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Core Subjects

Science- Shadow Experiment
Year 6 have been learning about how shadows are created. Following on from this, we carried out an experiment to investigate how the distance of the light source affects the size of the shadow. We worked together as a team to collect and record data. Then we presented our data in a line graph and concluded our findings.
Science- Electrical Circuits 

This half term, we have investigated electrical circuits and exploring the different factors that can effect the function of different of components in the circuits. We enjoyed carrying out our own experiments to test how the components in a circuit can affect the brightness of a bulb. As shown in the photos above, we were given the opportunity and challenge to make a burglar alarm to detect invaders!

Science- Lung Capacity

During our Science lesson, we carried out an experiment to test whether the height of person has an impact on their lung capacity. We had lots of fun breathing into the pipe and measuring how much water was left in the bottle. Following on from this, we wrote our own conclusions, identifying what we found out, unusual results and possible improvements. 

English- Winter Poem

As part of our English lessons, we have been writing our own poems using a range of figurative language (including personification, similes and metaphors). Have a look at some of our amazing work below!

Science- Yeast investigation

As part of our Science investigating micro-organisms, we carried out an experiment with yeast. Working in small groups, we planned and carried out an experiment to work out what happened to the amount of gas released when one variable was changed. Whilst some groups changed the amount of sugar included in the mixture, other groups decided to change the amount of yeast included in the mixture.

English- Titanic Speaking & Listening

As part of our English, Year 6T and 6B had an amazing time reinacting the build up and the disaster of the sinking of the Titanic. We loved acting in role, thinking about the social class of our character, how the character would act and speak. Following on from this, we spent the next lesson writing a letter explaining the events leading up to the disaster.

English- Narrative Writing

Year 6T have been building up a tense atmosphere through describing the setting and characters in our narrative writing on a mysterious, unusual Science Laboratory. Since we have been learning about the Titanic in History, as part of our extended writing, we have been writing our own historical narratives. We hope you enjoy reading some of our fascinating pieces of writing. Can you predict what would happen next in this narrative?