are some examples of their efforts.

Kacie-Leigh Canham:


 I remember the date. It was 5th December 1782.  I had noticed a ship before me in my telescope. It looked like a Ghostly Galleon. Surrounded by the mist, the Ghostly Galleon, swept through the black inky waves. One minute you will saw her, the next minute she was gone…

I cleaned the lense of my telescope. Suddenly, I noticed she was beside me… Despite my fear. I ordered the crew to adventure closer.

As I stepped onto the deck of the ship, a sudden shiver went down my spine. Glaring up, I saw ragged sails slapping. However... there was no wind! 


Jack Wilkinson:

The Marie Celeste

Beneath the icy moon, that was slowly crawling across the horizon, my small boat was covered by a huge shadow of a  ship. Both of the crewmen, who rowed us slowly onwards, looked up in shock. When we had left the Dei Gratia, the moon had lit our way, but now, as we had crept closer to the derelict ship, the weather had changed: a cold chill was in the air. Perhaps it was my imagination, but the sea itself seemed to change from a crystal blue to a deadly grey. The waves seemed to crash more forcefully against our boat as we approached as if the sea was warning us away…



Week beginning 14.12.20 Festive Sportshall Athletics

Week beginning 7.12.20: Handmade Puppets using a decorative blanket stitch

Week beginning 30.11.12 Recreating Viking Longboats

Week beginning 23.11.20 Monumental Mountain Poetry

I have been blown away by the poems the kids have produced this week based around our  mountains unit. These are just a taster. Well done to all! :D 

Week beginning 16.11.20: This weeks fiendish fraction problems.

Week beginning 9.11.20

The children have been researching Philippe Petite's death defying tightrope walk across the top of the Twin Towers. They produced amazing news paper reports on the event and will be presenting them next week. 

Pudsey odd sock day!

Week beginning 2.11.20 : A promising start to our hockey skills unit and a good circuit to get the blood flowing!

Week beginning 19.10.20 Why do we have day and night?

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Week beginning 12.10.20: Gymnastic routines

Week beginning 05.10.20: Visit from the pedestrian road safety co-ordinator to help make Yr5 responsible road negotiators.

Our pupils of the week.

The font of knowledge that is Dean Brown and the wonderful Lexy Hullock are Yr5M's pupils of the week.

Dean has been using spine tingling vocabulary in his spooky settings this week and Lexy has just been the most amazing Year 5 role model since we started back. Well done you two! 

Week beginning 28.09.20: We created models showing the movement of the Earth and Moon. Next up... phases of the moon.

Week beginning 21.09.20: MacMillan Cancer Support, Guitars, Outdoor and Adventurous and our new theme book Rain Player

Week beginning 14.09.20 This week's stars!

What a fantastic start not only to Year 5 but also Brighton Avenue for Ravleen. She has been an absolute superstar and what an artist she is. Max has returned to us after many years and it is as if he had never left! What a confident boy he has become. Looking forward to the rest of Year 5 with these stars!

How do the planets move in our Solar System?

This week we identified and ordered the planets in our Solar System. We looked at how they orbit the sun and how long each planet takes to do this. The children then became experts on a chosen planet and presented its characteristics on our whole class model. A few astronauts in the waiting!

Week beginning 7.09.20. Week 1 and the children are loving being back together! :D


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